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Application Notes Index

Application notes help you use HP instruments, computers, and software to solve measurement problems. They are Application-specific and typically include generic techniques with families of products.

(The list below is a compilation of files from various sources:,, Internet Archive & WaybackMachine (,, Agilent and Keysight web sites, and others.)

This page is currently maintained by Wolfgang Schraml. Please reach out via (“HP-Agilent-Keysight-Equipment”) PM if you have any Application Notes you would like to publish.

Number Title
AN-01 Measuring the Characteristics of FM Modulated Signals from 10MC to 12.4 Kilo-MC and Above
AN-02 Measuring Frequency From VHF to and Above 18GC with Transfer Oscillator
AN-03 Measurement of the Carrier Frequency of RF Pulses
AN-04 Model AC-4A Decade Counter
AN-05 Model AC-4D Decade Counter
AN-06 Homodyne Generator and Detection System
AN-06-65 DC Power Supplies - Harrison HP
AN-63E-1 Quasi-Peak Measurements Using a Spectrum Analyzer
AN-07 Hewlett-Packard Model 430C Microwave Power Meter Accuracy
AN-08 Factory test and alignment procedure, model 382A (reprinted as service note 382A-1?)
AN-09 Doppler Frequency Shift Simulation at Microwave Frequencies using Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
AN-10 Microwave Spectrum Synthesis with the Traveling-Wave Tube
AN-11 Domesticating the Traveling Wave Tube
AN-12 How a Helix Backward-Wave Tube Works
AN-14 Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifiers
AN-15 Distortion and Intermodulation
AN-16 Waves on Transmission Lines
AN-17 Square Wave and Pulse Testing of Linear Systems
AN-18 Introduction to Solid State Devices
AN-19 A Technique for Calibrating Phase Shifters to High Accuracy
AN-20 Signal Generator Output Attenuators (1961)
AN-20 Signal Generator Output Attenuators (1965)
AN-21 Microwave Standards Prospectus 4th Ed 1960
AN-22 Use of Digital Recorders with Digital Voltmeters
AN-23 Fast Pulsing of 684/5/6/7 Sweep Oscillators Manufactured Prior to March 1960
AN-24 Pulse Modulation of Audio Oscillators
AN-25 Cathode Ray Tube Phosphors and the Internal Graticule Cathode Ray Tube
AN-26 Parallel 721A Power Supply Operation
AN-27 Basic Microwave Measurements
AN-28 Drift Measurements on High Stability Signals
AN-29 A Convenient Method for Measuring Phase Shift (With CRT Graticule Mask)
AN-30 Measurement of Cable Characteristics
AN-31 Externally Driving the 202A Low Frequency Function Generator
AN-32 Guide for Selecting HP and DYMEC Digitizing Instruments for Specific Applications
AN-33 Accessories for the Model 460A 460B Amplifiers
AN-34 AC Current Measurement
AN-35 Masers and Parametric Amplifiers
AN-36 Sampling Oscillography
AN-37 Monitoring a Radio Transmitter Signal with a 120A or 130A Oscilloscope
AN-38 Microwave Measurements for Calibration Laboratories
AN-39 Standards Calibration Procedures 1959
AN-41A A Hold-Off Circuit for the Model 405AR Digital Voltmeter
AN-41B Increased Resolution for Permanent Records of DC Voltage with hp Model 405AR
AN-41C Remote Indication of DC Voltages with the 405AR Digital Voltmeter
AN-41D Decreasing the Response Time of the Model 405 Input Filter
AN-42 Applications of the 416A Ratio Meter
AN-43 Continuous Monitoring of Radar Noise Figures
AN-44A Synchronizing the HP 185A Oscilloscope
AN-44B More Information and Easier Pulse Analysis with the Model 185A Oscilloscope
AN-44D Characterizing and Use of Sampling Oscilloscopes Probe and Accessories
AN-45 Direct Reading Test Meter Simplifies Magnetic Ink Printing Quality Control
AN-46 Introduction to Microwave Measurements
AN-47 Providing 100- 1,000-, and 10,000-Second Gate Times for the HP Model 524C/D Counter
AN-48 Applications of the hp Model 218A- a Versatile General-Purpose Pulse and Delay Generator
AN-49 Measuring the Frequency of Small 10-100 MC Signals
AN-50 Making VLF Frequency Comparison Measurements with HP Laboratory Instruments
AN-51 Modified 485B Provides Convenient and Economical Mixer for X- and H-band Laboratory Receivers
AN-52 Frequency and Time Standard (1962)
AN-52 Frequency and Time Standard (1965)
AN-52-1 Fundamentals of Time and Frequency Standards
AN-52-2 Timekeeping and Frequency Calibration (1979)
AN-52-4 Contribution of clocks to the BIH's International Atomic Time Scale (IATS) 5989-6248EN
AN-53 Transmission Line Testing Using the Sampling Oscilloscope
AN-54 The Ratio Meter in Microwave Swept-Frequency Measurements
AN-55 Converting the Model 302A Wave Analyzer for Use with Grounded-Input Recorders
AN-56 Microwave Mismatch Error Analysis
AN-57 Noise Figure Primer
AN-57-1 Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements (1983)
AN-57-1 Fundementals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements - 5952-8255E (2010)
AN-57-2 Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy (HP – 1988)
AN-57-2 Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - Y factor method - 5952-3706E (Agilent – 2010)
AN-57-2 Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - Y factor method - 5952-3706E (Keysight – 2021)
AN-57-3 Noise Figure Measurement 5980-1916E
AN-58 The PIN Diode as a Microwave Modulator
AN-59 Loop Gain Measurements with Wave Analyzers
AN-60 Which AC Voltmeter
AN-61 Leveled Swept-Frequency Measurements with Oscilloscope Display
AN-62 Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-62-1 Improving Time Domain Network Analysis Measurements
AN-62-2 TDR Techniques for Differential Systems
AN-62-3 Advanced TDR Techniques
AN-63 Spectrum Analysis
AN-63A More On Spectrum Analysis
AN-63B The 8441A Preselector - Advancement in the Art of Spectrum Analysis
AN-63C Measurement of White Noise Power Density
AN-63D Accurate Frequency Measurement - An Application of Spectrum Analysis
AN-63E Modern EMI Measurements
AN-64 Microwave Power Measurement
AN-64-1 Microwave Power Measurement
AN-64-1A Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements
AN-64-1C Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements
AN-64-2 Extended Applications of Automatic Power Meters
AN-64-3 Accurate and Automatic Noise Figure Measurements (incomplete)
AN-64-4D 4 Steps for Making Better Power Measurements (2003)
AN-64-4D 4 Steps for Making Better Power Measurements (2006)
AN-64-4D 4Steps for Making Better Power Measurements (2008)
AN-65 Swept Frequency Techniques (AN 65)
AN-66 Swept SWR Tests in X-Band Coax
AN-67 Cable Testing with Time Domain Reflectometry (With TDR Slide Rule)
AN-68 Accurate Receiver Sensitivity Measurements
AN-69 Which DC Voltmeter
AN-70 Precise DC Measurements
AN-71 Advances in RF Measurements Using Modern Signal Generators 50kc - 480MC
AN-72 Integral Counting
AN-73 Calibration of a Gamma Ray Spectrometer
AN-75 Selected Articles on Time Domain Reflectometry Applications
AN-76 Using the 230A Power Amplifier
AN-77-1 Transistor Parameter Measurements (8405A)
AN-77-2 Precision Frequency Comparison (8405A)
AN-77-3 Measurement of Complex Impedance 1-1000 MHz (8405A)
AN-77-4 Swept-Frequency Group Delay Measurements (8405A)
AN-77-4 Swept-Frequency Group Delay Measurements (8405A) - 1968 - Additional Pages
AN-78-1 Quartz Thermometry
AN-81 Low Frequency Phase Shift Measurement Techniques
AN-82 Power Supply Amplifier Concepts and Modes of Operation
AN-83 Increased Output Resistance for DC Regulated Power Supplies
AN-84 Swept SWR Measurement in Coax
AN-85 Using a Reversible Counter
AN-86 Using the Vector Impedance Meters
AN-87 FM and PM Measurements
AN-88 LOGIC SYMBOLOGY (Logic Symbols)
AN-89 Magnetic Tape Recording handbook
AN-90 DC Power Supply Handbook
AN-90B DC Power Supply Handbook
AN-91 How Vector Measurements expand design capabilities
AN-92 Network Analysis at Microwave Frequencies
AN-93 Electronic Application of the 5400A (Technical Information Note 93)
AN-94 Connector Design Employing TDR Techniques
AN-95 S-Parameters... Circuit Analysis and Design
AN-95-1 S-Parameter Techniques for Faster & More Accurate Network Design (1967)
AN-95-1 S-Parameter Techniques for Faster & More Accurate Network Design (1997)
AN-95A Selected Reprints on S-Parameters… Circuit Analysis and Design (1973)
AN-96 Direct-Type Frequency Synthesizers - Theory Performance and Use
AN-98-1 Noise at Work - Model 3722A Aids Design of Process Control Systems
AN-98-2 Noise at Work - A Point by Point Correlator for the H01-3722A
AN-99 8541A Automatic Network Analyzer Measurements Capabilities
AN-100 Acoustics Handbook
AN-102 Program Controllers (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-108 Hysteresis Curve Plotting
AN-110 Antenna & Radome Boresight Error Measurements
AN-112-1 Low-Frequency Network Analysis with the 675A/676A
AN-112-2 Using the 675A/676A Network Analyzer as an Educational Tool
AN-115 Principles of Cathode-Ray Tubes, Phosphors, and High-Speed Oscillography
AN-116 Precision Frequency Measurements
AN-117-1 Microwave Network Analyzer Applications
AN-117-2 Stripline Component Measurements with the 8410A Network Analyzer
AN-118 Dielectric Measurements with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-120 A New Technique for Pulsed RF Measurements
AN-121-1 Network Analysis with the HP 8407A 0.1 - 110 MHz
AN-121-2 Swept Impedance with the HP 8407A 0.1 - 110 MHz
AN-123 Floating Measurements and Guarding
AN-124 True RMS Measurements
AN-125 Data Acquisition - 3480B Digital Voltmeter - 2912A Scanner - 2547A Coupler
AN-126 Theory and Applications of Wave Analyzers
AN-128 Applications of a DC Constant Current Source
AN-129 Logic Timing Measurements
AN-133-1 Low Frequency Pulse Amplitude Measurements
AN-133-2 A Guide to Remote Control of the 3485A Scanning Unit
AN-134 Audio Frequency Measurements with the 8556A-8552B Spectrum Analyzer
AN-135-1 Computerized Data Acquisition Aids Final Testing
AN-135-2 High-Volume Production Testing
AN-135-3 Process Monitoring in Manufacturing
AN-135-4 Closed-Loop Production Testing
AN-135-5 A Mobile Process Control Laboratory
AN-135-6 Computer Analysis Aids Battery Testing
AN-135-7 Data Acquisition and Analysis at Sea
AN-135-8 Minicomputer System Aids Busy Psychology Lab
AN-135-9 In-Flight Data Analysis Improves Airborne Research
AN-135-10 Computer Speeds Gas Turbine Combustor Testing
AN-135-11 Stable Measurements on the High Seas
AN-135-12 Depot Testing of Avionic Modules
AN-135-13 Domestic Communications Satellites - A World's First
AN-135-14 Computerized Process Control Improves Sugar Refinery Production
AN-135-15 Minicomputer System Benefits Fuel Cell Technology
AN-135-16 Minicomputer Systems Aid Military Vehicle Testing
AN-135-17 Testing Ovonic Read-Mostly Memories
AN-135-18 An Automated Engine Laboratory in a Research Environment
AN-135-19 Testing Thick-Film Hybrid Circuits
AN-135-21 Viggen Avionics Support
AN-135-22 Real-Time Multiprogramming System Boosts Productivity for NCR
AN-135-23 Television Set Production Revolutionized by Automatic Alignment and Test
AN-135-24 Automated System Improves Spacecraft Testing
AN-135-25 Automation in Production Testing
AN-136 Understanding and Operating the 8555A Spectrum Analyzer and 8445B Preselector
AN-137 Probing Transistor Noise
AN-140 Fourier Analyzer Training Manual
AN-140-0 Fourier Analyser Training Manual
AN-140-1 Detecting Sources of Vibration and Noise Using HP Fourier Analyzers
AN-140-2 Feedback Loop and Servomechanism Measurements Using HP Fourier Analyzers
AN-140-3 Dynamic Testing of Mechanical Systems Using Impulse Testing Techniques
AN-140-4 Digital Auto-Power Spectrum Measurements
AN-140-6 Measurement of Machine Tool Vibration
AN-140-7 Nuclear Power Plant Diagnostics Using Fourier Analysis Techniques
AN-142 EMI Measurement Procedure
AN-144 Understanding Microwave Frequency Measurements
AN-150 Spectrum Analysis Basics (1974)
AN-150 Spectrum Analysis Basics (2006)
AN-150 Spectrum Analysis Basics (2016)
AN-150-1 Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation (1971)
AN-150-1 Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation (2001)
AN-150-1 Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation (2014)
AN-150-2 Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Series … Pulsed RF (1971)
AN-150-2 Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Series … Pulsed RF (2009)
AN-150-3 Swept Frequency Measurements and Selective Frequency Counting with a Tracking Generator
AN-150-4 Spectrum Analysis - Noise Measurements
AN-150-5 CRT Photography and X-Y Recording Techniques
AN-150-6 Spectrum Analysis - CATV Proof of Performance
AN-150-7 Spectrum Analysis... Signal Enhancement
AN-150-8 Spectrum Analysis - Accuracy Improvement
AN-150-9 Spectrum Analysis - Noise Figure Measurement
AN-150-10 Spectrum Analysis - Field Strength Measurement
AN-150-11 Spectrum Analysis - Distortion Measurement
AN-150-12 Spectrum Analysis - Using the 11517A External Mixer to 40 GHz
AN-150-13 Stimulus Response - Using the 8565A Spectrum Analyzer from 2-18 GHz
AN-150-14 Spectrum Analysis - Using External Waveguide Mixers above 40 GHz
AN-150-15 Vector Signal Analysis Basics
AN-150A Spectrum Analysis ... Using The 8558B Spectrum Analyzer
AN-152 Probing in Perspective
AN-153 Permeability Permittivity and Conductivity Measurements with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-154 S-Parameter Design
AN-155-1 Active Device Measurements with the HP 8755 Frequency Response Test Set
AN-155-2 100 dB Dynamic Range Measurements Using the HP 8755 Frequency Response Test Set
AN-155-3 Automating the HP 8755 Scalar Network Analyzer
AN-157 Low Frequency Gain Phase Measurements
AN-158 Selecting the Right DVM
AN-162-01 Time Interval Averaging
AN-163-01 Techniques of Digital troubleshooting
AN-163-02 New Techniques of Digital Troubleshooting
AN-164-02 Calculator Control of the 8660A/B/C Synthesized Signal Generator (Optional HP-IB Interface)
AN-164-03 New Techniques for Analyzing Phase Lock Loops
AN-164-04 Digital Phase Modulation (PSK) and Wideband FM… Using the 8660A/C Synthesized Signal Generator.
