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5551A High Voltage Power Supply

First Catalog 1965
Last Catalog 1969
Voltage ±170-1615Vdc
Current 1mA
1966 Price US$350

The Hewlett-Packard Model 5551A High-Voltage Power Supply is designed to supply the high voltage (170 v to 1615 v) requirements of the photomultiplier in a gamma scintillation detector assembly. High stability and broad voltage range (voltage ranges are overlapped with an accurate vernier adjustment) make this instrument valuable in numerous other experimental and laboratory applications.

The 5551A utilizes standard components operating well within their design range. This, coupled with conservative overall design means long, trouble-free operation, plus ease of maintenance. As a safety feature, microswitches break the ac power when either the top or bottom cover is removed, and pushbuttons are provided to remove residual charges from the instrument’s capacitors.

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