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6289A 0~40V, 0~1.5A DC Power Supply

First Catalog 1967
Last Catalog 1994
Range 0~40 Vdc, 0~1.5 A
List price first/last 1325

The 6289A is 0~40 Vdc 60 W power supply that may be operated in either constant voltage or constant current mode. It has coaxially arranged coarse and fine controls for both voltage and current adjustments. Output is monitored on a single analog meter that may be switched to read either the voltage or the current the supply is putting out, with two possible ranges for each function. Voltage ranges are 5 and 50 V full scale; current ranges are 0.18 and 1.8 A full scale. The meter range is selected with a four position rotary switch at the right side of the power supply.

Either the positive or negative supply output may be tied to chassis ground; the outputs may also be left floating with respect to ground (max 300V off of ground). Output may be taken from either the five way binding posts on the front of the unit or from a barrier terminal strip on the rear bottom (this barrier strip also contains connections for remote or local voltage and current sensing and inputs for remote programming, which may be done with either a resistance or a voltage source). Multiple supplies may be operated in series or parallel, or with tracking, by various interconnection schemes on this rear barrier strip. Details on these configurations may be found in the operating/service manual in section 3.

Range: 0 to 40 Vdc, 0 to 1.8 A (CV or CC)
Power: 115/230Vac, 48~440Hz, 110W
8-7/32“w x 3-7/16”h x 15-5/8“d, 14 lb (209 x 87 x 398 mm, 6.4 kg)

Available Options
Option 9 10 turn output controls (replace single turn controls
Option 11 Internal overvoltage crowbar
Option 15 10 turn adjustment controls with counting dials
Option 28 Wired for 230 Vac
Option 40 Multiprogrammer Interface

HP 6289A Front View: power_supplies:hp_6289a_front_view_wiki.jpg

HP 6289A Top View with cover removed: power_supplies:hp_6289a_open_top_view_wiki.jpg

HP 6289A Right Oblique View: power_supplies:hp_6289a_right_high_oblique_wiki.jpg

HP 6289A Rear Left View: (Barrier strip for configuration located behind L-cross section red haysite insulating cover visible at bottom rear of supply) power_supplies:hp_6289a_rear_left_wiki.jpg

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