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6205B Dual DC Power Supply

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Channels 2
Voltage Range 0V - 40V, 0V - 20V
Current Range 0.3A, 0.6A

The 6205B is a basic dual DC bench power supply. Each channel has one meter which can be set to display the output voltage being supplied or the current being drawn. Output voltage and current limit are set independently for each channel using concentric knobs. Each channel has two ranges, which are set with front panel switches and constitute a trade-off between maximum voltage (20V vs 40V) and current capability (600mA vs 300mA).

The two channels are floating, and as such can be used to set up a bipolar power supply. Provision is made for remote sensing via a terminal barrier strip on the rear panel.

The noise and ripple from this and similar models are very good, making them excellent for analog work.

The meters in these power supplies are relatively heavy, and are held in by black plastic clips of questionable design. When they are shipped, these clips are subjected to forces which frequently result in their failure, evidenced by the meter being found somewhere loose inside the power supply, dangling by its wires. Some people have had success 3D-printing replacement meter clips.


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