AN-167-01 The Logic Analyzer
AN-167-02 Digital Triggering for Analog Instruments
AN-167-03 Functional Digital Analysis
AN-167-04 Engineering in the Data Domain Calls for a New Kind of Digital Instruments (Reprint from Electronics Magazine May 1/75)
AN-167-05 Troubleshooting in the Data Domain is Simplified by Logic Analyzers (Reprint from Electronics Magazine May 15/75)
AN-167-06 Mapping a Dynamic Display of Digital System Operation
AN-167-07 Supplementary Data from Map Displays Without Changing Probes
AN-167-08 Stable Displays of Disc System Waveforms Synchronized to Record Address
AN-167-09 Functional Analysis of the Motorola M6800 Microprocessor System
AN-167-10 Using the 1620A for Serial Pattern Recognition
AN-167-11 Functional Analysis of Intel 8008 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-12 Functional Analysis of Fairchild F8 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-12A Functional Analysis of Mostek F8 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-13 Role of Logic State Analyzers in Microprocessor based Designs
AN-167-14 Functional Analysis of 8080 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-15 Functional Analysis of Intel 4004 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-16 Functional Analysis of Intel 4040 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-17 Functional Analysis of National IMP Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-18 Functional Analysis of National Semiconductor SC/MP Microprocessor System
AN-167-19 Systematic Turn-On of Microprocessor Systems using Logic State Analyzers
AN-170-1 HP 8640AB Signal Generator Output Level Accuracy
AN-170-2 HP 8640AB Signal Generator Third-Order Intermodulation Characteristics
AN-171-1 Crystal Testing with the HP 8640A/B and HP 8405A
AN-171-2 Extending the 8640B Frequency Down to DC
AN-172 Fundamentals of Frequency Counters
AN-173 Advances in Pulsed RF and Microwave Measurements
AN-173-1 Dynamic Measurement of Microwave VCOs with 5345A Counter
AN-174-0 Index to the AN 174 Application Notes Series
AN-174-1 Transfer Characteristic of a VCO
AN-174-2 Differential Nonlinearity of a VCO
AN-174-3 Integral Nonlinearity of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator
AN-174-4 Measuring Dual VCO Tracking Error
AN-174-5 Determining Probability Densities (Histograms) with the 5345 Counter
AN-174-6 Measuring the Stability of a Frequency Source
AN-174-7 Fractional Frequency Deviation (Short Term Stability of Oscillators)
AN-174-8 Measuring FM Peak-to-Peak Deviation
AN-174-9 Making Automatic Phase Measurements with the 5345A Electronic Counter
AN-174-10 Measuring Electrical Length (Delay) of Cables
AN-174-11 Measuring Warm-Up Characteristics and Aging Rates of Crystal Oscillators
AN-174-12 Measuring Frequency Sweep Linearity of Sweep Generators
AN-174-13 Measuring the Tuning Step Transient Response of VCO's to 18 GHz
AN-174-14 Radar System Characterization and Testing
AN-175-1 Microwave Link Measurement - Differential Phase and Gain at Work
AN-183 High Frequency Swept Measurements
AN-185-2 Transmission Line Matching Using Dual-Delayed Sweep in Oscilloscope Model 1722A
AN-187-05 Calculator Control of the 8620C Sweep Oscillator Using HPIB
AN-187-06 The Frequency Performance of the 8620C Oscillator Under Remote Programming
AN-190 40GHz Frequency Measurement with Standard HP Instruments
AN-191-7 HP 5370B High Speed Timing Acquisition and Statistical Jitter Analysis
AN-192 Using a Narrow Band Analyzer for Characterizing Audio Products
AN-195 Pulse Generator Techniques in CMOS Applications
AN-196 Automated Measurements using the 436A Power Meter
AN-200 Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters
AN-200 Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters (1978)
AN-200-1 Fundamentals of Microwave Electronic Counters (1977)
AN-200-1 Fundamentals of Microwave Electronic Counters (1997)
AN-200-2 Fundamentals of Quartz Oscillators (1977)
AN-200-2 Fundamentals of Quartz Oscillators (1997)
AN-200-3 Fundamentals of Time Interval Measurements
AN-200-4 Understanding Frequency Counter Specifications
AN-201-04 Performance Evaluation of HP-IB Using RTE Operating Systems
AN-201-05 The HP-IB LINK Control of Distributed HP-IB Devices
AN-201-06 Computer Communications HP9825 - HP1000
AN-201-08 The Use Of Device Subroutines With HP 1000 Computers
AN-206-1 Measuring Wideband Noise with the HP 3045A Automatic Spectrum Analyzer
AN-207 Understanding and Measuring Phase Noise in the Frequency Domain
AN-216 A Guide to the Use of the HP3570A and HP3571A Analyzers
AN-218-1 Applications & Performance of the 8671A and 8672A Microwave Synthesizers
AN-218-2 Obtaining Millihertz Resolution from the 8671A & 8672A
AN-218-4 Synthesized Signals from 18 to 37,2 GHz Using the 8672A
AN-218-5 Obtaining Leveled Pulse-Modulated Microwave Signals from the HP 8672A
AN-219 HP 8505A RF Network Analyzer Basic Measurements
AN-220 Operating the HP 8565A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-221 Semi-Automatic Measurements Using the 8410B Microwave Network Analyzer and the 9825A Desk-Top Computer
AN-221A Automating the HP 8410B Microwave Network Analyzer
AN-222 A Designer's Guide to Signature Analysis
AN-222-1 Implementing Signature Analysis for Production Testing (HP 3060A Board Test System)
AN-222-2 Application Articles on Signature Analysis
AN-222-3 A Manager's Guide to Signature Analysis
AN-222-4 Guidelines for Signature Analysis
AN-222-6 Troubleshooting with Composite Signatures
AN-222-10 A Signature Analysis Case Study of a Z80-based Personal Computer
AN-222-11 A Signature Analysis Case Study of a 6800-based Display Terminal
AN-222-12 A Signature Analysis Based Test System for ECL Logic
AN-223 Oscilloscope Measurements in Digital Systems
AN-225 Measuring Phase Noise with HP 5390A
AN-225-1 Measurement Considerations When Using the 5390A Option 010 (5345A)
AN-229-10 Using the Configurable Memory in Your HP 7550A, 7580B, 7585B, or 7586B Plotter
AN-233-2 Funtional Analysis of TMS 9900 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-238 Semiconductor Measurements with the HP 4140B Picoammeter/DC Voltage Source
AN-238-1 Ultra Low Current Semiconductor DC Parameter Measurement System Using HP 4140B
AN-240 Digital Signal Analysis - Time and Frequency Domain Measurements
AN-240-1 Digital Signal Analysis - Feedback Control System Measurements
AN-240-2 Improving the Accuracy of Structural Response Measurements
AN-243 The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis
AN-243 The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis (2010)
AN-243-1 Effective Machinery Measurements Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers
AN-243-2 Control System Development Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers
AN-243-3 The Fundamentals of Modal Testing
AN-243-4 Fundamentals of the z-Domain and Mixed Analog-Digital Measurements
AN-243-5 Control System Loop Gain Measurements
AN-243-6 Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers and Accessories
AN-243-7 Bearing Runout Measurements
AN-245-1 Signal Averaging with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-2 Measuring the Coherence Function with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-3 Third Octave Analysis with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-4 Accessing the 3582A Memory with HP-IB
AN-245-5 Log Sweep with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-246 Using the 3585A Spectrum Analyzer With The 9825A Computing Controller
AN-246-1 Optimizing the Dynamic Range of the 3585A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-246-2 Measuring Phase Noise with the 3585A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-250-1 HP-IB Power Supply Interface Guide
AN-250-2 Lab & Industrial Power Sources – Battery Charging/Discharging
AN-263 Thermal Measurements of Electronic Components Using the Hewlett-Packard Temperature Probe
AN-270-1 Automatic Measurement of Conducted EMI with the 8568A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-270-2 Automated Noise Sideband Measurements using the 8568A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-283 8662 8663 Low Phase Noise Applications
AN-283-1 Application and Measurements of Low Phase Noise Signals using the HP 8662A
AN-283-2 External Frequency Doubling of the HP 8662A Signal Generator
AN-283-3 Low Phase Noise Applications of the HP 8662A and HP 8663A
AN-285 Successful Buried Cable Fault Locating
AN-286-1 Applications and Operation of the 8901A Modulation Analyzer
AN-286-2 Accurate Mixer & Amplifier Compression Measurement using the 8901A Modulation Analyzer
AN-289 Stimulus for Automatic Test
AN-290 Practical Temperature Measurements
AN-290-1 Practical Strain Gage Measurements
AN-292 Minicomputer Analysis Techniques Using Logic Analyzers
AN-294 Semi-Automatic RF Network Measurements
AN-300 High Performance Semi-Automatic Transceiver Testing
AN-301-1 Low Noise Division of 10 MHz Oscillators
AN-312-1 Configuration of a Two-Tone Sweeping Generator
AN-313-1 Troubleshooting Microprocessor-Based Systems Using the 5180A Waveform Recorder and a Logic Analyzer
AN-313-2 5180A Waveform Recorder and Spectrum Analyzer for New Time-Domain Measurement
AN-313-3 Using the 5180A Waveform Recorder to Measure Microwave VCO Settling Time and Post Tuning Drift
AN-313-4 Extending Frequency Range and Increasing Effective Sample Rate on the 5180A Waveform Recorder
AN-313-5 Power Supply Testing with the 5180A Waveform Recorder
AN-313-6 Recording Sonar and Other Signals Using the 5180As Toggle Mode
AN-313-7 Interconnecting Two or More 5180A Waveform Recorders to Obtain Multiple Input Channels
AN-313-8 Using the Direct Memory Access Capability of the 5180A Waveform Recorder with the 9826 Desktop Computer
AN-313-9 Using the 5180A Waveform Recorder to Evaluate Floppy Disc Media and Drive Electronics
AN-314-1 Receiver Testing with the HP 8770S Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer System
AN-314-2 Synthesizing Magnetic Disc Read and Servo Signals with the HP 8770S Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer System
AN-314-3 Television Signal Simulation with the HP 8770S Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer System
AN-314-4 Exceptionally-complex Signal Simulation for Radar E/W Test
AN-315 DC Parametric Analysis of Semiconductor Devices (HP 4145B)
AN-317 Using Vector Z Meter (HP4193A)
AN-319 Parametric Characterization of Digital Circuits with the 8180A/8182A Stimulus Response System
AN-322 Analysis of Semiconductor Capacitance Characteristics Using the HP 4280A
AN-326 Coaxial Systems Principles of Microwave Connector Care
AN-330-1 Automatic MIL-STD EMI Testing Using the HP 85864A/B EMI Measurement Software
AN-331-1 Automatic CISPR EMI Testing For Conducted Emissions Using the HP 85864A/B EMI Measurement Software
AN-332-1 Novel combinations of microwave switches and step attenuators for programming applications
AN-336 Introduction to Signaling
AN-339 Parametric Analysis for Electronic Components and Circuit Evaluation
AN-339-1 Impedance Characterization of resonators using 4194A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer
AN-339-2 Characteristic Impedance Measurement of PC Board Circuit Patterns (4194A)
AN-339-3 Crosstalk and Impedance Measurements of PC Board Patterns (4194A)
AN-339-4 Measuring The Characteristic Impedance of Balanced Cables (4194A)
AN-339-5 Multi-Frequency C-V Measurements and Doping Profile Analysis of Semiconductors 5950-2919
AN-339-6 Static Head Testing for Disk Drives – HP 4194A
AN-339-7 Efficient Evaluation of LISNs and Voltage Probes for EMI Tests
AN-339-8 Constant Current Measurements Using the 4194A
AN-339-9 Negative Impedance Measurements of Crystal Oscillators – HP 4194A
AN-339-10 Input-output Impedance and Reflection Coefficient Measurements 5950-2925
AN-339-11 Filter Test for Production and Incoming Inspection
AN-339-12 HP-IB Programming Hints for the HP 4194A
AN-339-13 Measuring the Dielectric Constant of Solid Materials (HP4194A)
AN-339-14 Testing Switching Power Supplies Using the 4194A
AN-341-1 Testing a Complex LSI/VLSI IC with a low-cost Measurement Setup HP 8175A HP 1630G
AN-341-2 Simulating Sensor Signals – Calibrating and Testing an IR Detecting System with the HP 8175A
AN-343-1 Vector Modulation Measurements
AN-343-3 Vector Modulation Measurements
AN-345-1 Microwave Component Measurements using the Scalar Network Analyzer
AN-345-2 Microwave Component Measurements Using Scalar network Analyzer
AN-346 A Guideline for Designing External DC Bias Circuits
AN-346-2 Balanced Circuit Measurement with Impedance Analyzer/LCR Meter/Network Analyzer
AN-346-3 Effective Impedance Measurement using OPEN/SHORT/LOAD Correction
AN-346-4 8 Hints for Successful Impedance Measurement
AN-351 Characterization of High-Speed Optical Components with an RF Network Analyzer
AN-355 Digital Radio Theory and Measurements
AN-355-1 Tools for Digital Microwave Radio Installation and Maintenance
AN-356 High Speed DC Characterization of Semiconductor Devices From Sub pA to 1A
AN-356-1 Techniques and Applications for High Throughput & Stable Characterization
AN-357-1 Network, Spectrum, and Impedance Evaluation of IF Circuits HP 4195A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
AN-357-2 Complete S-Parameter and Distortion Measurement for Wide Band Video Amplifier
AN-357-3 Advanced Filter Evaluation and Limit Testing
AN-357-4 Testing Magnetic Disk Read Circuits Using the HP 4195A
AN-358-2 HP 5371A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer - Jitter and Wander Analysis in Digital Communications
AN-358-5 Clock Rate Independent Jitter Measurements for Digital Communications Systems
AN-358-7 Analyzing Phase-Locked Loop Transients in the Modulation Domain
AN-358-8 Single Shot BPSK Signal Characterization
AN-358-9 Modulation Domain Techniques for Measuring Complex Radar Signals
AN-358-10 Characterizing Barker Coded Modulation in Radar Systems
AN-358-11 Characterizing Chirp Coded Modulation in Radar Systems
AN-358-12 Simplify Frequency Stability Measurements with Built-In Allan Variance Analysis
AN-358-13 Analyzing Phase-Locked Loop Capture and Tracking Range
AN-359 Selecting a Jitter Test Set
AN-368 Complete BER and Protocol Testing on an ISDN Primary Rate Interface
AN-369-1 Optimizing Electronic Component and Material Impedance Measurements Taking Full Advantage of the HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter
AN-369-2 Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor Measurements
AN-369-3 Impedance Measurement of Magnetic Heads using Constant Current in Production and QC Departments
AN-369-4 Recommending Electronic Manufacturers to Perform Incoming Inspection
AN-369-5 Multi-Frequency C-V Measurements of Semiconductors - HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter
AN-369-6 Impedance Testing Using Scanner – HP 4284A
AN-369-7 Measurement of Capacitance Characteristics of Liquid Crystal Cell with HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter
AN-369-8 Wide Range DC Current Biased Inductance Measurement with HP 4284A Precision LCR Meter & HP 42841A Bias Current Source
AN-369-8 Wide Range DC Current Biased Inductance Measurement (2008)
AN-369-9 Improve Electronic Product Quality and Performance with Agilent Precision LCR Meters
AN-369-10 Agilent 4285A High Accuracy and Fast RF Inductor Testing
AN-369-12 Measurement of Impedance of Magnetic Heads
AN-371 HP 71400 Lightwave Signal Analyzer - Measuring Modulated Light
AN-372-1 Power Supply Testing
AN-372-2 Battery Testing
AN-374-1 Manual Pattern Measurements Using the 8510B
AN-376-1 Biasing Three-Terminal Devices for Test
AN-377-1 Automatic Frequency Profiling of Chirped Radar Pulses HP 5361A Counter
AN-377-2 Automatic Characterization of Microwave VCOs HP 5361A Counter
AN-377-3 Frequency Profiling Without a Pulse Generator HP 5361A Counter
AN-377-4 Frequency and Phase Profiling Simplified with HP 5361A Counter
AN-380-1 Dielectric Constant Measurement of Solid Materials HP 16451B
AN-380-2 Measuring Cable Parameters
AN-380-3 Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability with LCR meters Impedance Analyzers
AN-383-1 Simplification of DC Characterization and Analysis of Semiconductor Devices
AN-386 Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements Using the Agilent 3048A Phase Noise Measurement System
AN-387 High Productivity Measurements in Digital Transmission
AN-388 Signal Generator Spectral Purity
AN-401 HP 1000 HP-IB Programming Application Notes
AN-401-01 HP1000 HP-IB Programming Procedures
AN-401-1L HP1000 L-Series HP-IB Programming Procedures
AN-401-02 HP59307A VHF Switch
AN-401-03 5345A Electronic Counter - HP1000 Programming Example
AN-401-04 5342A Microwave Frequency Counter HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-05 5328A Universal Counter HP-IB HP 1000 Programming Example
AN-401-06 HP 3438A Digital Multimeter HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-07 HP3455A Digital Voltmeter
AN-401-08 HP59309A Digital Clock Programming Example
AN-401-09 HP 6002A Power Supply HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-10 HP 3437A System Voltmeter HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-11 HP 3495A Scanner HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-12 HP 3582A Spectrum Analyzer HP 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-13 3325A Synthesizer and 1000 Computer HP-IB Programming Guide
AN-401-15 8672A Synthesized Signal Generator and 1000 Computer HP-IB Programming Guide
AN-401-16 436A Microwave Power Meter and 1000 Computer Programming Guide
AN-401-17 8620C Sweep Oscillator and 1000 Computer HP-IB Programming Guide
AN-401-18 HP59306A Relay Actuator
AN-401-19 8660 Signal Generator and 1000 Computer HP-IB Programming Guide
AN-401-20 HP9871A HP-IB Programming Procedures
AN-401-24 HP2250 Measurement and Control Processor
AN-414 HP 1000 Real-Time Computers - Hardware Reliability Modeling for Systems Using Dynamic Redundancy
AN-421-12 Materials Development 5954-9642
AN-421-19 Missile System Testing 5954-9649
AN-421-31 Data Aquisition & Computer Aided Test Applications Summary Series - Sonar System Testing
AN-718 Patient Safety
AN-907 Hot Carrier Diode – Theory-Design-Application
AN-911 Low Level DC Operation Using HP Photochoppers
AN-912 An Attenuator Design Using PIN Diodes - Constant Impedance Current Controlled 10 MHz to 1.0 GHz Bandwidth
AN-913 Step Recovery Diode Frequency Multiplier Design
AN-915 Threshold Detection of Visible and Infrared Radiation with PIN Photodiodes
AN-917 HP PIN Photodiode
AN-918 Pulse and Waveform Generation with Step Recovery Diode
AN-919 Optmizing Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Photochopper Applications
AN-920 Harmonic Generation Using Step Recovery Diodes and SRD Modules 5989-6258EN
AN-922 Applications of PIN Diodes
AN-923 Schottky Barrier Diode Video Detectors
AN-928 KU Band Step Recovery Multipliers
AN-929 Fast Switching PIN Diodes
AN-931 Solid State Alphanumeric Display - Decoder & Driver Circuitry
AN-932 Selection and Use of Microwave Diode Switches and Limiters
AN-934 Solid State Display 5082-7300 Installation Techniques
AN-941 5082-7700 Series Seven Segment Display Applications
AN-942 Shottky Diodes for High Volume Low Cost Applications
AN-944-1 Microwave Transistor Bias Considerations
AN-946 5082-7430 Series Monolithic Seven Segment Displays
AN-947 Digital Data Transmission Using Optically Couples Isolators
AN-948 Performance of the 6N135, 6N136 and 6N137 Optocouplers in Short to Moderate Length Digital Transmission Systems
AN-951-1 Applications for Low Input Current, High Gain Optocoupers
AN-951-2 Linear Applications of Optically Coupled Isolators
AN-953 Microwave Power Generation and Amplification Using IMPATT Diodes
AN-956-1 The Criterion for the Tangential Sensitivity Measurement
AN-956-3 Flicker Noise in Schottky Diodes
AN-956-4 Schottky Diode Voltage Doubler
AN-956-5 Dynamic Range Extension of Schottky Detectors
AN-956-6 Temperature Dependence of Schottky Detector Voltage Sensitivity
AN-957-1 Broadbanding the Shunt PIN Diode SPDT Switch
AN-957-2 Reducing the Insertion Loss of a Shunt PIN Diode
AN-957-3 Rectification Effects in PIN Attenuators
AN-959-1 Factors Affecting Silicon IMPATT Diode Reliability and Safe Operation
AN-959-2 Reliability of Silicon IMPATT Diodes
AN-961 Silicon Double-Drift IMPATT Diodes for Pulse Application
AN-962 Silicon Double-Drift IMPATT Diodes for High-Power Microwave Application
AN-963 Impedance Matching Techniques for Mixers and Detectors
AN-964 Contrast Enhancement Techniques
AN-966 Applications of the HP HDSP-2000 Alphanumeric Display
AN-967 Low Noise 4GHz Transistor Amplifier Using HXTR-6101 Silicon Bipolar Transistor
AN-968 IMPATT Amplifier
AN-969 The Zero Bias Schottky Detector Diode
AN-970 A 6GHz Amplifier Using the HFET-1101 GaAs FET
AN-971 The HPND-4050 Beam Lead Mesa PIN in Shunt Applications
AN-976 Broadband Microstrip Mixer Design - The Butterfly Mixer
AN-979 The Handling and Bonding of Beam Lead Devices Made Easy
AN-983 Comb Generator Simplifies Multiplier Design
AN-984 More Output Power from a Comb Generator Module with the Right Bias Resistance
AN-985 High Isolation in Series Applications with the Low Capacitance HPND-4005 Beam Lead
AN-986 Square Law and Linear Detection
AN-987 Is Bias Current Necessary
AN-988 All Schottky Diodes are Zero Bias Detectors
AN-989 Step Recovery Diode Doubler
AN-991 Harmonic Mixing with the HSCH-5500 Series Dual Diode
AN-992 Beam Lead Attachment Methods
AN-993 Beam Lead Device Bonding to Soft Substrates
AN-993-1 Thermal Stress Relief in Beam Lead Diode Assembly
AN-995 The Schottky Diode Mixer
AN-997 A 2GHz Balanced Mixer Using SOT-23 Surface Mount Schottky Diodes
AN-999 GaAs MMIC Assembly and Handling Guidelines
AN-1000 Digital Data Transmission With the HP Fiber Optic System
AN-1001 Interfacing the HDSP-2000 to Microprocessor Systems
AN-1002 Consideration of CTR Variations in Optically Coupled Isolator Circuit Designs
AN-1003 Interfacing 18 Segment Displays to Microprocessors
AN-1004 Threshold Sensing Industrial Control Systems HCPL-3700
AN-1005 Operational Considerations for LED Lamps and Display Devices
AN-1006 Seven Segment LED Display Applications
AN-1007 Bar Graph Array Applications (Avago Version)
AN-1007 Bar Graph Array Applications (HP Version 1983)
AN-1008 Optical Sensing for the HEDS-1000
AN-1011 Design and Operational Considerations for the HEDS-5000 Incremental Shaft Encoder
AN-1012 Methods of Legend Fabrication (Avago Version)
AN-1013 Elements of a Bar Code System
AN-1015 Contrast Enhancement Techniques For LED Displays
AN-1016 Using the HDSP-2000 Alphanumeric Display Family
AN-1017 LED Solid State Reliability
AN-1018 Designing With The HCPL-4100 and HCPL-4200 Current Loop Optocouplers
AN-1019 Using the HLMP-4700 -1700 -7000 Series Low Current Lamps (Avago Version)
AN-1021 Utilizing LED Lamps Packaged on Tape and Reel (Avago Version)
AN-1023 Radiation Immunity of Agilent Technologies Optocouplers
AN-1024 Ring Detection with the HCPL-3700 Optocoupler (Avago Version)
