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6632A System DC Power Supply

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Channels 1
Voltage Range 0V-20V
Current Range 0A-5A

The 6632A is a single-output DC power supply that is intended for ATE or other integrated applications. As such, its outputs (and optional remote sensing signals) are on rear-panel screw terminal barrier strips, but option 020 provides front binding posts for bench applications. It can be controlled via GPIB or via the front panel keypad.

It has flexible overvoltage and overcurrent protections. All options and modes are configurable via GPIB and the front panel user interface, including voltage and current readback values.

Available Options
Option 100 Input: 100VAC
Option 120 Input: 120VAC
Option 220 Input: 220VAC
Option 240 Input: 240VAC
Option 020 Front output binding posts


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