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82357 A/B USB 2.0 to GPIB adapter

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The 82357A/B USB 2.0 to GPIB Interface provides a direct connection from a USB port to GPIB instruments. Control is completely by software. There are no switches to set, no PC cards to install, and no external power supplies required. The picture shows the original Keysight version as wel as a copy from the far east. Both versions are available via internet, new or used. The built quality of the Keysight version is clearly better, there is no difference from a functional point of view. At small instruments with a bumper the Keysight version has a better fit. The A-version seems no longer available. The user manual is available here: You need to install Keysight IO Libraries suite, available for Windows and Linux. A document to help you with the Linux installation is available here. Under both OS the use of Python3 is straightforward, as documented in the same document. Some hints:

  • Use grey/white cables (e.g. HP10833 A, B, C…). There are colored cables (blue) that are wired differently and do not work.
  • The general GPIB address is something like: GPIB0::ADR::INSTR. Example: RFSA = “GPIB0::18::INSTR”. In this (Python3) example, this means: RF spectrum analyzer at address 18 (= default). RFSA is just a name, use whatever you want. Note that each GPIB-USB adapter gets its own address. If you have two or more adapters be aware that one gets designated GPIB0, the other GPIB1. You can not just interchange adapters without modifying the control sw.
  • Timing is crucial. Specifically older GPIB instruments need time to complete a command. Some commands just need time by itself (e.g. Calibrate, Instrument Preset, block data transfer). Use delays when in doubt, remove when possible.
  • When working on an instrument with GPIB it is good practice to take a look at the connector and make sure the specific bolts are tightened and the inner thread is not damaged. If necessary salvage a bolt from a donor instrument.

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