AN-1024 Ring Detection with the HCPL-3700 Optocoupler (1985)
AN-1025 Applications and Circuit Design for the HEDS-7000 Series Digital Potentiometer
AN-1026 Designing with Hewlett Packard's Smart Display - the HPDL-2416
AN-1027 Soldering LED Components (Avago Version)
AN-1030 LED Displays and Indicators and Night Vision Imaging System Lighting (Avago Version)
AN-1031 Front Panel Design (Avago Version)
AN-1032 Design of the HCTL-1000's Digital Filter Parameters by the Combination Method
AN-1033 Designing With The HDSP-211X Smart Display Family
AN-1035 Versatile Link
AN-1035 Versatile Link Family (Avago Version - 2015)
AN-1036 Small Signal Solid State Relays
AN-1039 Dimming HDSP-213X Displays to Meet Night Vision Lighting Levels (Avago Version)
AN-1043 Common-Mode Noise- Sources and Solutions (Avago Version)
AN-1043 Common-Mode Noise: Sources and Solutions
AN-1046 Low On-Resistance, Solid State Relays (Avago Version)
AN-1047 Low On-Resistance Solid-State Relays For High-Reliability Applications
AN-1048 A Low-Cost Surface Mount PIN Diode π Attenuator
AN-1049 A Low Distortion PIN Diode Switch Using Surface Mount Devices
AN-1050 Low Cost Surface Mount Power Limiters
AN-1052 A Low Cost, Surface Mount X-Band Mixer
AN-1054 Low Cost Frequency Multipliers Using Surface Mount PIN Diodes
AN-1055 Clock Recovery Using Si MMICs
AN-1057 Conductive Port Receiver (Avago Version)
AN-1057 Conductive Port Receiver (1992)
AN-1059 High-CMR Isolation Amplifier for Current-Sensing Applications
AN-1060 Surface Mounting SMT LED Indicator Components
AN-1061 Light Output Degradation of Emerald Green Solid State Lamps
AN-1064 Low Noise and Moderate Power Amplifiers Using the ATF-21186
AN-1066 Fiber-Optic Solutions for 125 MBd Data Communication Applications
AN-1066 Fiber-Optic Solutions for 125 MBd Data Communication Applications (2007 - Avago Version)
AN-1067 An SPDT PIN Diode T/R Switch for PCN Applications
AN-1069 Non-RF Applications for the Surface Mount Schottky Diode Pairs HSMS-2802 and HSMS-2822
AN-1071 Battery Operation of the INA-03184
AN-1072 Applications for the HSMP-3890 Surface Mount Switching PIN Diode
AN-1074 Optocoupler Input-Output Endurance Voltage
AN-1076 Using the ATF-10236 in Low Noise Amplifier Applications in the UHF through 1.7 GHz Frequency Range
AN-1078 Designing with Hewlett-Packard Isolation Amplifiers (Avago Version)
AN-1083 IMFET Handling and Design Guidelines
AN-1084 Two-Stage 800 – 1000 MHz Amplifier Using the AT-41511 Silicon Bipolar Transistor
AN-1085 900 and 2400 MHz Amplifiers Using the AT-3 Series Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
AN-1087 Thermal Data for Optocouplers (Avago Version)
AN-1088 Designing the Virtual Battery
AN-1089 Designing Detectors for RF/ID Tags
AN-1090 The Zero Bias Schottky Diode Detector at Temperature Extremes – Problems and Solutions
AN-1091 1 and 2 Stage 10.7 to 12.7 GHz Amplifiers Using the ATF-36163 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1097 L and S Band Amplifiers using the ATF-36163 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1098 Agilent SMaRT Duplex Single Mode Transceivers
AN-1100 Selecting LED Lamps for Automotive Interior Applications
AN-1109 LED Eye Safety
AN-1110 Evaluation of Infrared Transceivers for IrDA Compliance
AN-1111 Report on HSDL-1100 Interoperability with Infrared Controllers at IrDA 4 Mbps
AN-1112 General Application Guide for the HSDL-1100 4 Mbps Infrared Transceiver
AN-1113 Infrared Transceiver Distance and Power Consumption Tradeoffs
AN-1114 Infrared Transceiver PC Board Layout for Noise Immunity
AN-1115 Characterization Report on 155 Mbps Single Mode Fiber Transceiver for ATM, SONET OC-3, SDH STM-1
AN-1116 Using the MGA-87563 GaAs MMIC in Low Noise Amplifier Applications in the 800 Through 2500 MHz Frequency Range
AN-1117 2.488 Gbps DFB Laser Module with Integral Optical Isolator
AN-1118 Compliance of Infrared Communication Products to IEC 825-1 and CENELEC EN 60825-1
AN-1119 IrDA Physical Layer Implementation for Hewlett Packard’s Infrared Products
AN-1120 Resolving IrDA Physical Layer Implementation Problems
AN-1123 Inexpensive 20 to 160 MBd FiberOptic Solutions for Industrial, Medical, Telecom, and Proprietary Data Communication Applications
AN-1124 Linear Models for Diode Surface Mount Packages
AN-1125 155 Mbps Fiber Optic “Light to Logic” Receivers for OC3 STM1
AN-1126 Evaluation of Vector Modulator IC Performance
AN-1128 L Band Amplifier using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1129 Low Noise Amplifier for 2.3 GHz using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1131 Low Noise Amplifiers for 320 MHz and 850 MHz Using the AT-32063 Dual Transistor
AN-1133 Low Noise Amplifier for 5.7 GHz using the ATF-36077 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1134 Characterization Report on Fiber Optic “Light to Logic” Receiver with Clock Recovery
AN-1136 Low Cost Mixer for the 10.7 to 12.8 GHz Direct Broadcast Satellite Market
AN-1137 Generic Printed Circuit Layout Rules for HP’s Low-Cost Fiber-Optic Components
AN-1139 950 to 2400 MHz IF Amplifier Using the INA-51063 and INA-54063
AN-1140 TV Remote Sharp ASK Using the HSDL-1100 Infrared Transceiver
AN-1142 Safe Handling Fundamentals for Premium InGaN LEDs
AN-1143 HSDL-2100 Interoperability with Infrared Controllers
AN-1145 Phase Locked Loop Frequency Synthesizer Demonstration Circuit Board
AN-1147 Using the INA-12063 RFIC Amplifier for 2.4 GHz Applications
AN-1150 Product Transition Document HFCT-5205
AN-1155-1 Warranty Cost Savings of LED Signal Lights
AN-1155-2 Electrical Power Consumption Savings with LED Signal Lights
AN-1155-3 LED Stop Lamps Help Reduce the Number and Severity of Automobile Accidents
AN-1156 Diode Detector Simulation using Hewlett-Packard EESOF ADS Software
AN-1160 1800 to 1900 MHz Amplifiers using the HBFP-0405 and HBFP-0420 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
AN-1161 800 to 950 MHz Amplifiers using the HBFP-0405 and HBFP-0420 Low Noise Silicon Bipolar Transistors
AN-1163 Compact HSMP-389V Transmit Receive Switch Design
AN-1168 1800 MHz Medium Power Amplifier using the HBFP-0450 Silicon Bipolar Transistor
AN-1173 Interfacing to PECL Optical Transceivers
AN-1174 Low Noise Amplifiers for 1600 MHz and 1900 MHz Low Current Self-biased Applications using the ATF-35143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1175 High Intercept Low Noise Amplifiers for 1500 MHz through 2500 MHz using the ATF-34143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1176 Advantage of SnapLED 150 LED Product Compared to other Lighting Technologies in Automotive Signal Lamps
AN-1179 Solid-State Optical Mouse Sensor with PS/2 and Quadrature Outputs
AN-1189 Agilent 125 Mb/155 Mb Multimode and Single Mode Small Form Factor (SFF) Transceivers
AN-1190 Low Noise Amplifiers for 900 MHz using the Agilent ATF-34143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1197 A Low Current, High Intercept Point, Low Noise Amplifier for 1900 MHz using the Agilent ATF-38143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1200 Agilent 1.25 Gbps Quad SerDes Small Form Factor Transceiver Reference Design
AN-1200-01 Simplified Motor Spin-Up Analysis - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-02 Direct Characterization of Motion Control Systems - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-03 VCO Step Response Analysis - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-3 VCO Step Response Analysis Made Easy (2000)
AN-1200-04 Quick Identification of Periodic Jitter Sources - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-05 Fast Characterization of Pulse Width Encoded Data - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-5 Fast Characterization of Pulse Width Encoded Data (2000)
AN-1200-06 Simple Analysis of Frequency Modulation - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-07 Simple Analysis of PLL Capture and Tracking Range - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-7 Simplified Analysis of Phase Locked Loop Capture and Tracking Range (2000)
AN-1200-08 Single Shot Frequency Profiling of Chirped Radars - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-09 Histograms Simplify Analysis of Random Jitter - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-10 Examine Channel Switching Characteristics of Cellular Radios - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-11 Examine GMSK Modulation in GSM and PCN Mobile Comm Systems - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-11 Examine GMSK Modulation in GSM and PCN Mobile Communication Systems (2000)
AN-1200-12 Peak Deviation and Center Freq Measurements for CT2 and DECT Radios - HP 53310A Modulation Domain Analyzer
AN-1200-12 Peak Deviation and Center Frequency Measurements For CT2 and DECT Radios (2000)
AN-1202-1 Designing Impedance Matching Networks with the HP 8751A
AN-1202-2 17 Fixtures, Test Sets and Accessories for the HP 8751A
AN-1202-3 3 Steps to Better Baseband, IF and RF Design with the HP 8751A
AN-1203-1 Modeling Passive High-Speed Digital Structures
AN-1204 Low–Level RF Leakage Measurement
AN-1205 Agilent HDMP-1636A and HDMP-1646A Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Design Considerations
AN-1205 Efficient Microwave Bias and Test Using the HP 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor
AN-1206-1 Complete Data Acquisition Solutions with HP VEE-Test
AN-1206-2 Design Characterization Using HP VEE-Test
AN-1210-1 Characterizing IC Packages with Impedance Measurements and the UTP-3000 Test Fixture
AN-1210-10 Time Considerations in Clock Distribution Networks 5091-5444E
AN-1211-1 Standard and CRC-4 Frame Testing
AN-1211-2 Testing n x 64 kbps services 5091-2069E
AN-1211-3 Testing sub-rate data services
AN-1213 Better Noise Measurements with the 588A and 3589A
AN-1217-1 Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Materials (1992)
AN-1219 Power Supply Considerations with CMOS Imagers
AN-1221 Choosing the Best Camera Lens
AN-1222 High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier for the 1850 - 1910 MHz PCS Band using the Agilent ATF-54143 Enhancement Mode PHEMT
AN-1223 Logic Analyzer Triggering Applications for 16550A 100MHz State & 500MHz Timing Module
AN-1224-1 Contact Resistance and Insulation Resistance Measurements of Electro-Mechanical Components
AN-1224-2 Insulation Resistance Measurement of the Plate Type Materials
AN-1224-3 Effective Transformers/LF Coils Testing - HP 4263A
AN-1224-4 Effective Electrolytic Capacitors Testing - HP 4263A
AN-1224-5 Effective Multi-tap Transformer Measurement using Scanner and 4263B LCR Meter (HP 300) (2001)
AN-1224-5 Effective Multi-tap Transformer Measurement using Scanner and 4263B LCR Meter (HP 300) (2019)
AN-1224-6 Effective Insulation Resistance Testing using a Scanner
AN-1225 Agilent SC Duplex +3.3 V Single Mode Transceivers
AN-1225-2 Cache Hit or Miss Analysis with the HP 16542A
AN-1225-4 Analog-to-digital Converter Testing with the HP 16542A
AN-1230 Sound Power Measurements
AN-1232 Agilent HFCT-594x Single Mode Laser Small Form Factor Transceivers for ATM, SONET OC-48/SDH STM-16
AN-1235 Agilent HFCT-594xL/G Characterization Report for Single Mode Laser Small Form Factor Transceivers for Short Reach ATM, SONET OC-48/SDH STM-16
AN-1237-1 Maximizing revenue with in-service testing – introduction
AN-1237-2 Maximizing revenue with in-service testing - centralized testing/monitoring systems
AN-1244-1 Minimizing Intrusion Effects When Probing With a Logic Analyzer Jul95
AN-1245 PC Network Connectivity with the 16500L Interface Module
AN-1246 Pulsed Characterization of Power Semiconductors using Electronic Loads
AN-1247 OC-48 Agilent Small Form Factor Transceiver HFCT-5942 with Vitesse VSC8122 and VSC8141 Multi-rate Chip Set Reference Design
AN-1250 Sewing Machine, Tape Drive, and Vending Machine Applications using Agilent Encoders
AN-1252 Evaluating Tributary Jitter from the SONET Network
AN-1252 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the Consumer Market (2002)
AN-1253 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the High-power Industrial Market
AN-1254 Variable Speed Drive Applications in the Low-power Industrial Market
AN-1258 Evaluating Tributary Jitter from the SDH Network
AN-1260 Agilent HFBR-5905/5905A Characterization Report for MT-RJ Duplex Multimode Transceiver
AN-1261 Timing Characterization Using the HP 16517/18A with Intel Pentium Measurement Examples
AN-1267 Frequency agile jitter measurement system
AN-1268 Pulse testing 980-nm pump laser diodes in optical fiber amplifiers
AN-1270-3 Prototype Aircraft Jet Engine Characterization and Test
AN-1270-4 Electronic Heater Valves Testing
AN-1270-5 Vehicle Body Testing
AN-1270-6 On Road Vehicle Testing
AN-1270-7 Communications Cable Testing
AN-1270-8 Airframe Testing
AN-1270-10 Jet Engine Testing
AN-1270-11 Environmental Test of Automotive Radios and Engine Controllers
AN-1270-12 Automotive Relay Modules Testing
AN-1271 Low Noise Amplifier for 3.5 GHz using the Agilent ATF-35143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1272 GPS and Precision Timing
AN-1273 Compliance Testing to the IEC 1000-3-2 (EN 61000-3-2) and IEC 1000-3-3 (EN 61000-3-3) Standards
AN-1274 HP Internet Reporter
AN-1275 Automatic Frequency Settling Time Measurement Speeds Time-to-Market for RF Designs
AN-1276-1 Accurate Transmission Line Fault Location Using Synchronized Sampling
AN-1279 HP SmartClock Technology
AN-1280 Conformance Testing - an essential part of SDH deployment
AN-1281 Conformance Testing - an essential part of SONET deployment (1996)
AN-1281 A High IIP3 Balanced Low Noise Amplifier for Cellular Base Station Applications Using the Agilent Enhancement Mode PHEMT ATF-54143 Transistor and Anaren Pico Xinger 3 dB Hybrid Couplers (2002)
AN-1285 Low Noise Amplifiers for 5.125 - 5.325 GHz and 5.725 - 5.825 GHz Using the ATF-55143 Low Noise PHEMT
AN-1286 A 802.11a WLAN Driver Amplifier using the Agilent Enhancement Mode PHEMT ATF-54143 Transistor
AN-1286-1 8 Hints for Making Better Spectrum Analyzer Measurements (1997)
AN-1286-1 8 Hints for Better Spectrum Analysis (2005)
AN-1287 Agilent HFBR-5911L/AL, HFBR-59L1AL HFCT-5911ATL and HFCT-59L1ATL LC Small Form Factor Transceivers and HDMP-1687 1.0625 /1.25 Gb/s Quad SerDes Reference Design
AN-1287-1 Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis
AN-1287-1 Understanding the Fundamental Principles of Vector Network Analysis (2012)
AN-1287-2 Exploring the Architectures of Network Analyzers 5965-7708E
AN-1287-3 Applying Error Correction to Network Analyzer Measurements (2002)
AN-1287-3 Applying Error Correction to Network Analyzer Measurements (1997)
AN-1287-4 Network Analyzer Measurements - Filter and Amplifier Examples 5965-7710E
AN-1287-5 Improving Throughput in Network Analyzer Applications 5966-3317E
AN-1287-6 Using a Network Analyzer to Characterize High-Power Components 5966-3319E
AN-1287-7 Improving Network Analyzer Measurements of Frequency-Translating Devices 5966-3318E
AN-1287-8 Simplified Filter Tuning Using Time Domain 5968-5328E
AN-1287-9 In-Fixture Measurements Using Vector Network Analyzers 5968-5329E
AN-1287-10 Network Analysis Solutions Advanced Filter Tuning Using Time Domain Transforms 5980-2785EN
AN-1287-11 Specifying Calibration Standards and Kits for Agilent Vector Network Analyzers
AN-1287-12 Time Domain Analysis Using a Network Analyzer (2007)
AN-1287-12 Time Domain Analysis Using a Network Analyzer (2012)
AN-1288-1 Combining Network and Spectrum Analyses and IBASIC to improve device characterization and test time
AN-1288-2 Configuring the Agilent 4396B 1.8 GHz Network/Spectrum Impedance Analyzer for O/E Testing
AN-1288-4 How to Characterize CATV Amplifiers Effectively
AN-1289 The Science of Timekeeping
AN-1290-1 Cookbook for EMC Precompliance Measurements
AN-1291-1 8 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements
AN-1291-1B 10 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements 5965-8166E (2001)
AN-1291-1B 10 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements 5965-8166E (2014)
AN-1293 Sequential Shunt Regulation
AN-1295 Riding the Internet Wave
AN-1297 Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability
AN-1298 Digital Modulation in Communications Systems - Intro
AN-1299 Introduction to BER Testing in WDM Systems
AN-1300-1 Highly Accurate Evaluation of Chip Capacitors using the Agilent 4291B RF Impedance/Material Analyzer
AN-1300-2 Evaluating Chip Inductors using the 4291B
AN-1300-4 Permeability Measurements Using the 4291B and 16454A
AN-1300-5 Electronic Characterization of IC Packages 5966-1849E
AN-1300-6 Impedance Characterization of MagnetoResistive Disk Heads
AN-1301 Effective Spectrum Analysis Testing for Consumer Electronics Production Lines
AN-1302 Making Radiated and Conducted Compliance Measurements with EMI Receivers
AN-1303 Spectrum Analyzer Measurements and Noise (2008)
AN-1303 Spectrum Analyzer Measurements and Noise (1998)
AN-1304-1 Evaluating Microstrip with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-1304-2 Time Domain Reflectometry Theory
AN-1304-3 Microprobing with the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA
AN-1304-4 Measuring Characteristic Impedance of Short Rambus Motherboard Traces and Small-Outline RIMMs (86100A)
AN-1304-5 Improving TDR/TDT Measurements Using Normalization
AN-1304-6 Loop Bandwidth and Clock Data Recovery (CDR) in Oscilloscope Measurements
AN-1304-7 High Precision Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-1305-1 Contact Resistance and Insulation Resistance Measurements of Electro-Mechanical Components
AN-1305-3 Effective Transformer and LF Coil Testing
AN-1305-4 Effective Electrolytic Capacitors Testing
AN-1306-1 8 Hints for Making Better Measurements Using Analog RF Signal Generators
AN-1307 Testing CDMA Base Station Amplifiers
AN-1308-1 Network, Spectrum, and Impedance Evaluation of Electronic Circuits & Components
AN-1309 Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements
AN-1310 Mobile Communications Device Testing
AN-1311 Understanding CDMA Measurements for Base Stations and Their Components
AN-1312 Understanding GSM/EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations and their Components
AN-1313 Wireless Test Solutions
AN-1314 Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Receiver Designs
AN-1315 Optimizing RF and Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Dynamic Range
AN-1315 PDA Reference Design using the Agilent HSDL-3002 (2003)
AN-1316 Optimizing Spectrum Analyzer Amplitude Accuracy
AN-1318 Optimizing Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Speed
AN-1319 Compliance Testing to IEC EN 61000-4-8
AN-1320 Troubleshooting VoIP Signaling
AN-1323 Troubleshooting Frame Relay
AN-1325 Optimizing Your GSM Network Today and Tomorrow - Using Drive Testing to Estimate Downlink Speech Quality
AN-1326 8 Hints For Solving Common Debugging Problems With Your Logic Analyzer
AN-1327 ATM Troubleshooting
AN-1328 Making Precompliance Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements with EMC Analyzers
AN-1333 Performing Bluetooth RF Measurements Today
AN-1333-1 Bluetooth® Measurement Fundamentals
AN-1333-2 Investigating Bluetooth Modules - The First Step in Enabling Your Device with a Wireless Link
AN-1333-3 Verifying Bluetooth™ Baseband Signals Using Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
AN-1333-4 Bluetooth® Manufacturing Test – A Guide to Getting Started
AN-1335 HPSK Spreading for 3G
AN-1335 Main Applications and Selection of Gate Driver Optocouplers (2003)
AN-1336 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Problems and Solutions
AN-1337 Logic Analyzers
AN-1340-1 Characterizing High-Speed Optical Transmitters – Compliance Testing with the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA
AN-1342 Optimizing Your TDMA Network Today and Tomorrow
AN-1344 Optimizing Your GSM Network Today and Tomorrow
AN-1345 Optimizing Your CDMA Wireless Network Today and Tomorrow Using Drive-Test Solutions
AN-1350 Debugging Modern Power Electronics - Seeing the Whole Picture
AN-1351 I2C Debugging
AN-1352 MSO and CEBus PL Communications Testing
AN-1354 Practical Noise-Figure Measurement and Analysis for Low-Noise Amplifier Designs
AN-1355 Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA Base Transceiver Stations
AN-1356 Designing and Testing 3GPP W-CDMA User Equipment
AN-1357 Designing and Testing cdma2000 Base Stations
AN-1358 Designing and Testing cdma2000 Mobile Stations
AN-1360 Generating Custom, Real-World Waveforms
AN-1361 Measuring EDGE Signals – New and Modified Techniques and Measurement Requirements
AN-1363-1 Understanding and Improving Network Analyzer Dynamic Rang
AN-1364-1 De-embedding and Embedding S-Parameter Networks Using a Vector Network Analyzer
AN-1367 Network synchronization – Keeping your finger on the pulse
AN-1369-1 Solutions for Measuring Permittivity and Permeability with LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers
AN-1369-2 Advanced impedance measurement capability of the RF I-V method compared to the network analysis method
AN-1369-3 Accurate Impedance Measurement with Cascade Microtech Probe System
AN-1369-5 Achieving Fast Design Cycle Time Using an EDA Tool and Impedance Analyzers
AN-1369-6 How To Accurately Evaluate Low ESR, High Q RF Chip Devices
AN-1370-1 Data Logging using Remote Programming
AN-1371 Network Troubleshooting using the Advisor SW Edition
AN-1372 Protocol Evolution for the Mobile Internet
AN-1373-1 An Introduction to Multiport and Balanced Device Measurements
AN-1373-2 Concepts in Balanced Device Measurements
AN-1373-5 Balanced Measurement Example - SAW Filters
AN-1373-6 Balanced Measurement Example – Baluns
AN-1373-7 Balanced Measurement Example - Differential Amplifiers
AN-1375-3 Balanced Measurement Example: SAW Filters
AN-1377 Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
AN-1377-2 General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Network Optimization Measurement Challenges Using Drive Testing
AN-1379 An overview of ITU-T G.709
AN-1380-1 RF Testing of Wireless LAN Products
AN-1380-2 IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement
AN-1380-3 802.11a/g Manufacturing Test Application Note – A Guide to Getting Started
AN-1380-4 Making 802.11G Transmitter Measurements
AN-1382-1 InfiniBand System-Level Debugging
AN-1382-2 Designing and Validating High-Speed Memory Buses
AN-1382-3 Debugging USB 2.0 for Compliance - It’s Not Just a Digital World
AN-1382-4 I/O System and Chip Validation in PCI and PCI-X Systems
AN-1382-5 Differential Impedance Measurement with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-1382-6 Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS)
AN-1382-8 Saving Time with Multiple-Channel Signal Integrity Measurements
AN-1382-10 8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-Speed Buses
AN-1383-1 Spectral Analysis Using a Deep-Memory Oscilloscope Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) (54830B)
AN-1384 General Packet Radio System (GPRS) Testing: Why and How?
