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3476A Digital Multimeter

First Catalog c.1975
Last Catalog <year>
Class 3 1/2-digit

Introduced in 1977; see HP Journal of February 1977.

The 3476A multimeter is a low-cost 3.5 digit small size general purpose multimeter.

This meter can be run from wall power or built in NiCd battery pack, with a run time of up to 8hrs with good fully charged batteries. Charging time is about 14 hours with the meter plugged into power but turned off.

digital_voltmeters_and_multimeters:3476a_1.jpg digital_voltmeters_and_multimeters:3476a_2.jpg

Basic specifications


  • Ranges : 110mV to 1100V
  • Sensitivity: 100μV
  • Basic accuracy: +-(0.3% reading + 0.1% range)
  • Input resistance : 10MΩ +- 5%


  • 10kHz bandwidth
  • Ranges: 1.1V to 1100V
  • Input impedance: 10MΩ shunted by < 30pF


  • Ranges: 1.1KΩ to 11MΩ
  • Sensitivity: 1Ω


  • Ranges: 110mA, 1.1A


  • Ranges: 110mA, 1.1A
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