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HP 8410 Series Network analyzer

First Catalog <1967>
Last Catalog <1985>
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HP 8410 series consists of HP 8410A introduced in 1967 as HP's first network analyzer with direct smith chart read-out. Over the next 20 years, the setup would forever change microwave engineering. Extendable to 110GHz, and with time computer controlled with error correction.

The basic HP8410 network analyzer setup consists of:

  • HP8410A/B/C (B or C is to be preferred)
    • HP8412A Rectangular dB display
    • HP8413A Meter
    • HP8414A Polar (Smith Chart) Display
  • HP8411A Sampler (usualy fitted to a testset)
  • Testset:
    • HP8745 (0.1-2GHz) S-Parameter testset
    • HP8743 (2-18GHz) S-Parameter testset
  • Sweep generator, in general any generator with a 0-10V output can be used.
    • HP8690A (Tube based)
    • HP8620C (YIG) Reduced the whole system from 2 19“ rack to one when released
    • HP8350A (YIG)

In addition there is quite a lot of accesories for a computer controlled system:

  • HP59313A ADC
  • HP59306A Programmable switch
  • HP3418A Extra display, allows usage of both smith chart and rectangular at the same time.

8410_basic.jpg 8410_prog.jpg

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