AN-1385 Optimizing Oscilloscope Measurement Accuracy on High-Performance Systems with Agilent Active Probes
AN-1386 Essential Components of Data Acquisition Systems
AN-1387 Types of Data Acquisition Architectures
AN-1389-1 System Cabling Errors and DC Voltage Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters
AN-1389-2 Resistance, DC Current, AC Current, and Frequency and Period Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters
AN-1389-3 AC Voltage Measurement Errors in Digital Multimeters
AN-1390 9 Hints for Making Better Measurements Using RF Signal Generators
AN-1391 8 Hints for Better Millimeter-Wave Spectrum Measurements
AN-1392 Make Better RMS Measurements with Your DMM
AN-1394 Connected Simulation and Test Solutions Using Advanced Design System
AN-1395 Debugging Serial Bus Systems with a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
AN-1396 Optimizing Bluetooth Device Battery Drain Measurements in Manufacturing
AN-1397-1 Lowering Cost and Improving Interoperability by Predicting Residual BER: Theory, Measurements, and Applications
AN-1398 Forward Link Measurements for 1xEV-DO Access Networks
AN-1399 Maximizing the Life Span of Your Relays
AN-1400 USB 2.0 Compliance Testing with Agilent Infiniium
AN-1403 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Certification
AN-1404 The Truth About the Fidelity of High-Bandwidth Voltage Probes
AN-1405-1 Fundamentals of Signal Analysis - Introduction to Time, Frequency and Modal Domains
AN-1405-2 Fundamentals of Signal Analysis – Understanding Dynamic Signal Analysis
AN-1406 Selecting Temperature Transducers for Data Acquisition Systems
AN-1407 How to Generate Low Duty-Cycle Pulses with a Function Generator
AN-1408-1 Mixer Transmission Measurements Using the Frequency Converter Application in the PNA Microwave Network Analyzers
AN-1408-2 Mixer Conversion-Loss and Group-Delay Measurement Techniques and Comparisons
AN-1408-3 Improving Measurement and Calibration Accuracy using the Frequency Converter Application in the PNA Microwave Network Analyzer
AN-1408-7 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers - Amplifier Linear and Gain Compression Measurements
AN-1408-8 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers - Amplifier Swept-Harmonic Measurements
AN-1408-9 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers - Amplifier and CW Swept Intermodulation Distortion Measurements
AN-1408-10 High Power Amplifier Measurements Using Keysight VNAs
AN-1408-11 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers - Accurate Pulsed Measurements
AN-1408-12 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers - Pulsed-RF S-Parameter Measurements
AN-1408-13 PNA Microwave Network Analyzers – Introduction to Application Development
AN-1408-14 Using the PNA Series to Analyze Lightwave Components
AN-1408-15 Banded Millimeter-Wave Measurements with the PNA
AN-1408-16 Power Added Efficiency with the PNA-X
AN-1408-17 Making Accurate IMD Measurements with the PNA-X Network Analyzer
AN-1408-18 Measuring Group Delay of Frequency Converters with Embedded Local Oscillators
AN-1408-19 High Power Amplifier Measurements using Agilent’s NVNA
AN-1408-20 High Accuracy Noise Figure Measurements Using the PNA-X Series Network Analyzer
AN-1408-21 Active-Device Characterization in Pulsed Operation Using the PNA-X
AN-1409-1 Simplified PC Connections for GPIB Instruments
AN-1409-2 Agilent T&M Programmers Toolkit
AN-1410 Two-tone and Multitone Personalities for the E8267C PSG Vector Signal Generator
AN-1412 Selecting the Right Data Acquisition System
AN-1413 Choosing the Right Tools for High-Speed Bus and System Interconnect Designs
AN-1414 Understanding Measurement of 1xEV-DO Access Terminals
AN-1417 Debugging a PCI Bus with a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
AN-1418 Mixed Analog and Digital Signal Debug and Analysis – Wireless LAN Example Application
AN-1419-1 Restoring Confidence in Your High-Bandwidth Probe Measurements
AN-1419-02 Improving Usability and Performance in High-Bandwidth Active Oscilloscope Probes
AN-1419-03 Performance Comparison of Differential and Single-Ended Active Voltage Probes
AN-1419-3 Performance Comparison of Differential and Single-Ended Active Voltage Probes
AN-1420 Understanding Oscilloscope Frequency Response and Its Effect on Rise-Time Accuracy
AN-1421 Signal Studio for Bluetooth E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator Option 406
AN-1422 Agilent Bluetooth™ Signal Studio Software for the ESG-D/DP Series RF Signal Generators Option 406
AN-1423 Agilent E8267C PSG Vector Signal Generator Self Guided Demo
AN-1424 Mixed-Signal Measurement Solutions: Which One Fits Your Application Needs?
AN-1425 Making High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements With the 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit
AN-1426 How to Connect Two or More Signal Generators to Create a Multi-Channel Waveform Generator
AN-1427 Evaluating Battery Run-down Performance Using the Agilent 66319D or 66321D with Option #053 14565A Device Characterization Software
AN-1428 10-bit I2C Triggering Using an Agilent 54620/54640 Series Oscilloscope
AN-1429 CAN Triggering Using an Agilent 54620/40 Series Oscilloscope
AN-1430 802.11a WLAN Signal Studio Software for the ESG-D/DP Series Signal Generators Option 410
AN-1431 Capturing Infrequent and Random Events Using Deep Memory Oscilloscopes
AN-1432 Jitter Analysis Techniques for High Data Rates
AN-1434 Optimizing Power Product Usage to Speed Design Validation Testing
AN-1435 Improving Scalar Network Analysis Using the PSG Signal Generator and the 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer
AN-1436 Debugging Parallel RapidIO Designs with the Agilent 16700 Series Logic Analysis System
AN-1437 Using a Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator to Generate Pulses
AN-1438 EPM-P Series Power Meters Used in Radar and Pulse Applications
AN-1439 Measuring Noise Figure with a Spectrum Analyzer
AN-1440 Configuring the GSM/GPRS Lab Application for E-OTD Performance Testing
AN-1441-1 Test System Signal Switching
AN-1441-2 Reducing Noise in Switching for Test Systems
AN-1443 Calibration Software for Wide Bandwidth Measurements - PSA Spectrum Analyzer Option 122 or Option 140 and 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer
AN-1444 Recognizing and Reducing Data Acquisition Switching Transients
AN-1445 Using ActiveX Controls to Enhance the Analysis Capabilities of Deep Memory and Mixed Analog/Digital Signal Oscilloscopes
AN-1446 Deep Memory Oscilloscopes - The New Tools of Choice
AN-1447 Troubleshoot Complex Designs in Less Time Using a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
AN-1448-1 Measuring Jitter in Digital Systems
AN-1448-2 Finding Sources of Jitter with Real-Time Jitter Analysis
AN-1449-1 Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (Part 1) – Introduction
AN-1449-2 Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (Part 2)
AN-1449-3 Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements (Part 3) - Power Measurement Uncertainty
AN-1449-4 Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Measurements (Part 4)
AN-1450 Logic Analyzer Probing Techniques for High-Speed Digital Systems
AN-1451 Understanding and Using Offset in InfiniiMax Active Probes
AN-1452 Customer Validates Signal Integrity on 100 MHz DDR SDRAM With Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
AN-1455 Equalization Techniques and OFDM Troubleshooting for Wireless LANs
AN-1456 On-Chip Design Verification with Xilinx FPGAs
AN-1457 In-circuit Debug of FPGAs
AN-1458 5 Hints for Debugging Microcontroller-based Designs
AN-1459 How to Program the 3499A/B/C Switch and the 34401A Digital Multimeter for Scanning Measurements
AN-1460 Making High Accuracy Temperature Measurements with the 3499A/B/C Switch and the 34401A Digital Multimeter
AN-1462 Using Advanced Design System to Design an MMIC Amplifier
AN-1463 Agilent E5070B/E5071B - Characterizing Differential Amplifiers with True Differential Signals
AN-1463-3 Differential S-Parameter Measurements of PCI Express Connector Using the ENA Series Network Analyzer
AN-1463-5 Impedance Characteristic Evaluation of SMD Using the ENA with Inter-Continental Microwave (ICM) Test Fixture
AN-1463-6 Agilent ENA RF Network Analyzers - Accurate Mixer Measurements Using the Frequency-Offset Mode
AN-1463-7 ENA Series RF Network Analyzers - Accurate Mixer Conversion Loss Measurement Techniques
AN-1465-1 Test-System Development Guide – Introduction to Test-System Design
AN-1465-2 Test-System Development Guide – Computer I/O Considerations
AN-1465-3 Test-System Development Guide – Understanding Drivers and Direct IO
AN-1465-4 Test-System Development Guide – Choosing Your Test System Software Architecture
AN-1465-5 Test-System Development Guide – Choosing Your Test-System Hardware Architecture and Instrumentation
AN-1465-6 Test-System Development Guide – Understanding the Effects of Racking and System Interconnections
AN-1465-7 Test-System Development Guide – Maximizing System Throughput and Optimizing System Deployment
AN-1465-8 Test-System Development Guide – Operational Maintenance
AN-1465-9 Test-System Development Guide – Using LAN in Test Systems - The Basics
AN-1465-10 Test-System Development Guide – Using LAN in Test Systems – Network Configuration
AN-1465-11 Test-System Development Guide – Using LAN in Test Systems – PC Configuration
AN-1465-12 Test-System Development Guide – Using USB in the Test and Measurement Environment
AN-1465-13 Test-System Development Guide – Using SCPI and Direct IO vs. Drivers
AN-1465-14 Test-System Development Guide – Using LAN in Test Systems – Applications
AN-1465-15 Test-System Development Guide – Using LAN in Test Systems - Setting Up System IO
AN-1465-16 Test-System Development Guide – Next-generation Test Systems – Advancing the Vision with LXI
AN-1465-17 Test-System Development Guide – Optimizing the Elements of an RF & Microwave Test System
AN-1465-18 Test-System Development Guide – 6 Hints for Enhancing Measurement Integrity in RF & Microwave Test Systems
AN-1465-19 Test-System Development Guide – Calibrating Signal Paths in RF & Microwave Test Signals
AN-1465-20 Test-System Development Guide – LXI Going Beyond GPIB, PXI and VXI
AN-1465-20 Tips and Tricks for Using USB, LAN and GPIB
AN-1465-21 Test-System Development Guide – 10 Good Reasons to Switch to LXI
AN-1465-22 Test-System Development Guide – Transitioning from GPIB to LXI
AN-1465-23 Test-System Development Guide – Creating hybrid test systems with PXI, VXI and LXI
AN-1465-24 Test-System Development Guide – Using Synthetic Instruments in Your Test System
AN-1465-25 Test-System Development Guide – Migrating system software from GPIB to LAN LXI
AN-1465-26 Test-System Development Guide – Modifying a GPIB System to Include LAN & LXI
AN-1465-27 Using Linux in Your Test Systems: Linux Basics
AN-1465-28 Using Linux to Control LXI Instruments Through VXI-11
AN-1465-29 Using Linux to Control LXI Instruments Through TCP
AN-1465-30 Using Linux to Control USB Instruments
AN-1465-31 Tips for Optimizing Test System Performance in Linux Soft Real-Time Applications
AN-1465-32 Building Hybrid Test Systems, Part 1 - Laying the groundwork for a successful transition
AN-1465-33 Building Hybrid Test Systems, Part 2 - Ensuring success in two common scenarios
AN-1466 Using a Function Generator to Create Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Waveforms
AN-1467 How to use the Agilent N6700 Series Modular Power System to replace an Agilent 662xA
AN-1468 Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test
AN-1469 Speeding Production Line Test Development and Execution at Motorola AIEG (Europe)
AN-1475-1 Modern Connectivity — Using USB and LAN I/O Converters
AN-1476-3 Linearization of a Multi-Carrier Power Amplifier using Digital Predistortion in ADS
AN-1476-4 Performing Digital-IF/RF-Digital Bit Error Rate Measurements
AN-1476-5 Performing Bit Error Rate Measurements with ADS and Baseband Studio Streaming
AN-1478 7 Reasons to Migrate from your 8753 to an ENA Network Analyzer
AN-1479 Techniques to minimize overall test time when using a DMM and switch system
AN-1480 How to capture, save, and reproduce arbitrary load current waveforms
AN-1481 Optimizing System Design for Rapid Development Fast Execution and Re-use
AN-1484 Non-Zero Noise Figure After Calibration
AN-1485 External Waveguide Mixing and Millimeter Wave Measurements with Agilent PSA Spectrum Analyzers
AN-1487 Noise Figure Measurements of Frequency Converting Devices - Noise Figure Analyzer
AN-1488 Ultra-Wideband Communication RF Measurements
AN-1489 Five Applications to Help You Decide - A Comparision between Tektronix TDS and Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscopes
AN-1490 Ten Things to Consider When Selecting Your Next Oscilloscope
AN-1491 Side-by-Side Comparison of Agilent and Tektronix Probing Measurements on High-Speed Signals
AN-1492 Debugging CAN-Based Designs More Efficiently with an Agilent 54600 Series Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope and a N2758A CAN Trigger Module
AN-1493 Characterizing High-Speed Oscilloscope Distortion - A comparison of Agilent and Tektronix high-speed, real-time oscilloscopes
AN-1496 PCI Express Transmitter Electrical Validation and Compliance Testing with Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscopes
AN-1497 10 Hints for Getting More from Your Function Generator
AN-1499 4 More Hints for Making Better Frequency Counter Measurements
AN-1500 Selecting an I/O Architecture for Your FPGA Design
AN-1501 6 Tips for Successful Logic Analyzer Probing
AN-1502-1 Side-by-Side Comparison: Agilent N5700 System DC Source and Sorensen DLM Power Supply
AN-1502-2 Side-by-Side Comparison: Agilent N5700 System DC Source and Xantrex XFR DC Power Supply
AN-1504 Simplify Multiple Bias Voltage Sequencing and Ramping for PC Motherboard Test
AN-1505 Increase Automotive ECU Test Throughput
AN-1506 Increase DC-input Battery Adapter Test Throughput By Several-fold
AN-1507 Trends in Programmable Medium Power (~1 kW) System DC Power Supplies
AN-1509 MIMO Wireless LAN PHY Layer [RF] Operation & Measurement
AN-1550-2 An Introduction to Error Location Analysis - Are all your errors truly random?
AN-1550-4 Optical Spectrum Analysis
AN-1550-5 Accurate Characterization of Source Spectra Using an Optical Spectrum Analyzer
AN-1550-6 High-Speed Lightwave and Component Analysis
AN-1550-7 Making Time-Resolved Chirp Measurements Using the Optical Spectrum Analyzer and Digital Communications Analyzer
AN-1550-8 Measuring Extinction Ratio of Optical Transmitters
AN-1550-9 Improving the Accuracy and Consistency of Optical Transceiver Extinction Ratio Measurements
AN-1550-10 Optical Amplifier Testing with the Interpolated Source-Subtraction and Time-Domain Extinction Techniques
AN-1550-12 Using Bathtub Jitter Software with the Agilent 86130A and 71612C Error Performance Analyzers
AN-1551 Improve Your Ability to Capture Elusive Events: Why Oscilloscope Waveform Update Rates are Important
AN-1552 Oscilloscope Display Quality Impacts Ability to Uncover Signal Anomalies – Agilent 6000 Series Scope versus Tektronix TDS3000 Series Scope
AN-1553 Oscilloscope Display Quality Impacts Ability to Uncover Signal Anomalies - Agilent 6000 Series Scope versus LeCroy WaveSurfer 400 Series Scope
AN-1554 Understanding Linear Power Supply Operation
AN-1555 Communicate with Test Instruments Over LAN Using Visual Basic
AN-1556 Picking the Optimal Oscilloscope for Serial Data Signal Integrity Validation and Debug
AN-1557 Creating Datalogging Applications in Microsoft Excel
AN-1559 How to Measure Digital Baseband and IF Signals Using Agilent Logic Analyzers with 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software
AN-1560 The Agilent N6700 Modular Power System: Determining Specifications when Paralleling Outputs
AN-1561 Using Multiple 34980A/34970A Mainframes for Faster Scanning
AN-1562 Debugging Embedded Mixed-Signal Designs Using Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
AN-1564 Using an MSO to Debug a PIC18-Based Mixed-Signal Design
AN-1565 PCI Express Performance Measurements
AN-1568 Making the Most of Your Infiniium 80000 Series Scope’s Acquisition Memory
AN-1569 Demystifying Deep Memory Oscilloscopes
AN-1570 Deploying a SAN Extension Network - Technology and Test Considerations
AN-1572 IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee Measurements Made Easy Using the N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set
AN-1573 Using a Scope’s Segmented Memory to Capture Signals More Efficiently
AN-1575 Improve Your Time-to-Insight: Debugging Intermittent Memory Failures in DDR and DDR2 Systems
AN-1576 Using an Agilent 6000 Series MSO To Debug an Automotive CAN Bus
AN-1578 IEEE 802.16e WiMAX OFDMA Signal Measurements and Troubleshooting
AN-1581 Making High-Resolution Frequency Measurements with Agilent 6000 Series Oscilloscopes
AN-1582 Logic Analyzer Specifications: How Much Timing Speed Do You Need?
AN-1583 Maximizing Measurement Speed with the Agilent MXA Signal Analyzer
AN-1585 Using Agilent X-Series Signal Analyzers for Measuring and Troubleshooting Digitally Modulated Signals
AN-1586 Preselector Tuning for Amplitude Accuracy in Microwave Spectrum Analysis
AN-1587 Evaluating Oscilloscope Sample Rates vs. Sampling Fidelity - How to Make the Most Accurate Digital Measurements
AN-1588 Choosing an Oscilloscope with the Right Bandwidth for your Application
AN-1589 Evaluating Logic Analyzers Objectively
AN-1590 LXI-compliant oscilloscope boosts efficiency in ATE systems
AN-1591 A Time-Saving Method for Analyzing Signal Integrity in DDR Memory Buses
AN-1592 Tips and Techniques for Making Power Supply Noise Measurements with an Oscilloscope
AN-1593 Making RF Measurements on Digital Serial Data with Agilent’s Signal Extractor and the 89601A Vector Signal Analyzer
AN-1595 How to Use IVI-COM Drivers in Agilent VEE Pro 8.0
AN-1597 10 Reasons to Upgrade to a 16800 or 16900 Series Logic Analyzer
AN-1598 Using the Agilent Infiniium Series Real-time Oscilloscope to Validate the DigRF
AN-1599 Tips for Making Low Current Measurements with an Oscilloscope and Current Probe
AN-1601 Extending the Range of Agilent InfiniiMax Probes
AN-1603 Eight Hints for Better Scope Probing
AN-1604 Evaluating Oscilloscopes for Best Signal Visibility
AN-1605 Integrated Debugging – A New Approach to Troubleshooting Your Designs with Real-Time Oscilloscopes
AN-1607 Oscilloscope Probing for High-Speed Signals
AN-1608 What is the difference between an equivalent time sampling oscilloscope and a real-time oscilloscope?
