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3457A Digital Multimeter

First Catalog 1986
Last Catalog ?
Class 6 1/2-digit

Introduced in 1986; see HP Journal of February 1986.

The 3457A is a 6.5 digit, 7 function, high performance digital multimeter, a HP-IB programmable instrument for system and bench users.

This model has the ability to have a scanner card added and has an autocal function on two of its functions, specifically for correcting gain and offset in Ohms mode, along with correcting input attenuation for flat frequency response and nulls out DC offsets to input amplifier for better DC accuracy.


Basic specifications


  • Ranges : 30mV to 300V
  • Sensitivity: 10nV
  • Accuracy 90days(%reading+count): 0.004+365@30mV, 0.0025+39@300mV, 0.0017+6@3V, 0.0035+19@30V, 0.005+6@300V
  • Input resistance : 10GΩ on ranges up to 3V; 10MΩ +- 1% on 30V and 300V ranges


  • Bandwidth: 1MHz true RMS
  • Ranges: 30mV to 300V
  • Resolution: 10nV to 100μV (but best accuracy 5.5digit)
  • Best Accuracy (%reading+counts): 0.13+0.116@30mV-30V (100Hz-20KHz)
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ 1% shunted by < 90pF

Resistance (2W/4W)

  • Ranges: 30Ω to 3GΩ
  • Sensitivity: 10 μΩ to 1KΩ
  • Best Accuracy: 0.0035% + 6counts @ 3KΩ & 30KΩ ranges, 0.004%+7counts @ 300KΩ
  • Open-circuit voltage (2W): 6.5V@30Ω-30KΩ, 5v@300KΩ, 4V@3MΩ, 1V@30MΩ, 0.5V@300MΩ-3GΩ


  • Ranges: 300μA, 3mA, 30mA, 300mA, 1A
  • Input Resistance : 1000Ω, 100Ω, 10Ω, 1Ω, 0.1Ω


  • Ranges: 30mA, 300mA, 1A
  • Best Accuracy : 0.25%+290count@mA ranges, 0.35%+290@1A


  • Range: 10Hz-1.5MHz (voltage input), 10Hz-100KHz (current input)
  • Sensitivity: 10mV or 100uA (sinewave) triggers and counts on zero crossing
  • Accuracy: 10-400Hz 0.05%, 400Hz-1.5MHz 0.01%
HP 44491A Armature Relay Multiplexer Assembly
HP 44492A Reed Relay Multiplexer Assembly
HP 44497A High Voltage Attenuator Assembly
Option 007 CIIL Language
Option 907 Front Handle Kit (5061-1170)
Option 908 Rack Flange Kit (5061-1168)
Option 909 Rack Flange & Front Handle Kit (5061-1169)


Mods & Repairs

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