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6256B DC Power Supply

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Channels 1
Voltage Range 0V-10V
Current Range 0A-20A

The 6256B is a single-output DC power supply that is intended for ATE or other integrated applications. As such, its main output (and optional remote sensing signals) is on a rear-panel screw terminal barrier strip. It has front-panel banana jacks for voltage monitoring. They can be used for output, but are only rated to provide 3A.

Many options were available for this power supply, mostly pertaining to the voltage and current controls and the input voltage.

Available Options
Option 005 Realignment for 50Hz operation
Option 007 Ten-turn output voltage control
Option 008 Ten-turn output current control
Option 009 Ten-turn output voltage and current controls
Option 010 Chassis slides
Option 013 Three-digit Decadial voltage control
Option 014 Three-digit Decadial current control
Option 020 Adjustable voltage programming
Option 021 Adjustable current programming
Option 022 Adjustable voltage and current programming
Option 027 Rewiring for 208VAC input (single phase)
Option 028 Rewiring for 230VAC input (single phase)
Option 040 Interfacing for use with 6940B Multiprogrammer


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