AN-1611 Strategies for Debugging Serial Bus Systems with Infiniium Oscilloscopes
AN-4070-1 Ultra Low Current DC Characterization at the Wafer Level
AN-4070-2 Agilent 4070 Series Accurate Capacitance Characterization at the Wafer Level
AN-4070-3 Accurate and Efficient Frequency Evaluation of a Ring Oscillator
AN-4070-4 Accurate and Effective Flash Memory Cell Evaluation Using the Agilent 4072A
AN-4070-5 Adapting Agilent 4070 series to Open/Short Measurement of “Yield Test Chip” for Quick Yield Ramp up
AN-4070-6 High Speed Parametric Test Using Agilent 4070 Series – Throughput Tuning
AN-4080-1 A Complete Solution for Evaluating Write/Erase Characteristics of Flash Memory Cells
AN-4080-2 Agilent 4083A DC/RF Parametric Test System - A fully automatic on-wafer RF S-parameter measurement environment
AN-4156-1 Ultra Low Current DC Characterization of MOSFETs at the Wafer Level
AN-4156-2 Automated Extraction of Semiconductor Parameters Using the HP 4155A/4156A
AN-4156-3 Evaluation of Hot Carrier Induced Degradation of MOSFET Devices
AN-4156-4 Evaluation of Flash Memory Cells
AN-4156-5 Measurement of Power Devices Using External DC Power Supply
AN-4156-5 Measurement of Power Devices Using External DC Power Supply (2006)
AN-4156-6 Optimizing the Incoming Inspection of Semiconductor Devices With 4156C
AN-4156-7 Evaluation of Electromigration Using the SWEAT Procedure
AN-4156-8 Evaluation of Oxide Reliability Using V-Ramp / J-Ramp Test
AN-4156-9 Evaluation of the Surface State Using Charge Pumping Methods
AN-4156-10 Evaluation of Gate Oxides Using a Voltage Step Quasi-Static CV Method
AN-4156-11 Precision Measurement of Metal Line Width in Sub-quarter Micron Interconnect Systems
AN-4294-3 Evaluation of MOS Capacitor Oxide C-V Characteristics Using the Agilent 4294A
AN-5074 Agilent HCPL-800J
AN-5091 Design of a 4.9 to 6.0 GHz Two-stage Low Noise Amplifier For 802.11a, HiperLAN2 and HiSWANa Receivers Using ATF-551M4 E-PHEMT
AN-5106 Agilent ATF-50189 2.4 GHz high-linearity second stage LNA/ driver using ATF-50189
AN-5113 Agilent MGA-53543 Improving IP3 using Current Stabilization
AN-B1500-1 Measuring CNT FETs and CNT SETs Using the Agilent B1500A
AN-B1500-2 Migrating from the Agilent 4155C and 4156C to the Agilent B1500A
AN-B1500-3 IV and CV Measurement Using the Agilent B1500A MFCMU and SCUU
AN-B1500-4 Customizing Agilent B1500A EasyEXPERT Application Tests
AN-B1500-5 Creating a Test Sequence Using Agilent B1500A EasyEXPERT Software
AN-B1500-6 Accurate NBTI Characterization Using Timing-on-the-fly Sampling Mode
AN-B1500-7 Using the Agilent B1500A with a Nanoprober to Perform Failure Analysis
AN-B1500-8 Multi-Channel Parallel Timing-on-the-fly NBTI Characterization Using Keysight B1500A
AN-B1500-9 Improving Flash Memory Cell Characterization Using the Keysight B1500A
AN-B1500-10 Ultra-Fast 1 μs NBTI Characterization Using the B1500A’s WGFMU Module
AN-B1500-11 Characterizing Random Noise in CMOS Image Sensors
AN-B1500-12 1 μs IV Characterization of Flash Memory Cells Using the Keysight B1530A
AN-B1500-13 Measuring Pulsed/Transient Electrical Properties of OTFTs (Organic Thin Film Transistors)
AN-B1500-15 DC MOSFET Characterization at the Wafer Level
AN-B1500-16 B1500A: A Complete Solution for CMOS Device Electrical Characterization
AN-B1500-17 A Complete CMOS Reliability Test Solution – Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
AN-B1500A-14 IV and CV Characterizations of Solar/ Photovoltaic Cells Using the B1500A
AN-B1505-4 Direct Power MOSFET Capacitance Measurement at 3000 V
AN-B1505-5 Measuring Power MOSFET Electrical Characteristics using the B1505A
AN-B1505A Measuring Power BJT Electrical Characteristics using the B1505A
AN-B1505A-2 Next Generation Curve Tracer Revolutionizes Failure Analysis
AN-E1420A Multi-channel signals with programmable inter-channel phase
AN-E5250A-1 Low Current Measurement with Agilent E5250A Switch Mainframe
AN-E5250A-2 Evaluation of Hot Carrier Induced Degradation of MOSFET Devices
AN-E5250A-3 Accurate and Efficient C-V Measurements
AN-E5270-2 High Speed fT versus Ic Characterization of Bipolar Transistors Using Agilent E5270A and ENA series RF Network Analyzer
AN-E5270-6 Evaluation of High Power Devices Using External DC Power Supply
AN-E8859A Agilent GSM Design Library
AN-N9201A-1 Improving Test Throughput with Addressable Arrays and the Agilent N9201A
AN-A001 Choke Network Design
AN-A002 Design of a 4 GHz LNA
AN-A004R Electrostatic Discharge Damage and Control
AN-A005 Transistor Chip Use
AN-A006 Mounting Considerations for Packaged Microwave Semiconductors
AN-A007 4 GHz Television Receive Only LNB Design
AN-A008 Microwave Oscillator Design
AN-A009 Direct Broadcast Satellite Systems
AN-G001 ATF-13136 Demonstration Amplifier (1993)
AN-G002 ATF-10136 Demonstration Amplifier (1990)
AN-G003 MGA-64135 GaAs MMIC (1998)
AN-G004 S-Band Low Noise Amplifier Using the ATF-10136 (1998)
AN-G005 Active GaAs FET Mixers Using the ATF-10136, ATF-13736, and ATF-13484 (1999)
AN-G006 MGA-64135 GaAs MMIC as a Variable-Gain Amplifier and Operation at Reduced Vdd (1992)
AN-G007 MGS Series Monolithic GaAs Switches (1992)
AN-M022 Installing TO-8 Oscillators (1997)
AN-M024 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators Evaluated for System Design (1997)
AN-S001 Basic MODAMP MMIC Circuit Techniques (1998)
AN-S002 MODAMP™ MMIC Nomenclature (1993)
AN-S003 Biasing MSA Series RF Integrated Circuits (1997)
AN-S004 A broadband IF Amplifier Using MSA-0235 and MSA-0335 (1993)
AN-S005 Using Hewlett-Packard MSA Series MMIC Amplifiers as Frequency Converters (1997)
AN-S006 Using External Feedback to Achieve Flat Gain with the MSA-0885 (1992)
AN-S007 Using the MSA-0520 and MSA-1023 Medium-Power MODAMP Silicon MMIC Amplifiers (1998)
AN-S008 Designing With The MSA-9970 (1993)
AN-S009 MODAMP Silicon MMIC Chip Use (1993)
AN-S010 A 5.0 GHz Bipolar Active Mixer (1998)
AN-S011 Using Silicon MMIC Gain Blocks as Transimpedance Amplifiers (1993)
AN-S012 INA Series RFIC Amplifiers (1997)
AN-S013 IAM-8 Series Active Mixers (1998)
AN-S014 750 – 1250 MHz VCO (1993)

AB Series (Application Briefs and Bulletins)

Number Title
AB-3 Soldering Hewlett Packard Silver Plated Lead Frame LED Devices
AB-05 Current Source for Diode Testing
AB-0007 INA Bonding Configurations
AB-0010 Limiting Characteristics of the IVA-05118 Variable Gain Amplifier
AB-0013 SPICE Models for the IAM-81 and IAM-82 Active Mixers
AB-57 Flux Budget Considerations for Fiber Optic Link Design
AB-74 Auto-Insertion of Option 002 Tape and Reel LED Lamps
AB-78 Low Cost Fiber-Optic Links for Digital Applications up to 155 MBd
AB-102 HPMX-5001 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-107 Agilent 5X143C/5X143A Demo Boards for the ATF-5X143 Series Agilent PHEMT Devices
AB-118 Fiber Optic Components for Wind Turbine Applications
AB-A02 Benefits of LEDs for Instrument Cluster Lighting
AB-A04 LED Lamp Thermal Properties
AB-A05 LED Thermal Testing
AB-D002 Interfacing the HCMS-29XX LED Alphanumeric Displays with the Intel 8751H Microcontroller
AB-D005 Interfacing the HDSP-2XXX LED Alphanumeric Displays with the Intel 8751H Microcontroller
AB-D007 Solutions for Common LED Design Errors in Segmented Display and Multi-indicator Applications
AB-D010 Improving Thermal Performance of LED Tiles in Outdoor Large Area Displays
AB-I001 Series Electrical Connections for LED Light Bars
AB-I004 Reliability of Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP LED Lamps in Traffic Signals and Variable Message Signs
AB-I006 TS AlInGaP LED Amber Lamps for In-Roadway Pedestrian Crosswalk Strobe Lighting
AB-I007 Projection of Long Term Light Output Performance for AS AlInGaP LED Technology
AB-I008 IEC 825-1 and CENELEC EN60825, EN60825-1 Standards for Products with LED Devices
AB-I009 Visible LED Devices and Eye Safety With Respect to MPE Values as Defined in the European Standard IEC 825-1
AB-I011 Full Color LCD Backlighting with LEDs
AB-I014 LED Technology in Roadway Work Zone Light Emitting Safety Devices
AB-I018 Projected Long Term HTOL Light Output Degradation of Precision Optical Performance AlInGaP LEDs
AB-I021 Long Term Reliability Data for AlInGaP Technology T-1-3/4 LED Lamps
AB-I024 Pulsed Operating Ranges for AlInGaP LEDs vs. Projected Long Term Light Output Performance
AB-M010 HCTL-1100 Commonly Asked Questions and Answers
AB-M017 Interfacing the HCTL-20XX to the Intel 8051
AB-M019 Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About the HCTL-2020
AB-M020 A Simple Interface for the HCTL-2020 with a 16-bit DAC without using a processor
AB-M021 Interfacing the HCTL-1100 to the MC68HC11
AB-M022 Quasi-Absolute Encoding
AB-M023 Interfacing the MC68HC11 to the HCTL-2020
AB-M024 Using the HCTL-1100 with DC Brush Motors

Product Notes (PN-)

Number Title
PN-3324 A multi-channel setup with programmable inter-channel phase
PN-3577A-2 Loop Gain Measurement With The HP 3577A Network Analyzer
PN-3588A-1 Measurement Automation with HP Instrument BASIC
PN-4142B-1 DC Characterization of Semiconductor Power Devices
PN-4291-1 New Technologies for Wide Impedance Range Measurements to 1.8 GHz
PN-4291-2 Evaluating Temperature Characteristics using a Temperature Chamber and the Agilent 4291B
PN-4291-3 Impedance Measurements Using the Agilent 4291B and the Cascade Microtech Prober
PN-4291-4 Correlating Impedance Measurements Among Different Types of Measurement Instruments
PN-4291A-5 Dielectric Constant Evaluation of Rough Surfaced Materials
PN-4294-1 Reliable Electronic Component Evaluation and Circuit Design with the 4294A 110 MHz Precision Impedance Analyzer
PN-4294A New Technologies for Accurate Impedance Measurement (40 Hz to 110 MHz)
PN-4395-1 How to Measure Noise Accurately Using the Agilent Combination Analyzers
PN-4395-2 Agilent 4395A 500 MHz Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer – Switching Power Supply Evaluation
PN-4395A-1 Agilent 4395A Network Spectrum Impedance Analyzer ADSL Copper Loop Measurements
PN-4430B Generating and Downloading Data to the Agilent ESG-D RF Signal Generator for Digital Modulation
PN-4937A AT&T divest-me has created new testing and access requirements …
PN-5370B-2 Better than 100ps Accuracy in HP 5370B Time Interval Measurements Through Bias Error Reduction
PN-5370B-3 High Throughput Picosecond Characterization of Pulse Parameters
PN-5527A/B-2 Agilent 5527A/B Achieving Maximum Accuracy and Repeatability
PN-6690A-1 Using Agilent 6690A Series System dc Power Supplies for Testing Data Storage Control Boards
PN-6690A-2 Using Agilent 6690A Series System dc Power Supplies for Automobile Battery Simulation
PN-8110A-0 Test Signals for Multi-Input Digital Devices
PN-8110A-1 How To Generate Real World Signals With the HP 8110A
PN-8340-7 Microwave Noise Figure Measurements Using the 8340 or 8341 Sweeper with 8970A
PN-8360-2 Obtaining Flat Test Port Power with the Agilent 8360’s User Flatness Correction Feature
PN-8360-3 Generating Scan Modulation Patterns with the Agilent 8360
PN-8360-4 Performing Two-Tone Measurements with the Agilent 8360 Series Synthesized Sweepers
PN-8504-1 Measurements of lightwave component reflections with the Agilent 8504B precision reflectometer
PN-8509-1 Polarization Measurements of Signals and Components
PN-8509-2 Narrowband PMD Measurements with the Agilent 8509C
PN-8509-3 Automated, In-Line Polarization Crosstalk Measurement
PN-8510-2 Radar Cross-Section Measurements Using the HP 8510 Network Analyzer
PN-8510-3 Measuring the dielectric constant of solids with the HP 8510 network analyzer
PN-8510-5 Specifying Calibration Standards for the Agilent 8510 Network Analyzer (1986)
PN-8510-5A Specifying Calibration Standards for the Agilent 8510 Network Analyzer (1988)
PN-8510-5B Specifying Calibration Standards for the Agilent 8510 Network Analyzer
PN-8510-6 On-wafer Measurements Using the HP 8510 Network Analyzer and Cascade Microtech Wafer Probes
PN-8510-7 Amplitude and Phase Measurements of Frequency Translation Devices Using the HP 8510B Network Analyzer
PN-8510-7A Microwave Component Measurements - Amplitude and Phase Measurements of Frequency Translation Devices Using the Agilent 8510C Network Analyzer
PN-8510-8 Applying the HP 8510B TRL Calibration for Non-Coaxial Measurements
PN-8510-8A Applying the 8510 TRL Calibration for Non-Coaxial Measurements
PN-8510-9 Pulsed-RF Network Measurements Using the HP 8510B
PN-8510-10 HP 8510B Introductory Users Guide – An Introduction to Front Panel Operation
PN-8510-11 Antennas Measurements – Manual Pattern Measurement Using the HP 8510B
PN-8510-12 Millimeter-Wave Measurements Using the HP 8510B Network Analyzer
PN-8510-13 Measuring Noninsertable Devices
PN-8510-13 Measuring Noninsertable Devices Using the HP 8510B Network Analyzer (1988)
PN-8510-14 Using Multiple Test Sets with the Agilent 8510C
PN-8510-14 Using Multiple Test Sets with the Agilent 8510C (1998)
PN-8510-15 Lightwave Measurements Using the HP 8510
PN-8510-16 Controlling Test Port Output Power Flatness
PN-8510-17 Measuring Chip Capacitors with the HP 8510C Network Analyzers and Inter-Continental Microwave Test Fixtures
PN-8510-18 Testing amplifiers and active devices with the Agilent 8510C Network Analyzer
PN-8510-18 Testing amplifiers and active devices with the Agilent 8510C Network Analyzer (1994)
PN-8510XF-1 Using Power Leveling to Control Test Port Output Power
PN-8560E Comparing Power Measurements on Digitally Modulated Signals
PN-8566A-1 Using the HP 8566A Spectrum Analyzer for Signal Analysis Above 22 GHz with External Mixers
PN-8566B Third Order Intermodulation Distortion Measurements A Downloadable Procedure for 8566B and 8568B
PN-8590-2 Time-Gated Spectrum Analysis: New Measurement Fundamentals
PN-8590-8 Measuring Third-Order Intermodulation, N dB Bandwidth, and Percent AM with Built-in Functions
PN-8590-9 Measuring Complex Burst Signals with Time-Gated Spectrum Analysis
PN-8590-10 Obtaining Analog Spectrum Analyzer Characteristics with a Digital Display
PN-8644A-1 Phase noise test with the Agilent 8644A and 8665A Signal Generators
PN-8645-1 Communications Agile Operation of the 8645A
PN-8645-2 Agilent 8645 Signal Generator Communication
PN-8648A-1 Pager Testing using the HP 8648A with an Internal Pager Encoder, Option 1EP
PN-8648A-2 Servicing and Repairing Pagers using the Agilent 8648A Option 1EP
PN-8720-1 Testing Amplifiers and active devices with the Agilent 8720 Network Analyzer
PN-8720-2 In-fixture Microstrip Device Measurements Using TRL* Calibration (2000)
PN-8720-2 In-fixture Microstrip Device Measurements Using TRL* Calibration (1991)
PN-8753-1 RF Component Measurements - Amplifier Measurements Using the Agilent 8753 Network Analyzer
PN-8753-2 RF Component Measurements - Mixer Measurements Using the 8753B Network Analyzer
PN-8757-1 Microwave Component Measurement with HP 8757A and 8756A
PN-8780A-1 Introductory Operating Guide to the Agilent 8780A Vector Signal Generator
PN-8780A-2 Modulation Solutions for RF and Microwave Receiver Test
PN-8791-3 Theory of Operation for HP 8791 Models 7 10 11 21 Frequency Agile Signal Simulator
PN-8791-5 Tips on External Clock Operation with FASS
PN-8901A-1 Extending the Frequency Range of the 8901A Modulation Analyzer
PN-8903A-1 Operating the 8903A Audio Analyzer Below 20 Hz
PN-8920-1 Using the IBASIC Programming Environment on the HP 8920 Test Set Family
PN-8970A-1 Applications and Operations of the 8970A Noise Figure Meter
PN-11729B-1 Phase Noise Characterization of Microwave Oscillators Phase Detector Method
PN-11729C-2 Phase Noise Characterization of Microwave Oscillators Frequency Discriminator Method
PN-11729C-3 A User's Guide For Automatic Phase Noise Measurements
PN-11896-2 Polarization-dependent loss measurements using modular test system configurations
PN-11896-3 A Random PMD Emulator Based on the Agilent 11896A Polarization Controller
PN-35670A-1 Rotor Dynamics Measurement Techniques
PN-37717B/C Automatic verification of network equipment to ITU-T jitter tolerance recommendations
PN-54120-1 Histograms and Statistical Analysis of Signals For Use With HP 54120 Digitizing Oscilloscope
PN-54120-2 Jitter Analysis Using the 54120 Family of Digitizing Oscilloscopes
PN-70820-1 The Microwave Transition Analyzer – A Versatile Measurement Set for Bench and Test
PN-70820-2 The Microwave Transition Analyzer – Measure 25 ps Transitions in Switched and Pulsed Microwave Components
PN-70820-3 The Microwave Transition Analyzer – Picosecond Delat-Time Accuracy
PN-70820-4 Simplified Triggering of the HP 71500A Improves Accuracy When Characterizing Lightwave Components
PN-70820-5 Improve Delta Time Accuracies in Semiconductor Device Modeling and Characterization with the HP 71500A
PN-70820-8 Simplify Analysis of Phase Modulators With Time Domain Testing
PN-70820-10 HP 71500A Microwave Transition Analyzer Group Delay Personality
PN-70820-11 The Microwave Transition Analyzer – AM to PM Conversion and Translation Measurements
PN-71400-1 Lightwave Signal Analyzers Measure Relative Intensity Noise
PN-71400-2 Agilent 70810B Lightwave Section - System Improvements for 71400C and 71401C Lightwave Signal Analyzers
PN-71452-1 EDFA Testing with the Interpolation Technique
PN-71452-3 EDFA Noise Gain Profile and Noise Gain Peak Measurements
PN-71452-4 Pulsed- or Time-Dependent Optical Spectra Measurements
PN-83475-1 Communication waveform measurements
PN-83480-1 Measuring High Power Waveforms with the HP 83480A/83487A Digital Communications Analyzer
PN-85150-4 Simulating Noise in Nonlinear Circuits Using the HP Microwave and RF Design Systems
