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70340A Modular Signal Generator

First Catalog 1992
Last Catalog 2000
List Price (1993) USD 29,500
Frequency Range 1 to 20GHz
Output Level 1-18GHz +11dBm
Output Level 18-20GHz +10dBm

The 70340A is a high performance signal generator for the 70000-series modular test systems.

The HP 70340A modular signal generator provides FM, Logarithmic AM, and Pulse modulation capability. The carrier frequency range is from 1 GHz to 20 GHz.

The HP 70341A frequency extension module provides 0.01 to 1 GHz frequency range to the signal generator, and thus, the frequency range of the HP 70340A/41A combination is from 0.01 to 20 GHz.

With specified levelled output power of greater than +8 dBm and high level accuracy over frequency, power level and temperature, the HP 70340A and HP 70341A have the power and flexibility to meet automatic test needs.

signal_generators:70340a.jpg signal_generators:70340a_front.jpg signal_generators:70340a_rear.jpg

The 70341A frequency extension module is a slave module to the HP 70340A.


Available Options
Option 1E1 Add Output Step Attenuator
Option 1E2 Internal Pulse Modulation Generator
Option 1E8 1 Hz Frequency Resolution
Option 1E9 3.5 mm RF Output Connector

Adding option 1E1 retroactively is difficult, quoting from a post from by Richard Parrish:

“To get the attenuator option added to a 70340A (or any of the 837xx series for that matter) is a bit of a chore. The attenuator itself is fairly straightforward. The problem is that once you change the option code in the EEPRPOM to add the attenuator, you then get an error saying that factory attenuator data not found. To get around that, you have to clone an EEPROM from a unit that has an attenuator already in it.

After doing that, you’ll come up with YTO tuning errors and unlevel errors. To remedy that, you’ll have to go thru the entire automated adjustment procedure via HPIB using the 70340A/837xx software. To do the calibration, you need an R3x2 computer, a 70K analyzer system, a 3245A, 8902A, and some other instruments I don’t recall at the moment. It’s a pain.”

Adding option 1E8 retrospectively is not easily possible either:

Option 1E8 required a different A7 YO Loop/Offset board assembly - assembly part no 83711-60110 (also known as the 1 Hz offset synthesizer) instead of the standard 83711-60003.

The 70340A also has an allocated NSN number 6625-01-416-4409.


There is an article in the April 1993 edition of HP Journal, “A New Family of Microwave Signal Generators for the 1990s” that introduces the architecture, firmware, etc. for this generator and the related 8370-series (83711A etc).

Further relevant articles in the same issue include “A New High-Performance 0.0l-to-20-GHz Synthesized Signal Generator Microwave Chain” and “Concurrent Signal Generator Engineering and Manufacturing”.

For further information on the 70340A/70341A Signal Generators, three HP manuals are freely available: a User's Guide (part no 5960-7096), a Quick Start Guide (part no 5960-7095), and a Calibration Guide (part no 5960-7083). A 12-page data sheet, “Agilent 70340A Modular Signal Generator 1 to 20 GHz” is also available from 1991 (part no 5091-1593E).

Artek Media have the schematics / CLIP (component level information package) available to purchase for the 70340A.

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