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3734A Electronic Counter

First Catalog 1966/67
Last Catalog 1967
Range 2Hz~5MHz
List price first/last 1075

The 3734A is a compact multi-function electronic counter capable of measuring frequency between 2Hz and 5MHz. It uses a five digit Nixie tube display and has an AC coupled input with adjustable sensitivity. It is housed in a half-rack width modular enclosure, and manufactured in Scotland.

Range: 2Hz to 5MHz
Sensitivity: 100mV RMS sine, 1V pulse (0.2us width)
Input impedance: 1M Ohm shunted by 15pF
Power: 115/230Vac, 50~1000Hz, 30W
7-25/32“w x 6-3/32”h x 11“d, 12.5 lb (115 x 90 x 279 mm, 5.8 kg)

Available Options
Option 01 10 second gate
Option 02 4 line BCD output - 1-2-2-4; 1 state positive
Option 03 4 line BCD output - 1-2-4-8; 1 state positive
Option 04 4 line BCD output - 1-2-4-8; 1 state negative


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