PN-85150-5 Using the High Yield Software Package to Create Robust Designs
PN-85150-6 Sharing Data Between the Microwave Design System and OmniSys/CDS
PN-85240-1 High-Speed Digital Interconnect Modeling
PN-85719A-1 Maximizing Accuracy in Noise Figure Measurements
PN-86100-1 Converting ATE Control from the Agilent 83480A to 86100A
PN-86100-2 Measuring High Power Waveforms with the Agilent 86100A Digital Communications Analyzer and the 86101A or 86103A Reference Receiver
PN-86100-3 40 Gb/s and Return-to-Zero Measurements Using the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA
PN-86100-4 Faster Risetime for TDR Measurements Using the PSPL 15 ps Pulse Generator & 86100A Infiniium DCA
PN-86100-5 Defining Measurement Sensitivity of the Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA
PN-86100-6 Probing High-speed Signals with the Agilent 86100 Series of Wide-bandwidth Sampling Oscilloscopes
PN-86100-7 Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA), Measure Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)
PN-86100-8 SATA II Drive Tx/Rx Testing & Cable SI Test Using the 86100C DCA-J
PN-86100C-1 Precision Jitter Analysis Using the Agilent 86100C DCA-J
PN-86100C-2 PLL and Jitter Spectrum Analysis using the 86100C Digital Communications Analyzer
PN-86120-1 WDM System Test with the Agilent 86120 Multi-Wavelength Meter
PN-86130-1 Converting Code from the Agilent 71603B to the 86130A BitAlyzer Error Performance Analyzer
PN-86140-1 Remote Programming for the Agilent 86140 series of Optical Spectrum Analyzers
PN-86140-2 Wavelength Calibration for the 8614X Series Optical Spectrum Analyzers
PN-86140-3 Optimizing Remote Measurement Speed for the Agilent 8614xB Series of Optical Spectrum Analyzers
PN-86140-4 Agilent Optical Spectrum Analyzer WDM Test Application
PN-86140-5 Agilent Optical Spectrum Analyzer Amplifier Test Application
PN-89400-3 CDMA Measurements with the 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers
PN-89400-5 Measuring Transmitter Transients with the 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers
PN-89400-8 Using Vector Modulation Analysis in the Integration, Troubleshooting, and Design of Digital RF Communications Systems
PN-89400-9 Downconverted Measurements Using the HP 89410A and HP 89411A
PN-89400-10 Time-Capture Capabilities of the Agilent 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers
PN-89400-12 Understanding Time and Frequency Domain Interactions in the Agilent 89400 Series Vector Signal Analyzers
PN-89400-13 Extending Vector Signal Analysis to 26.5 GHz with 20 MHz Information Bandwidth
PN-89400-14 Using Error Vector Magnitude Measurements to Analyze and Troubleshoot Vector-Modulated Signals
PN-89400-14A 10 Steps to a Perfect Digital Demodulation Measurement
PN-89440A-1 Frequency and Time-Selective Power Measurements with 89410A and 89440A
PN-89440A-4 Characterization of Digital Communications Channels with the Agilent 89410A and 89440A
PN-894400-2 Measuring Phase Noise with Agilent 89400 Vector Signal Analyzer
PN-E1430A 10-Megasample-per-Second Analog-to-Digital Converter with Filter and Memory
PN-E1430A-1 Precision Time-Domain Measurements using the Agilent E1430A
PN-E2507B Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Measurements Using the Agilent E2507B E2508A Multiformat Communications Signal Simulator
PN-E4600-6 Evaluating System Distortion Effects by Simulation or Measurement Methods
PN-E4600-7 Building User-Defined Models
PN-E4600-8 Creating Measurement-Based RFIC Models
PN-E4600-9 A Flexible Waveform Generator Using OmniSys and Instrumentation
PN-E4829B Cell Transfer Time Measurement Using the Parallel Cell Traffic Generator and Analyzer
PN-E4915-3 Measurement of Load Resonance Frequency (FL) of Crystal Resonator
PN-E4991A-1 E4991A Analyzer Offers Exceptional and Powerful Analysis Functions for RF Impedance Measurement
PN-E5070/71-1 Fixture Simulator Function of the ENA Series RF Network Analyzers - Network De-embedding/Embedding and Balanced Measurement
PN-E5070/71-2 Evolution of Test Automation Using the Built-In VBA with the ENA Series RF Network Analyzers
PN-E5070/71-3 On-wafer Balanced Component Measurement using the ENA RF Network Analyzer with the Cascade Microtech Probing System
PN-E5070/71-4 In-Fixture Characterization Using the ENA Series RF Network Analyzer with Cascade Microtech Probing System
PN-E5100A-2 Crystal Resonator Measuring Functions of the Agilent E5100A Network Analyzer
PN-E5500-1 Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements Using Agilent E5500 Series Solutions

Application, Product, and Design Notes from HP's Microwave Technology Center (MWTC)

Number Title
AB-AP052296A HPMX-2007 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-AP060596A HPMX-2006 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-DML121798 HPMX-5002 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-MR010395 Demonstration Circuit Board for the HPMX-3002 Driver Amplifier IC
AB-MR071594 IVA-XXX08 Variable Gain Amplifier Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-MR071594_1 HPMX-2003/5 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-MR071594_2 Demonstration Circuit Board for the IAM-XXX08 Active Mixer IC
AB-MR102095 HPMX-3003 Demonstration Circuit Board
AB-MR121494 Extending the Frequency Range of the HPMX-2005
AN-INA-3XX63 INA-3XX63 Evaluation Circuit Board
AN-RLM020199 Designing with the MGA-72543 RFIC Amplifier / Bypass Switch
AN-RLM020299 MGA-72543 Demonstration PCB - Assembly and Operating Instructions
AN-RLM121497 MGA-85-A Evaluation Circuit Board
AN-RLM121897 MGA-83-A Evaluation Circuit Board
DT-D001 Choosing the Right Diode For Your AGC Detector
DT-D002 A Schottky Diode Optimized for Consistency
DT-D003 Notes on differential detector circuits
DT-D004 Detector Selector
MWTC-AN-31 MWTC Applications Note #31: A 2-26.5 GHz Var. Gain Amp Using HMMC-5021/22/26 MMIC Components
MWTC-AN-34 MWTC Applications Note #34: HMMC-5021/5022/26 and HMMC-5027 TWA Environmental Data
MWTC-AN-35 MWTC Applications Note #35: HMMC-52006 Switch Driver with TTL Input
MWTC-AN-37 MWTC Applications Note #37: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Attenuation Control
MWTC-AN-41 MWTC Applications Note #41: HMMC-5021/22/26 S-Parameter Performance as a Function of Bonding
MWTC-AN-42 MWTC Applications Note #42: MMICB Reliability
MWTC-AN-44 MWTC Applications Note #44: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: S-Parameters
MWTC-AN-45 MWTC Applications Note #45: HMMC-1002 Attenuator: Switching Speed Limitations
MWTC-AN-46 MWTC Applications Note #46: HMMC-5040 Reliability
MWTC-AN-47 MWTC Applications Note #47: HMMC-5021/22/26 2-26.5 GHz GaAs MMIC Distributed Amp Conversion
MWTC-AN-49 MWTC Applications Note #49: HMMC-5618 Power, Harmonics, IMD
MWTC-AN-50 MWTC Applications Note #50: HMMC-5040 as a 20-40 GHz Multiplier
MWTC-AN-51 MWTC Applications Note #51: PH9 Reliability
MWTC-AN-52 MWTC Applications Note #52: 1 Watt 17.7 GHz - 32 GHz Linear Power Amp
MWTC-AN-1053 MWTC Applications Note #1053: Designing with HMMC-5021/22/26 and HMMC-5027 GaAs MMIC Amplifiers
MWTC-PN-001 MWTC Product Note #001: HSCH-9401 Diode Model
MWTC-PN-002 MWTC Product Note #002: HSCH-9161 Diode Model
MWTC-PN-003 MWTC Product Note #003: HMMC-5040 and -5032 Demo
MWTC-PN-004 MWTC Product Note #004: HMMC-5032 Intermodulation Distortion
MWTC-PN-005 MWTC Product Note #005: HMMC-5032 Driven by a HMMC-5618
MWTC-PN-006 MWTC Product Note #006: HMMC-5033 Intermodulation Distortion
MWTC-PN-010 MWTC Product Note #010: HMMC-1002 50 GHz Attenuator 0-50 GHz Performance
MWTC-PN-012 MWTC Product Note #012: HHSCH-9161 GaAs Detector Diode Sensitivity Measurements
MWTC-PN-015 MWTC Product Note #015: HMMC-3040 Multiplier Operation

Miscellaneous (by Print Number)

(This section includes Application Notes, Product Notes, and White Papers that only have a print number, and no AN- or PN- designation.)

Number Title
2002-03 Considerations for Instrument Grounding
5091-2105E HP 75000 Model D20 Digital Functional Test System
5091-3810E HP 75000 Model D20 Programming Note
5091-6281E Microwave Sweep Oscillator and Network Analyzer Instrument Security
5950-3000 Impedance Measurement Handbook - A guide to measurement technology and techniques 4th Edition
5951-6715E Agilent 8904A Multifunction Synthesizer Waveform Catalog
5951-6740 Air Navigation Receiver Testing with the Agilent 8644A
5952-3706E Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method (2021)
5952-7959 HP 5371A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer – Product Note and Specification Guide
5952-9365 Subprogram Library for the 8566A or 8568A Spectrum Analyzer with the 9835 or 9845 Desktop Computer – Volume 1
5952-9366 Subprogram Library for the 8566A or 8568A Spectrum Analyzer with the 9835 or 9845 Desktop Computer – Volume 2
5952-9398 HP 8566B and 8568B Spectrum Analyzer STORAGE, DISPLAY AND I/O OF VARIABLES AND TRACES
5963-0046E Using the IBASIC Programming Environment on the HP 8920 Test Set Family
5963-1715 Standard Data Format Utilities
5963-2969 Tips for Preventing Spectrum Analyzer Damage
5963-3334EN Ensuring that the new WAN doesn’t lose its Luster
5963-3538E Cleaning Procedures for Lightwave Test and Measurement Equipment
5963-5344E Return loss measurement of fiber optic components – Solutions Brief 815-1
5963-6633E Sample Permittivity Data of Colloidal Liquids Using the HP E5050A Colloid Dielectric Probe
5963-7044E Using the Agilent Technologies 6800 Series AC Power Source/Analyzers for Generation and Measurement
5963-7510E Traffic Policing – Agilent Technologies Broadband Series Test System
5963-7512E WAN Interworking with ATM – Agilent Technologies Broadband Series Test System
5963-7513E Operating LANs in an ATM Environment - Agilent Technologies Broadband Series Test System
5964-0159E Cellular Call Processing (8920A Programming)
5964-6753E The Personal Handy Phone System in Japan’s Wireless Communication Market
5964-9937E PDL Measurements using the Agilent 8169A Polarization Controller
5965-0976E Complete Analysis of Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (Technical Paper)
5965-1529E Distributed Emulation For Toshiba R3900 Family
5965-2741E Tunable SONET/SDH BERT for 2.488 Gb/s WDM
5965-4855E Real-Time Bit Error Rate Analysis at Parallel Interfaces (UTOPIA) with the HP E4829B
5965-4856E Implementation of UTOPIA Level 2 for Parallel Cell / Traffic Generator and Analyzer. How to use the HP E4829B with UTOPIA Level 2 implementation
5965-4861E Physical layer jitter testing in an ATM environment (37717C)
5965-4863E Automatic verification of network equipment to ITU-T jitter tolerance recommendations (37717C)
5965-4885E Testing PDH digital radios under multipath fade conditions
5965-4910E Avoiding synchronization problems in SDH networks (HP 37778A)
5965-4911E Automated test sequences for more effective testing of SDH and ATM networks
5965-4912E Interactive diagnosis for more effective support of SDH and ATM networks
5965-4991E Agilent 8594Q QAM Analyzer DVB-C Solutions
5965-5297E Cell Transfer Time Measurement Using the Parallel Cell / Traffic Generator and Analyzer: How to use the HP E4829B
5965-5626E Writing Control Software for the HP 83236A & 83236AB
5965-6120E Agilent 892X Family of Instruments Key Programming Techniques
5965-6203E Evaluating ATM Switch Performance (HP E5200A)
5965-6204E Sample Test Plan for Switch Statistics (HP E5200A)
5965-6205E Sample Test Plan for Latency, Jitter, and Throughput (HP E5200A)
5965-6222E Remote End-to-End Cell Loss Testing (HP E5200A)
5965-6307E NNI Signalling Test Software Helps Ensure Seamless ATM Networks
5965-6326E CDPD Conceptual Overview
5965-7009E Signal Analysis Measurement Fundamentals (2019)
5965-7060E CDPD MDBS Cell Site Test Software Troubleshooting
5965-7158E Using the Agilent ESG-D Series of RF Signal Generators and the Agilent 8922 GSM Test Set for GSM Applications
5965-7345E Step by Step Testing Procedure for PCSI CDPD MDBS Radios
5965-8239E 10 Practical Tips You Need To Know About Your Power Products
5965-8533E Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Measurements Using the E2507B E2508A Communications Signal Simulator
5965-9330E Testing ATM Signalling Performance
5965-9331E Functional Testing of ATM Signalling Protocols
5965-9332E Testing Operations & Maintenance (OAM) Implementations for ATM
5965-9334E Testing ATM Interoperability
5965-9473E CDMA Mobile Station Test Set Using the 8924C Test Set’s CDMA Logging Functions
5965-9846E HP 4155B / 4156B – Product Note 1 – Differences from HP 4155A / 4156A
5966-0779E High-Frequency Transistor Primer Part IV
5966-1010E Generating and Downloading Data to the Agilent ESG-D RF Signal Generator for Digital Modulation
5966-1031E An Overview of MPEG-2 - The 1997 Digital Video Test Symposium
5966-1032E Testing Digital Video – The 1997 Digital Video Test Symposium
5966-1034E Digital Video Standards - The 1997 Digital Video Test Symposium
5966-1615E Passively Probing a Motorola/IBM Power PC 740/750 Target System with HP E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5966-1650E Scalar Measurements with the ESA-L1500A 1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator
5966-1962E Data Acquisition - Appliance Testing
5966-1963E Data Acquisition – Canning Process Characterization
5966-1964E Data Acquisition – Commercial Energy Conservation
5966-1965E Data Acquisition – Environmental/Autoclave Testing
5966-1966E Data Acquisition – Pharmaceutical Process Control
5966-1967E Data Acquisition – Pilot Plant Monitoring
5966-1968E Data Acquisition – Pumping Station Control
5966-1970E Data Acquisition – Rolling Mill
5966-1971E Data Acquisition – Wastewater Treatment
5966-1972E Data Acquisition – Facility Management
5966-2557E Power Measurements Using Agilent 8920B Solutions for AMPS, NAMPS, and TDMA Mobile Phones
5966-2916E Agilent Custom Switch Matrices
5966-3084E High-Frequency Transistor Primer Part III
5966-3085E High-Frequency Transistor Primer Part I
5966-3318E Improving Network Analyzer Measurements of Frequency-Translating Devices
5966-3443E Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform Using the HP TS-5500 in the Manufacturing Test of CDMA Cellular Phones
5966-3877E Agilent 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set
5966-4008E Spectrum and Signal Analyzer Measurements and Noise
5966-4096E Customizing Digital Modulation with the Agilent ESG-D Series Real-time I/Q Baseband Generator, Option UN8
5966-4097E Generating Digital Modulation with the Agilent ESG-D Series Dual Arbitrary Waveform Generator
5966-4098E Measuring Bit Error Rate Using the ESG-D Series RF Signal Generators, Option UN7
5966-4165E Passively Probing a Motorola MPC 860/821 BGA Target System with Agilent Technologies E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5966-4185E HP 4155B/4156B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer Product Note 3 - Prober Connection Guide
5966-4472E Controlling TDMA timeslot power levels using the Agilent ESG-D series RF signal generators
5966-4855E Time Domain Reflectometry Theory For Use with Keysight 86100 Infiniium DCA
5967-5338E Agilent 71910A/P Wideband Receiver Agilent 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer Next Generation Communications Satellite Test Instrumentation
5967-5377E Effective Transformer LF Coil Testing
5967-5378E Effective Electrolytic Capacitors Testing
5967-5539E Agilent PN 8935/8921-1 Optimum Power Measurements Using Agilent Base Station Test Sets
5967-6038E 8 Hints for Making Better RF Counter Measurements
5967-6056E Testing Uninterruptible Power Supplies Using Agilent 6800 Series AC Power Source Analyzers
5967-6195E 4 Hints for Making Better Microwave Counter Measurements
5968-0944E 8924C Mobile Station Test Set - Measuring Idle and Soft Handoff Performance
5968-1060E Back to Basics: LAN Technologies (White Paper)
5968-1233E Verifying & Evaluating Gigabit Switch/Routers Performance with Internet-Scale Simulation
5968-1234E ABR Technology Overview and Testing Challenges
5968-1235E Signalling Performance Case Studies using the Multiport UNI Signalling Performance Test Solution
5968-1236E Testing Techniques for Next Generation IP Networks
5968-1237E Testing QoS, OAM, Policing, and Performance at 622 Mbps and 2.4 Gbps High-Speed Test Solutions
5968-1387E Positioning Paper - The HP 8924E versus the HP 8924C
5968-1410E High-Frequency Transistor Primer Part III-A
5968-1411E High-Frequency Transistor Primer Part II
5968-1614E Designing Packet Over SONET/SDH (POS) Hardware
5968-1947E 8 Hints for Successful Impedance Measurements
5968-2081E Pulsed Carrier Phase Noise Measurements
5968-2301E Passively Probing a Motorola PowerQUICC II Target System with HP E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5968-2320E Understanding GSM & EDGE Transmitter and Receiver Measurements for Base Transceiver Stations and their Components
5968-2324E E5515C Wireless Communications Test Set
5968-2382E Frame Relay to ATM Network Interworking (White Paper)
5968-2498E 8 Hints for Debugging Siemens MCU-based Designs
5968-2502E Passively Probing a Motorola MPC555 Target System with E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5968-2503E Passively Probing a Motorola M-CORE Target System with E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5968-2602E 8560E & 8590E Spectrum Analyzers Comparing Power Measurements on Digitally Modulated Signals
5968-2981E Agilent ESG-D Series, Option UN5 Using the ESG-D RF Signal Generator’s Multicarrier, Multichannel CDMA Personality for Component Test
