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37900D Signaling Test Set

This high-performance, multilink network signaling tester is used to test Signaling System No.7 and ISDN protocols simultaneously. It provides slots for four 2.048-Mb/s, GSM TRAU, l.S44-Mb/s, V.35/DS-O/DS-OA, or BRI signaling interface cards [or for two RS-232-C plus RS-449 (422) signaling and interface card pairs]. The base HP 37900D signaling test set provides No.7 monitor-only capabilities on up to two signaling interfaces. Options allow control of up to four signaling interfaces, addition of ISDN and emulation capabilities, and monitoring of the interaction between an HP 8922G and a GSM mobile under test.

BlueSCSI and HP-UX 9.1

Brief outline of the steps to install HP-UX 9.1 using a BlueSCSI board:

  • Remove the internal hard disk
  • Connect the BlueSCSI board to the Floppy Drive SCSI connector
  • Format an 8GB SD Card with FAT32
  • Create an empty file to use as the SCSI HD (ID #6). E.g., in Windows 10 PowerShell:

\> fsutil file createnew HD60_512.hda 702545920 (this will create a 670MB HD)

  • Download the HP-UX installation CD ISOs from
  • Put the first ISO file on the SD Card and rename it to “CD50 …”
  • Create file “bluescsi.ini” on the SD Card (unzip the following file):

Compressed "blueSCSI.ini" File

  • Insert the SD Card into the BlueSCSI board, turn on the analyzer, interrupt the boot process, and boot from the installation CD image.
  • Follow the instructions for installing HP-UX …

Here's the zipped hda file with the full HP-UX installation (no root password, no network configuration):

Compressed BlueSCSI HP-UX 9.1 hda File

Interface Cards

37915A - Interface Card 2.048 Mbit/s signal_and_spectrum_analyzers:37900d:37916a.jpg

37916A - Interface Card 1.544 Mbit/s signal_and_spectrum_analyzers:37900d:37915a_-_top.jpgv

37918A - Dual V.35 & Dual DS-0 Modem Card signal_and_spectrum_analyzers:37900d:37918a.jpg




CPU Board



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