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6623A System DC Power Supply

First Catalog ?
Last Catalog ?
Outputs 3
Output Ratings 7V/5A, 7V/10A, 20V/2A

The 6623A is a triple-output DC power supply that is intended for ATE or other integrated applications. As such, its outputs (and optional remote sensing signals) are on rear-panel screw terminal barrier strips. It can be controlled via GPIB or via the front panel keypad.

Its outputs can be enabled or disabled individually, and it has flexible overvoltage and overcurrent protections. All options and modes are configurable via GPIB and the front panel user interface, including voltage and current readback values. The individual outputs are isolated from each other, so bipolar output configurations are possible.

As with all ATE products, it is of very high-quality construction and has excellent cooling.


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