5968-3579E Testing and Troubleshooting Digital RF Communications Receiver Designs
5968-3658E ESA Series Spectrum Analyzers Demonstration Guide and Application Note
5968-3660E E6432A VXI Microwave Synthesizer
5968-3802E 8960 Series 10 – A Software Algorithm for Implementing Automatic Power Ranging
5968-3857E How to Use the 81200 Data Generator Analyzer Platform together with Agilent VEE for Signal Integrity Analysis
5968-4040E Agilent’s TS-5550 Cellular Phone Functional Test Platform
5968-4263E Passively Probing a Motorola MPC8240 Target System with E5346A High-Density Termination Adapters
5968-4506E New Technologies for Accurate Impedance Measurement (40 Hz to 11O MHz)
5968-4519E Agilent EPM Series 437B and 438A Compatibility
5968-4610E Converting 8924C software for the E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set
5968-5117E Fiber Optic Technical Training Manual
5968-5467E In-Circuit Testing of High Node Count Boards - Bigger is Not Always Better (White Paper)
5968-5586E Agilent PDQ-WLRTM Test and Analysis Software Environment
5968-5610E Establishing a Cell Band CDMA Phone Call using the Agilent Technologies 8924C/E CDMA Mobile Station Test Sets
5968-5630E Fiber Optic Components CookBook
5968-5816E PCI Timing Check using the Agilent E2920 PCI Series Exerciser & Analyzer
5968-5843E Agilent 81100 Family of Pulse Pattern Generators - Radar Distance Test to Airborne Planes
5968-5844E Agilent 81100 Family of Pulse Pattern Generators - The Dual Clock Gbit Chip Test
5968-5845E Agilent 81100 Family of Pulse Pattern Generators - Magneto-Optical Disk Drive Research
5968-5846E Agilent 81100 Family of Pulse Pattern Generators – Simulation of Jittering Synchronization Signals for Video Interfaces
5968-5935E FAX Technology Tutorial and Testing Issues (White Paper)
5968-5972E Enterprise LAN Monitoring Enterprise LAN Monitoring and Analysis and Analysis (White Paper)
5968-6033E Agilent 81200 – Measuring Jitter with the Agilent E4874A Characterization Software Components
5968-6079E Agilent TS-5000 Family of Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems - Antilock Brakes and Traction Control
5968-6080E Agilent TS-5400 Series II Remote Keyless Entry
5968-6296E Agilent 8902A Measuring Receiver
5968-6297E Next Generation Telephony: A Look at Session Initiation Protocol (White Paper)
5968-6356E Agilent TS-5000 Family of Automotive Electronics Functional Test Systems – Supplemental Restraint Systems
5968-6359E 10 hints for using your power supply to decrease test time
5968-6360E Agilent Zero Volt Electronic Load
5968-6423E Upgrade Guide for the 8510 Vector Network Analyzer
5968-6560E Advanced Testing Techniques for ATM Service Level Agreements
5968-6681E HP 4155B & 4156B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer PN 4 - Advantages over the HP 4145A & 4145B
5968-6772E Agilent 4352S - Optimizing VCO & PLL Evaluations and PLL Synthesizer Designs
5968-6784E TS-5400 Series II Automotive Electronics Functional Test System
5968-6875E Characterizing Digitally Modulated Signals with CCDF Curves
5968-7150E Choosing the Right Power Meter and Sensor
5968-7234E VXI Test System Signal Switching
5968-7237E Agilent E8491B Increasing Test System Throughput with IEEE 1394
5968-7617E Agilent E4406A Vector Signal Analyzer Self-Guided Demo
5968-7875E 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set - Increase Your Throughput with Reduced Instruction Parallel Processing
5968-7879E Converting Mobile-Phone Production Lines from the Agilent Technologies 8922 Test Set to the 8960 Series 10 Test Set
5968-7881E Operational Verification at Installation using the 8960 Test Processes and Software
5968-7915E Agilent Technologies 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set
5968-8028E Agilent 81250 Flat Panel Display Link Test
5968-8388E Generating Custom, Real-World Waveforms for 3G Wireless Applications
5968-8556E ATM Quality of Service What It Is, How It Is Acheived, How To Test It (White Paper)
5968-8756E 8 Hints for Making Better Scope Measurements
5968-8837E Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set
5968-8987E Testing Duplexers Using an Agilent 8753ES Option H39 Three-port Network Analyzer
5968-9137E Measuring service disruption times in high-speed ATM networks
5968-9498 NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzer Programming Examples
5968-9498E NFA Series Noise Figure Analyzer Programming Examples
5968-9551E ESG Signal Generator-Option 201 Real-time IS-2000 Mobile Receiver Measurements
5968-9662E Agilent 81200 – How to deal with signals which have two or more states
5968-9695E Agilent Technologies ParBERT 81250 Mux/Demux Application
5968-9722E IP Quality of Service – Agilent Technologies Router Tester
5968-9883E Jitter tolerance testing in an ATM environment
5968-9884E Verifying the policing functions in the ATM network
5968-9885E ATM error performance testing
5980-0233E Increasing Power Supply Test System Throughput with N3300A dc Electronic Loads
5980-0288E 10 Hints for Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements (Keysight 2019)
5980-0288E 10 Hints for Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements (2010)
5980-0391E Measurement Automation Software for the 8510 Network Analyzer
5980-0565E Testing for GFR QoS Eligibility and ATM Frame-Based Statistics
5980-0798E Pulsed Measurements with the Agilent 8720ES and 8753ES Network Analyzers
5980-0799E Establishing a Cell Band CDMA Phone Call using the Agilent Technologies E8285A CDMA Mobile Station Test Set
5980-0943EN 8 Hints for Debugging Microcontroller-based Designs
5980-0989E Voice Quality in Converging Telephony and IP Networks (White Paper)
5980-1224E What is Route Flap Convergence - Agilent Router Tester
5980-1225E Multi Protocol Label Switching - Agilent Router Tester
5980-1226E What is Routing Instability- Agilent Router Tester
5980-1296E Fundamentals of Testing in Local Area Networks (White Paper)
5980-1336E 16196A B C D Correlating RF Impedance Measurements When Using SMD Test Fixtures
5980-1421E True Router Performance Testing
5980-1425E ITU-T 0.172 Bridges the Generation Gap from PDH to SDH
5980-1454E State of the Art characterization of optical components for DWDM applications
5980-1708E Understanding IP Analysis - Agilent Router Tester
5980-2027E Packet over SONET/SDH (POS)
5980-2376E Packet over SONET SDH (POS) functional testing
5980-2562EN E1962A IS-2000 Test Mode Requirements for Mobile Stations
5980-2577EN ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer Bluetooth™ Measurement Option Self-Guided Demo
5980-2666EN Introduction to Application Development with the Agilent PNA Series of Network Analyzers
5980-2782EN Connectivity Advances for Component Manufacturers
5980-2783EN The ‘Need for Speed’ in Component Manufacturing Test
5980-2907EN Tandem connection monitoring
5980-3079EN Agilent PSA High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series – Optimizing Dynamic Range for Distortion Measurements
5980-3080EN Agilent PSA High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series – Amplitude Accuracy
5980-3081EN Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series Swept and FFT Analysis
5980-3082EN Agilent Performance Spectrum Analyzer Series – Measurement Innovations and Benefits
5988_5413EN E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator Differential I/Q outputs
5988_9108EN Easy frequency extension to 110 GHz using Agilent’s 83550 Series Millimeter-Wave Source Modules
5988-0257EN Extending Vector Signal Analysis to 26.5 GHz with 78 MHz Information Bandwidth
5988-285EN Passively Probing an InfiniBand System with an Agilent 16700 Series Logic Analysis System
5988-0304EN Testing GPRS Signaling
5988-0687EN Ultra Low Current Measurement Technologies Employed in the 4073A Parametric Test System
5988-0735EN PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Self-Guided Demonstration for Spectrum Analysis
5988-0896EN Agilent E7473A CDMA Drive Test System - Application of Code Domain Power Measurements to CDMA Network Optimization
5988-0944EN Creating Emulation Tests in a Graphical Environment
5988-1024EN Choosing the Right DC System Power Supply
5988-1232EN Polarization Dependent Loss Measurement of Passive Optical Components
5988-1772EN Agilent IrDA Data Link Design Guide
5988-1989EN Multi-Coded Waveform Quality and Code Domain Measurements for cdma2000
5988-1990EN Standards Comparison for Key Measurements on Mobile Stations for cdma2000 and IS-98-C
5988-2372EN Feeling Comfortable with VXIbus
5988-2386EN DC Power Supplies for Base Station Testing
5988-2410EN E8267C E8257C E8247C - Obtain flat-port power with user flatness correction
5988-2414EN Agilent E8247C/E8257C PSG CW and Analog Signal Generators Self Guided Demo
5988-2568EN Agilent E8241A/44A/51A/54A PSG Series Performance Signal Generator - Programming Conversion Guide
5988-2761EN SignalWizard: all-channel testing technology (SONET)
5988-2762EN SignalWizard: all-channel testing technology (SDH)
5988-2790EN How to use VXI Plug and Play Driver with Agilent VEE, C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, and LabWindows/ CVI
5988-2800EN 66000 Modular Power System
5988-2861EN Interfacing the OmniBER 725 communications performance analyzer to optical transceivers
5988-2893EN How to Drive the Agilent Technologies Microwave Matrix and Transfer Switch via the E8483A Microwave Switch Step Attenuator Driver
5988-2906EN E4406A Vector Signal Analyzer Performance Guide Using 89601A Vector Signal Analysis Software
5988-2978EN Ultra-linear power amplifier characterization using dynamic range extension techniques (White Paper)
5988-2989EN Designing High-Speed Digital Systems for Logic Analyzer Probing
5988-2994EN Agilent 16760A Logic Analysis Module Triggering
5988-3017EN Connecting and Configuring the Agilent Technologies Signaling Advisor
5988-3128EN Comparison of Agilent Technologies IS-95 & IS-2000 Test Sets
5988-3159EN Variable Optical Attenuator in BER Test Applications
5988-3309EN The E2920 PCI/PCI-X Series AN5 - Monitor how your device acts on the PCI/PCI-X Bus
5988-3310EN The E2920 PCI/PCI-X Series AN4 - Read and write register values of your device before a driver is available
5988-3311EN The E2920 PCI/PCI-X Series AN1 - Check for PCI and PCI-X protocol rule violations
5988-3312EN The Agilent Technologies E2920 PCI/PCI-XSeries – Application Note 2 - Verify if a device can stand all kinds of protocol variations
5988-3322EN Testing 10 Gbps SONET SDH equipment and components
5988-3327EN Signal Studio-802.11b for the ESG Option 405
5988-3351EN Agilent Manufacturing Test Considerations for cdma2000 Mobiles
5988-3358ENUS Debugging Digital Cameras - Detecting Redundant Pixels
5988-3394EN The E2920 PCI/PCI-X Series AN3 - Analyze how efficiently a device uses PCI/PCI-X resources
5988-3395EN 5 Measurements of Agilent E2920 PCI&PCI-X Series
5988-3404EN Router Tester – MPLS Fast Reroute Time
5988-3405EN Router Tester – MPLS LSP tunnel preemption
5988-3408EN Router Tester – Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) performance forwarding
5988-3622EN Photonic Foundation Library - Enhancing Swept Loss Measurements
5988-3636EN Signal Studio 1xEV-DO Option 404 For the ESG-D/DP Series Signal Generator
5988-3656EN All channel testing OmniBER OTN 10 Gb/s communications performance analyzer
5988-3659EN OmniBER OTN – STM-64c/OC-192c concatenated payloads - essential for testing DWDM, OTN and broadband systems
5988-3664EN E8421A Fixture Integration with a Test System
5988-3699EN PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Self-Guided Demonstration for W-CDMA Measurements
5988-3701EN PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Self-Guided Demonstration for cdma2000 Measurements
5988-3704EN PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers Self-Guided Demonstration for Phase Noise Measurements
5988-3822EN Easing the way to installing the next generation optical transmission platforms (SDH) (White Paper)
5988-3823EN Easing the way to installing the next generation optical transmission platforms (SONET)(White Paper)
5988-3850EN OmniBER OTN - The key to (10G) line card testing
5988-3956EN Emulating GSM GPRS Network Elements Across the Gb Interface (Signaling Advisor)
5988-4002EN Agilent E1960A GSM Mobile Test Application
5988-4067EN OmniBER 725 - Testing “R” type 2.5 Gbps O/E and E/O devices in manufacturing
5988-4096EN Infiniium Oscilloscopes Performance Guide Using 89601A Vector Signal Analyzer Software
5988-4097EN Analyzer Performance Guide Using the 89601A Vector Signal Analysis Software
5988-4100EN Photonic Foundation Library - Creating Software for Optical Component Tests Getting Started Guide
5988-4260EN Agilent 93000 SOC Series RF Measurement Suite
5988-4261EN Agilent 93000 SOC Series Bluetooth Radio Modem IC Test
5988-4280EN RF Probing Diode Wafers (White Paper)
5988-4354EN 100°C, 10 Gb/s Directly Modulated InGaAsP DFB Lasers for Uncooled Ethernet Applications (White Paper)
5988-4398EN High Performance Testing of Wireless Handset Front-end Modules (White Paper)
5988-4539EN Designing an RFIC Mixer
5988-4540EN Validate your InfiniBand Design at the System Level
5988-4541EN Speeding Up Spectrum Analyzer Measurements
5988-4542EN Improve Your Network Analyzer Measurements
5988-4561EN BGP-MPLS VPN (RFC-2547bis) Functional Testing
5988-4565EN 81910A Photonic All- parameter Analyzer
5988-4705EN RF Signal Generators Face an Expansion in Wireless Communications
5988-4706EN Be Ready for Bluetooth
5988-4762EN The Status of the 10-gigabit Ethernet Standard (White Paper)
5988-4828EN PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers E4406A Vector Signal Analyzer 1xEV-DO Measurement Personality
5988-4923EN Fixture Simulator Function of the ENA Series RF Network Analyzers - Network De-embedding & Embedding and Balanced Measurement
5988-4948EN GSM/EDGE Self-Guided Demonstration for the E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator and PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers
5988-4975EN Optical All-Loss Test Solution
5988-5015EN Spectrum Analyzer Performance Guide Using 89601A Vector Signal Analysis Software
5988-5107EN Virtual Concatenation + LCAS - Providing Scalable SONET/SDH Bandwidth (White Paper)
5988-5108EN Ethernet over SONET/SDH; Extending Ethernet into the Metro (White Paper)
5988-5114EN Making Matching Measurements for Use in IC Design - Agilent 4073A and 4156C
5988-5122EN OmniBER 718 communications performance analyzer
5988-5260EN Measuring the Dependence of Optical Amplifiers on Input Power Using an Attenuator
5988-5341EN Minimizing Risk In Instrument Calibration
5988-5358EN Making Fuel Cell ac Impedance Measurements Utilizing Agilent N3300A Series Electronic Loads
5988-5414EN 802.11a WLAN Signal Studio Software for the E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator
5988-5415EN 802.11a WLAN Signal Studio Software for the E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator Option 405
5988-5416EN Signal Studio for 1xEV-DO E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator Option 404
5988-5509EN 10 Gigabit Ethernet and the XAUI interface
5988-5654EN Agilent Technologies ParBERT 81250 Automatic Phase Margin Measurements at 43.2 Gb/s
5988-5908EN Review of the 10Gigabit Ethernet Link Model (White Paper)
5988-5910EN IBIS Modeling and Simulation of High-Speed Fiber-Optic Transceivers (White Paper)
5988-5912EN Designing with Agilent’s SFF LC OC-48 Fiber Optic Transceiver (White Paper)
5988-5978EN Understanding Signal Integrity
5988-5979EN Finding Hidden Problems Using Deep-Memory Oscilloscopes
5988-5981EN RFIC Design Using the Agilent RFIC Dynamic Link to Cadence
5988-5982EN Improve Your Millimeter-Wave Spectrum Measurements
5988-5983EN Make Your Measurements More Accurate When Using RF Signal Generators
5988-6093EN Agilent 81250 Parallel Bit Error Ratio Tester System Setup Examples
5988-6109EN Jitter Analysis Techniques Using an Agilent Infiniium Oscilloscope
5988-6254EN Understanding Jitter and Wander Measurements and Standards 2nd Edition
5988-6499EN Comparing the Agilent 8703A & 8703B 20 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzers (White Paper)
5988-6504EN Improved Method for Characterizing and Modeling Gigabit Flex-Circuit Based Interconnects (White Paper)
5988-6505EN Measure Parasitic Capacitance and Inductance Using TDR
5988-6535EN IGMP (v3) Multicast Functional Testing
5988-6560EN PIM-SM Multicast Performance Testing
5988-6620EN Measuring the group delay characteristics of narrow-band devices by the modulation phase shift method
5988-6625EN The Art of Measuring 40G Eye Patterns
5988-6633EN OmniBER OTN - Alarm stress testing
5988-6810EN Network Performance Metrics - How Measurements Can Enhance the Performance of Your Network
5988-6877EN Fiber Optic Test Issues – What to Measure and Why? (White Paper)
5988-6940EN How to integrate switches and an optical attenuator in the amplifier test set-up
5988-6960EN 10GbE Technology and Device Characterization
5988-7053EN The Path to 10 Gb/s: Connector and Backplane Capabilities for High-Speed Applications (White Paper)
5988-7101EN Interoperability tests between the Agilent HFCT 5942L OC-48 Fiber Optic Transceiver and the Broadcom BCM8220 Mux/DeMux with Integrated CDR/CMU and Forward Error Correction Capability (White Paper)
5988-7229EN Using the Agilent N8975A Noise Figure Analyzer and the N2002A Noise Source Test Set
5988-7272EN Generic framing procedure ITU-T G.7041 (White Paper)
5988-7329EN Does your TLS have specifications pertinent to swept measurements?
