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5245L Electronic Counter

First Catalog 1963
Last Catalog 1981
Range DC~50MHz
List price first/last 6500

The 5245L is a solid state electronic counter with an 8 digit Nixie display capable of measuring frequency, period, and ratio. Basic frequency range is 0~50 MHz, and range and functionality may be expanded through the use of 52XX series plug-ins. It was first introduced in the 1963 catalog and last seen in 1981, ending an 18 year production run.

It utilizes an internal oven controlled 1MHz crystal oscillator.

The instrument operates on 115/230Vac, 50-60Hz, ~80W
Dimensions: 16-3/4“w x 5-1/2”h x 16-3/8“d; net weight 32 lbs (425 x 133 x 416 mm, 14.51kg)

Available Options
Option 02 4 line BCD output - 8-4-2-1; 1 state positive
Option 03 4 line BCD output - 8-4-2-1; 1 state negative
Option 908 Rack flange kit




Shown are several of the plugins supported by the 5245L. From left-to-right, top-to-bottom: 5264A Preset Unit, 5262A Time Interval Unit, 5265A Digital Voltmeter, 5253A Frequency Converter, 5253B Frequency Converter.

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