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4260A Universal Bridge

First Catalog 1965
Last Catalog ?
Range, R 10mOhms - 10MOhms
Range, C 1pF - 1000uF
Range, L 1uH - 1000H

The 4260A is a resistance, capacitance, and inductance bridge. Its measurement frequency is fixed at 1kHz, but it provides a rear-panel connector to facilitate the use of an external oscillator, ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. There is also a rear-panel connector for an external detector.

It has a unitless, center-reading null meter with adjustable sensitivity. Its manual range selection switch implements a clever mechanism which rotates schematic symbols (capacitor and resistor in parallel, etc) engraved on a disk into view behind a small window on the front panel. Its main nulling adjustment features arrow-shaped neon indicators for increase and decrease, along with a turns counter dial with neon lamps to represent the decimal point.


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