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3478A Digital Multimeter

First Catalog 1983
Last Catalog ?
Class 5 1/2-digit

Introduced in 1983; see HP Journal of February 1983.

The 3478A multimeter is a low-cost HP-IB (IEEE 488) programmable instrument for system measurements. A compan ion product to the 3468A with similar display and measurement features, the microprocessor-based 3478A is an autoranging, 5 1/2-to-3 1/2-digit, five-function digital multimeter […]

This model also has a lot in common with the 3457A (similar calibration data, LCD protocol, etc).

digital_voltmeters_and_multimeters:3478a.jpg digital_voltmeters_and_multimeters:3478a:3478a_inside.jpg

Basic specifications


  • Ranges : 30mV to 300V
  • Sensitivity: 100nV
  • Basic accuracy: +-(0.0034% reading + 2 counts)
  • Input resistance : 10GΩ (?!) on ranges up to 3V; 10MΩ +- 1% on 30V and 300V ranges


  • 300kHz true RMS
  • Ranges: 300mV to 300V
  • Input impedance: 1MΩ shunted by < 60pF

Resistance (2W/4W)

  • Ranges: 30Ω to 30MΩ
  • Sensitivity: 100 μΩ
  • Open-circuit voltage: 6.5V


  • Ranges: 300mA, 3A
  • Burden voltage : 0.1V / 1V


  • Ranges: 300mA, 3A
  • Burden voltage : 0.1V / 1V


The 3478A contains one main CPU (Intel i8039) and one CPU in the analog domain (i8049).

Mods & repairs

Other software

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