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8672A Synthesized Signal Generator

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Frequency Range 2GHz - 18GHz
Amplitude Range -120dBm - +3dBm

The 8672A is a synthesized RF signal generator with an output range of 2GHz to 18GHz. Its output amplitude is controllable in 10dB fixed steps plus a vernier amplitude control, with the amplitude shown on a calibrated front panel meter. It has an internal 10MHz frequency reference, and has provision for the use of an external reference. It also has a GPIB interface for remote control.

It has provisions for both amplitude and frequency modulation via BNC connectors on the front panel, as well as provisions for the use of a separate crystal detector or a power meter for external ALC, rather than the internal ALC detector.

Though this is not visible to the user, in its internal operation the 8672A's frequency range is broken down into three bands: 2.0GHz to 6.2GHz, 6.2GHz to 12.4GHz, and 12.4GHz to 18GHz. For this reason, the phase noise is specified separately for each internal band.

The 8672A had a base price of $34,500 in the 1982 catalog.

SSB Phase Noise:

Band (GHz) Phase Noise at Offset Frequency
10Hz 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz
2.0-6.2 -60dB -68dB -78dB -89dB -109dB
6.2-12.4 -54dB -62dB -72dB -83dB -103dB
12.4-18 -50dB -58dB -68dB -79dB -99dB

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