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HP 5265A Digital Voltmeter Plug-in

First Catalog 1965
Last Catalog 1977
Range DCV, 10, 100 & 1000V full scale
List price first/last 1090
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The 5265A is a plug-in for use in the 5245/6/8 series electronic counters, and with suitable adapters may also be used in the 5345A and 5360A counters as well. It permits the counter to be used as a manually ranged digital DC voltmeter, with a six digit readout. The polarity of the input signal is indicated by a pair of neon pilot lamps on the upper left edge of the plug in.

Range: 10.0000, 100.000 and 1000.00V with 5% overrange capability.
Accuracy: +/-0.1% of the reading (+/-0.01% of full scale for readings of less than 1/10 of full scale).
Input resistance: 10.2M Ohm DC on all ranges.
Response time: <450ms to to 0.05% of final value.

Note - the plug-in shown in the photos below has been modified with the addition of a BNC jack wired in parallel with the input binding posts - this is not present on the plug-in as supplied by the factory photos.smugmug.com_electronics_hp-5265a-digital-voltmeter_i-t6qmpnm_0_7f68eaf7_l_hp_205265a_20low_20left_20oblique-l.jpg photos.smugmug.com_electronics_hp-5265a-digital-voltmeter_i-r9t4np6_0_a3d72764_l_hp_205265a_2078v-l.jpg photos.smugmug.com_electronics_hp-5265a-digital-voltmeter_i-hffq3br_0_bf012724_l_hp_205265a_20top_20view-l.jpg

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