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3324A Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator

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Frequency Range 1mHz - 21MHz

The 3324A generates sine, square, triangle, and ramp waveforms with a frequency resolution of 1mHz (1 millihertz). It has DC offset capability (-4.5V to +4.5V, four digits of resolution) and flexible sweep capability. In swept mode, its output is phase-continuous and sweeps can be linear or logarithmic. It has multi-interval sweep capability, in which different sweep intervals (up to fifty) can be rotated in a sequence. Its square wave rise time (10%-90%) is specified at 20ns.

Option 002 adds the 40V peak-to-peak output capability. Options 003 and 004 provide automatic phase calibration between two 3324As, one with 003 and the other with 004. The user can enter cabling delays to establish a precise phase releationship between the two generators.

The 3324A has an internal 10MHz frequency reference (Option 001 adds a high-stability internal reference), but a rear-panel connector is present for the use of an external reference.

Available Options
Option 001 High-Stability Internal Reference
Option 002 High-Voltage Output
Option 003 Automatic Phase Calibration (slave)
Option 004 Automatic Phase Calibration (master)


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