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8657B Synthesized Signal Generator

First Catalog 1990
Last Catalog 2000
Frequency Range 100 kHz - 2060 MHz
Amplitude Range -143.5 to +13dBm
GPIB Prog Frequency Switching speed 35 ms
Phase Offset adjustable 1 degree incr.
Worst Phase Noise at 20 kHz Offset (Carrier 0.1 to 2060 MHz) under -118 dBc/Hz

This generator is an HP System II 5-1/4 inch high 19“ rack width 40 lb. instrument with ovenized 10 MHz oscillator as option 001, and uses back BNC connector for frequency reference 10MHz input. The N connector signal output can be on front or back depending on options. GPIB control is as a listener, accepts handshakes, cannot request service, but has remote/local input selection (front panel). The output can be Amplitude modulated 100% when below +7dBm, and FM modulated up to 50 kHz (400 kHz above 1040 MHz) via front panel BNC input of 1V peak.


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