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8115A 50MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator

First Catalog ?
Last Catalog ?
Channels 2
Max. Pulse Rate 50MHz
Rise Time 6.5ns - 95ms
Amplitude (high) -7.9 - +8.0V
Amplitude (low) -8.0 - +7.9V

The 8115A is a two-channel pulse generator with an unusual CRT-based user interface. High level, low level, high period, low period, overall period, and delay are selectable via a keypad from different screens on the CRT. For use in ATE systems, the instrument features extensive GPIB programmability functionality.

The 8115A also has an analog control voltage input that can be used to control the period, delay, and pulse width.

pulse_generators:8115a.jpg pulse_generators:8115a-screen-system.jpg pulse_generators:8115a-screen-control.jpg pulse_generators:8115a-screen-timing.jpg pulse_generators:8115a-screen-output.jpg

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