5988-7772EN Using Battery Drain Analysis to Improve Mobile-Device Operating Time
5988-7820EN Communications Services Solutions (White Paper)
5988-7826EN Novel Method for Vector Mixer Characterization and Mixer Test System Vector Error Correction (White Paper)
5988-7827EN Comparison of Mixer Characterization using New Vector Characterization Techniques (White Paper)
5988-7878EN Communications Test Equipment (White Paper)
5988-7933EN Response time testing using output triggers OmniBER OTN
5988-8155EN Integrate and Verify Protocol Wireless Data Devices (White Paper)
5988-8265EN Next Generation SONET/SDH devices – the driver for multi-port, multi-channel test
5988-8429EN Agilent 81250 ParBERT Applications – Testing 10 Gbit/s Ethernet Devices
5988-8564EN Understanding General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) (White Paper)
5988-8704EN Considerations for High Speed PCB Track Design in 10Gb/s Serial Data Transmission
5988-8902EN Meeting Worldwide Regulatory Requirements for the Analysis of Trace Metals in Drinking Water Using the Agilent 7500c ICP-MS
5988-8907EN Single-ended Bi-directional OTDR Measurements
5988-9321EN Agilent IrDA Data Link Design Guide
5988-9344EN From Loss Test to Fiber Certification Fiber Characterization Today - Part I - Chromatic Dispersion
5988-9345EN Noise and Voice Quality in VoIP Environments - White Paper
5988-9411EN Generating/Measuring Jitter with the Agilent 81134A Pulse/Pattern Generator & 54855A Infiniium Scope
5988-9477EN Electronic vs. Mechanical Calibration Kits - Calibration Methods and Accuracy (White Paper)
5988-9478EN User Characterization - Electronic Calibration Feature Allows Users to Customize to Specific Needs (White paper)
5988-9480EN Pulsed Measurements Using Narrowband Detection and a Standard PNA Series Network Analyzer (White Paper)
5988-9499EN Improving the Performance of CDMA Transmission Systems by Predicting the Spreading Codes of Code Spurs (White Paper)
5988-9518EN Triggering PNA Microwave Network Analyzers for Antenna Measurements (White Paper)
5988-9591EN Agilent 81133A / 81134A 12 Mbit 'extended' Pattern Memory and PC-based Pattern Management Tool
5988-9600EN Tips for Reusing Existing 4142B Program for Agilent E5270A Parametric Measurement Mainframe
5988-9644EN Agilent 81250 ParBERT Measurement Software – Spectral Jitter Measurement User Guide
5988-9645EN Agilent 81250 ParBERT Measurement Software – Spectral Jitter Measurement Programming Reference
5988-9756EN Jitter Fundamentals: Agilent 81250 ParBERT Jitter Injection and Analysis Capabilities
5988-9803EN Improve the Circuit Evaluation Efficiency of Wireless LAN Chipset Design with the ENA Series Network Analyzer
5988-9819EN Choosing Your Test System Software Architecture
5988-9825EN High-precision Time-domain Reflectometry with the Agilent 86100 Digital Communications Analyzer and Picosecond Pulse Labs 4020 Source Enhancement Module
5988-9973EN Solution for radioOneTM Calibration
5989-0075EN Using the E4438C ESG Signal Generator and Signal Studio for 802.11 WLAN Receiver Testing
5989-0089EN Jitter Fundamentals - Agilent N4900 Serial BERT Series Jitter Injection and Analysis Capabilities
5989-0123EN Modern Connectivity — Using USB and LAN I/O Converters
5989-0157EN Short Message Service Testing Using the E6702B cdma2000 Test Set
5989-0219EN Measuring Absolute Group Delay of Multistage Converters Using PNA Microwave Network Analyzers (White Paper)
5989-0220EN Antenna and RCS Measurement Configurations Using PNA Microwave Network Analyzers (White Paper)
5989-0221EN Pulsed Antenna Measurements Using PNA Network Analyzers (White Paper)
5989-0223EN Jitter Tolerance Testing with Agilent 81250 ParBERT
5989-0522EN Dynamic Power Measurements for cdma2000 on the Agilent 8960 Wireless Test Set
5989-0637EN Agilent N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set Performance Guide Using the 89601A Vector Signal Analysis Software and the 89607A WLAN Test Suite Software
5989-0638EN Utilizing TDR and VNA Data to Develop 4-port Frequency Dependent Models for Simulation (White Paper)
5989-0802EN Optocoupler Designer’s Guide
5989-0820EN Agilent N2X Packets and Protocols – Testing Spanning Tree Protocol
5989-0872EN Wideband RF and Baseband Transmitter Modulation Analysis using the 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software
5989-0892EN DIF (Data Integrity Field) - Provides End-to-End Protection of User Data
5989-1091EN Security of Agilent Signal Generators Issues and Solutions
5989-1156EN Incremental Redundancy in EGPRS
5989-1194EN Next Generation of WLAN Manufacturing Test Solutions
5989-1216EN Test and Measurement Instrument Security
5989-1473EN Stacked LED Technology Enables Highly Integrated Optocouplers (White Paper)
5989-1533EN The Agilent 34980A A Low Cost Alternative to VXI & PXI
5989-1558EN Study and recommendations into using lead free printed circuit board finishes at manufacturing in circuit test stage (White Paper)
5989-1581EN How your 3499A/B/C Test System Benefits From Upgrading to the New 34980A Switch/Measure/Control System
5989-1617EN E5052A Signal Source Analyzer Advanced Phase Noise and Transient Measurement Techniques
5989-1618EN 7 Hints for Making Innovative Signal Source Measurements in Wireless RF Design and Verification
5989-1634EN Test System Signal Switching
5989-1650ENDE Advanced Jitter Generation and Analysis up to 3.35 Gbps with the Agilent 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator & 86100C Infiniium Wide-Bandwidth DCA-J Oscilloscope
5989-1777EN EGPRS Test: Meeting the Challenge of 8PSK Modulation
5989-1795EN Agilent E3238S/35688E Signal Intercept and Collection System – Configuration and Performance Reference
5989-1872EN Mastering the New Basestations: Design and Test of Adaptive Digital Pre-distortion Amplifiers and Digital Transceivers for 3G Radios
5989-1873EN Agilent Standardized Core Makes Building and Supporting a Functional Test System Easier and Less Costly
5989-1927EN RFC 2544 Testing of Ethernet Services in Telecom Networks (White Paper)
5989-1929EN A Comparison of Leading Switch & Measure Solutions
5989-1940EN Correlation of Simulation versus Measurement in Frequency and Time Domain
5989-1941EN PNA Millimeter-Wave Network Analyzers: Analysis of Cable Length on VNA System Performance
5989-1949EN Agilent’s New PNA Receiver Reduces Antenna/RCS Measurement Test Times
5989-2027EN WiMAX Concepts and RF Measurements - IEEE 802.16-2004 WiMAX PHY layer operation and measurements
5989-2287EN PNA-L Network Analyzers
5989-2365EN Concepts of High Speed Downlink Packet Access: Bringing Increased Throughput and Efficiency to W-CDMA
5989-2421EN Limitations and Accuracies of Time and Frequency Domain Analysis of Physical Layer Devices (White Paper)
5989-2422EN Investigating Microvia Technology for 10 Gbps and Higher Telecommunications Systems (White Paper)
5989-2423EN Validating Transceiver FPGAs Using Advanced Calibration Techniques
5989-2573EN W-CDMA Dynamic Power Analysis Using the Agilent 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set
5989-2589EN Basics of Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Materials
5989-2623EN Moving from the HP 3852A Data Acquisition System to the Agilent 34980A Switch/Measure Unit
5989-2690EN Next Generation I/O Bus PCI-Express BER Test Solution
5989-2920EN Trigger and Marker Interfacing on the N6030A
5989-2921EN Triggering the N6030A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
5989-2933EN Total Jitter Measurement at Low Probability Levels, Using Optimized BERT Scan Method (White Paper)
5989-3020EN Evaluating Oscilloscope Vertical Noise Characteristics
5989-3037EN Agilent WiMAX Signal Analysis Part 1: Making Frequency and Time Measurements
5989-3038EN Agilent WiMAX Signal Analysis Part 2: Demodulating And Troubleshooting the Subframe
5989-3039EN Agilent WiMAX Signal Analysis Part 3: Troubleshooting Symbols and Improving Demodulation
5989-3090EN Non-destructive, real time direct measurement of subsurface damage (White Paper)
5989-3144EN 8 Hints for Making and Interpreting EVM Measurements
5989-3151EN Fast Total Jitter Test Solution
5989-3154EN Performing W-CDMA Tx Dynamic Power Measurements Using the Agilent 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set
5989-3172EN Creating Multi-tone Signals With the N7509A Waveform Generation Toolbox
5989-3173EN Using Generate Scenario Mode in the N7509A Waveform Generation Toolbox
5989-3174EN Generate CW Signals With the N6030A Arbitrary Waveform Generator and N7509A Waveform Generation Toolbox
5989-3204EN Precision Jitter Transmitter
5989-3205EN Comparison of Different Jitter Analysis Techniques With a Precision Jitter Transmitter (White Paper)
5989-3206EN Jitter Analysis: The dual-Dirac Model, RJ/DJ, and Q-Scale (White Paper)
5989-3245EN Calibrating Standards for In-Fixture Device Characterization (White Paper)
5989-3248EN Backplane Differential Channel Microprobe Characterization in Time and Frequency Domains (White Paper)
5989-3298EN Physical Layer Testing of Passive Optical Network (PON) Modules
5989-3312EN Tips and Tricks for Using USB, LAN, and GPIB
5989-3364EN Automotive Electronic Functional Test Using Agilent System Components
5989-3428EN How Digitally Generated Faded Signals Reduce Cost of Test
5989-3444EN HSDPA in the Agilent Technologies 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set
5989-3481EN Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB), Characterization of Timing and Voltage Specifications
5989-3484EN Phase and Amplitude versus Time (PAvT) Measurement Solution For Power Amplifier Characterization
5989-3701EN Generating and measuring 400 Hz AC power for Military and Avionics Instrument manufacturers can be quite challenging
5989-3726EN Testing Video Call Capabilities of W-CDMA User Equipment
5989-3777EN Equalization: The Correction and Analysis of Degraded Signals
5989-3949EN Testing Mobile Station Cell Transitions and Handovers
5989-3987EN Replace 8508A Vector Voltmeter with ENA-L RF Network Analyzers
5989-4017EN Teradyne Z1800 to Agilent Medalist i5000 Conversion Solution (White Paper)
5989-4019EN Testing LCD Backlight Inverters using the Agilent N6700 Modular Power System (MPS)
5989-4038EN Replacing the Agilent 34401A in Your Test System with the New Agilent 34410A and 34411A High-Performance Digital Multimeters
5989-4039EN Agilent 34410A/34411A 6-1 /2 Digit High-Performance Multimeters
5989-4051EN Ensure IPTV Quality of Experience (White Paper)
5989-4068EN Storage Extension Test Challenges - Testing today’s network devices for geographically distributed storage (White Paper)
5989-4077EN Designing High Speed Backplanes Utilizing Physical Layer Test System and Advanced Design System Tools
5989-4083EN Multi-mode Handset Manufacturing Challenges and Solutions
5989-4099EN Agilent HSDPA RF Measurements for User Equipment
5989-4138EN The ABC’s of Arbitrary Waveform Generation
5989-4204EN Bluetooth® Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) – The Wireless Evolution
5989-4270EN RFC 2544 Network Performance Testing with the Agilent FrameScope™
5989-4279EN 8 Hints for Making Better Digital Multimeter Measurements
5989-4409EN Optimizing Test System Throughput, Cost and Integration Time Using LAN-Based Instruments
5989-4516EN Agilent Medalist 3070 to Medalist i5000 Migration Tool (White Paper)
5989-4518EN Advanced Measurements and Modeling of Differential Devices
5989-4523EN InfiniiVision 6000 and 7000 Series Oscilloscopes Performance Guide Using 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer Software
5989-4556EN Instrument Management Design Features of Agilent OL (White Paper)
5989-4558EN Content Management Design Features of Agilent OL (White Paper)
5989-4654EN Emerging Test Solutions Combined protocol analysis and traffic generation test platforms (White Paper)
5989-4687EN “Shotgunning”, a Bad Fit for Lead-Free Test (White Paper)
5989-4709EN 81110A Pulse Pattern Generator Simulating Distorted Signals for Tolerance Testing
5989-4719EN Tips for Speeding Test Development with the Agilent Medalist i5000
5989-4745EN Testing Hybrid Mode UE: Agilent’s DO-cdma2000 Test Solution
5989-4766EN Understanding DSLAM and BRAS Access Devices (White Paper)
5989-4840EN Specifying Calibration Standards and Kits for Keysight Vector Network Analyzers
5989-4855EN Agilent Measurement Wizard Assistant (MWA) Software for the ENA
5989-4879EN Understanding Reading Accuracy and Resolution in a 61 /2-Digit DMM
5989-4880EN N9355-6 Power Limiters (2006)
5989-4886EN Optimizing Test Systems for Highest Throughput, Lowest Cost and Ease of Integration with LXI Instruments
5989-4887EN Applications Testing with the Agilent 8960 Series 10 Wireless Test Set
5989-4896EN Designing Scalable 10G Backplane Interconnect Systems Utilizing Advanced Verification Methodologies
5989-4897EN Stripline TRL Calibration Fixtures for 10-Gigabit Interconnect Analysis (White Paper)
5989-4911EN Accessing Microsoft Excel from VEE (White Paper)
5989-4912EN Enhancing Agilent VEE Pro Programs with Microsoft .NET Controls White Paper
5989-4913EN Accessing a PostgreSQL Database from VEE (White Paper)
5989-4914EN Implementing a Supportable VEE Architecture (White Paper)
5989-4957EN Agilent OL with Business Process Manager Automated System Performance Verification (White Paper)
5989-4959EN HDMI Sink and Source Compliance Test and Characterization
5989-4967EN Calibrated Jitter, Jitter Tolerance Test and Jitter Laboratory with the Agilent J-BERT N4903A
5989-5088EN IPTV QoE: Understanding and interpreting MDI values (White Paper)
5989-5091EN Scalable IPTV Quality Testing (White Paper)
5989-5099EN Using external, low-noise frequency dividers to improve the E8663B phase noise performance below 250 MHz
5989-5131EN New Phase Noise Measurement Technique Using the E5052A SSA with the E5053A
5989-5179EN Agilent InfiniiMax Probes Impact on Lead-Free (ROHS) Compliance
5989-5251EN Using the Agilent 89600 VSA Software with the Demo CD
5989-5252EN Using the Agilent 89600 VSA Software with the Software Download
5989-5278EN Specifying and Buying a Bench Power Supply
5989-5280EN Agilent Technologies Solutions for MB-OFDM Ultra-wideband
5989-5310EN SEMI S2 Standard Modifications for Agilent Medalist 3070 and Related Equipment
5989-5367EN Test-System Development Guide – A Comprehensive Handbook for Test Engineers
5989-5384EN Split Post Dielectric Resonators for Dielectric Measurements of Substrates
5989-5385EN Testing Push-to-talk Over Cellular
5989-5460EN Agilent TS-5020 Automotive Electronics Functional Test System
5989-5471EN Highly Accurate Amplifier ACLR and ACPR Testing with the Agilent N5182A MXG Vector Signal Generator
5989-5487EN Improving Throughput with Fast RF Signal Generator Switching
5989-5500EN Automated PCI Express Receiver Compliance Test and Characterization with the Agilent N5990A Software Platform
5989-5515EN Migration from the Agilent 34401A to the Agilent 34405A Digital Multimeter
5989-5528EN Embedded Automation with the E6601A Wireless Communications Test Set
5989-5560EN Burn-in Testing Techniques for Electronic Devices
5989-5562EN Efficiency Test for Induction Motors with Agilent USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Device
5989-5607EN Validating IPTV Service Quality Under Multiplay Network Conditions (White Paper)
5989-5663EN Ball Grid Array Joint Inspection Using X-ray as it relates to voids and the IPC-7095A specification (White Paper)
5989-5718EN Using Clock Jitter Analysis to Reduce BER in Serial Data Applications
5989-5732EN Evaluating Oscilloscope Sample Rates vs. Sampling Fidelity
5989-5733EN Evaluating Oscilloscope Bandwidths for Your Application
5989-5736EN Agilent TS-5020 Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
5989-5742EN Preamplifiers and System Noise Figure
5989-5748EN Applying a New In-Circuit Probing Technique for High-Speed/High Density Printed Circuit Boards (White Paper)
5989-5763EN Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 1: Single-Port TDR, TDR/TDT, and 2-Port TDR
5989-5764EN Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 2: 4-Port TDR/VNA/PLTS
5989-5765EN Signal Integrity Analysis Series Part 3: The ABCs of De-Embedding
5989-5773EN Battery Charger Test using Agilent USB DAQ
5989-5777EN Mobile Phone Keypad Test using Agilent USB Data Acquisition Device
5989-5778EN Lead Acid Battery ChargingDischarging Voltage with Agilent USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Devices
5989-5816EN How to Verify the Functionality of Your 34980A Switch Modules
5989-5852EN A Comparison Between PXI and the Agilent 34980A for Switch/Measure Applications
5989-5927EN Using the Keysight B1500A with a Nanoprober to Perform Failure Analysis
5989-5932EN Testing Data Throughput of Wireless Devices – Setup and Procedure with the 8960 Series 10
5989-5935EN Ultra-Low Impedance Measurements Using 2-Port Measurements
5989-5979EN Side-by-Side Comparison: Agilent 34405A and Fluke 45 Digital Multimeter
5989-5980EN Easy Steps to Integrate the 34405A Multimeter into a System
5989-6032EN Power Handling Capability of Electromechanical Switches
5989-6085EN How Operating Life and Repeatability of Agilent’s Electromechanical Switches Minimize System Uncertainty
5989-6232EN Automated USB 2.0 Receiver Compliance Test and Characterization with the Agilent N5990A Software Platform
5989-6233EN N4010A Programming Made Easy for WLAN Applications
5989-6275EN Agilent 5500 or 5100 MAC Mode AFM Studies of Zinc-Induced DNA Kinking
5989-6283EN Automotive Electronics – 10 Application Notes on Design Debug and Functional Test
5989-6316EN Evaluation Methods for Automotive Network Topologies
5989-6338EN Using VISA COM I/O API in .NET
5989-6376EN Carbon Nanotube Tips for MAC Mode AFM Measurements in Liquids
5989-6377EN MAC Mode Atomic Force Microscope for Precision Interfacial Force Measurements
5989-6387EN Best of 8 Hints, 1995-2008 for Making Better Oscilloscope Measurements
5989-6452EN Powering DC-to-DC Converters Using the Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer
5989-6453EN Accelerate Vehicle Charging System Simulation with the Agilent N6705A DC Power Analyzer
5989-6457EN Agilent Medalist 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection System DirectFET Device
5989-6459EN Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete Using LXI
5989-6500EN Fast Device Tune Measurement Solution for Calibrating W-CDMA Mobile Phones with the Agilent E6601A
5989-6509EN Internal Zeroing and Calibration for RF Power Sensors
5989-6516EN Accurate Evaluation of MEMS Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators Using the Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer
5989-6517EN Characterizing MEMS Magneto-Impedance Sensors Using Agilent 4294A and E4991A Impedance Analyzers
5989-6518EN Improving the Test Effi ciency of MEMS Capacitive Sensors Using the Agilent E4980A Precision LCR Meter
5989-6519EN Characterizing Electromagnetic MEMS Optical Switch Actuators Using the Agilent E4980A Precision LCR Meter
5989-6520EN Characterizing Electromagnetic MEMS Optical Scanners Using the Agilent E4980A Precision LCR Meter
5989-6521EN Improving Test Effi ciency of MEMS Electrostatic Actuators Using the Agilent E4980A Precision LCR Meter
5989-6522EN Advanced Measurement Techniques for RF Amplifi ers Using Unique Functions of the Agilent E5071C ENA
5989-6579EN Programming Considerations for Using VISA with Visual Basic 6
5989-6580EN RS-232 Troubleshooting
5989-6581EN Porting SICL Applications to VISA
5989-6582EN Programming USB Instruments
5989-6583EN Using COM-based Formatted I/O in Microsoft® Visual Basic 6
5989-6673EN PWM Waveform Generation Using U1252A DMM
5989-6699EN Differences in Application Between Power Dividers and Power Splitters
5989-6703EN A Comparison of Calibration Results from Three Calibration Service Providers
5989-6822EN Adsorption of Poly(2-vinylpyridine) Wormlike Polyelectrolyte Brushes on Mica Studied in situ with MAC Mode® AFM
5989-6834EN Strain-Measurement Application Using Agilent U2300A Series Data Acquisition Devices with Agilent VEE Pro
5989-6895EN In Situ Investigations of Corrosion via SPM
5989-6896EN Probing Polymer Surface Properties with Multiple Imaging Modes
5989-6899EN Making Compliance Measurements with the N9039A-Based EMI Measurement Receiver
5989-6904EN Fast Device Tune Measurement Solution for Calibrating W-CDMA Mobile Phones with the Agilent 8960 Series E5515C Wireless Communications Test Se
5989-6909EN Scanning Probe Studies of a Metalloprotein
5989-6983EN The Evolution of Scanning Probe Microscopes for Biological Imaging
5989-7037EN Agilent MIMO Manufacturing Solution
5989-7048EN Carrier Ethernet Implementation: How to Profit without the Pain (White Paper)
5989-7057EN Agilent I/Q Modulation Considerations for PSG Vector Signal Generators
5989-7085EN Three Reasons to Migrate From 8662A/8663A to the E8663D RF Signal Generator (2014)
5989-7099EN Customizing the E656XC/N588XA Wireless Test Manager
5989-7133EN Understanding Bluetooth® Audio Test with the N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set
5989-7184EN How to characterize the Physical Layer of the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI D-PHY)
5989-7193EN De-emphasized Signal Generation with the Agilent N4916A De-Emphasis Signal Converter
5989-7203EN Intrinsic Contact Noise: A Figure of Merit for Identifying High Resolution AFMs
5989-7268EN Innovative Applications for an RF/microwave USB Power Meter or Sensor and Power Analysis Manager Software
5989-7273EN E5052B Signal Source Analyzer – Advanced Phase Noise and Transient Measurement Techniques
5989-7303EN Agilent N2640A WireScope™ Pro Field Testing of Cabling with AC Coupled PoE Midspan Devices
5989-7312EN J8115A LIN Tester Error-injection in LIN Tester
5989-7394EN Diatoms: AFM Imaging of Natural Synthesis at the Nanoscale
5989-7422EN U2531A USB Simultaneous Sampling DAQ in Power Measurement Unit Monitoring
5989-7428EN CCFL Panel’s Luminance and White Chromaticity Testing in Manufacturing Environment
5989-7433EN Automating Agilent 14565B Software Battery Drain Measurements with National Instruments LabVIEW
5989-7434EN Wireless Mobile Device Design Validation - Accelerate Your Testing with Automated Test Solutions
5989-7528EN An Overview of the Electrical Validation of 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T Devices
5989-7532EN Agilent N4915A-005 Serial Bus Switch Application in SATA Receiver Test
5989-7549EN The Future of In-Circuit Testing in the High-speed, Complex Electronics Environment
5989-7575EN Radar Measurements (2009)
5989-7618EN Understanding RF/Microwave Solid State Switches and their Applications
5989-7641EN The Benefi ts of Using LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) in Automotive Functional Test (White Paper)
5989-7645EN Testing FM Receivers with the Agilent 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set and E5520A FM Adapter
5989-7661EN Measurement of Return Loss and Transmission Loss or Gain Using the Agilent N9340B
5989-7672EN Agilent Acqiris Broadband High-Speed Digitizers Using 89600 Vector Signal Analyzer Software
5989-7674EN Time Saving Instructions for Comparing CAD and the BOM for Utilization on your 5DX Automated X-ray Inspection System
5989-7687EN Detecting Harmonics in an AC Signal
5989-7691EN MEMS On-wafer Evaluation in Mass Production
5989-7700EN Oxygen-Free High-Resolution Electrochemical SPM
5989-7703EN Immobilizing Biological Molecules on AFM Probes for MRFM and TREC Studies
5989-7743EN Advanced Design System Connected Solutions for Radar and EW Systems
5989-7763EN Automotive ECU Transient Testing Using Captured Power System Waveforms
5989-7805EN Automotive Power Window Regulator Testing
5989-7808EN High Speed Lightwave Component Analysis
5989-7840EN How CAD Data and Threshold Settings Affect Pin Length on the Agilent Medalist 5DX
5989-7860EN Agilent 81150A and 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generators
5989-7864EN GSM/W-CDMA SMS Testing with Agilent Wireless Test Managers (WTMs)
5989-7899EN Agilent Virtual Rack Mount Kits Based on IVI
5989-7916EN Multiport Solutions for E5071C ENA RF Network Analyzers Using External Switches
5989-7937EN Getting the Best Out of the U1250A Series Handheld DMM
5989-7971EN Agilent J8120A VPT501 Vehicle Protocol Tester Series 500 Testing for Timing Problems in CAN and LIN Networks
5989-8036EN Evaluating DC-DC Converters with LF Network Analyzer
5989-8064EN Evaluating Oscilloscope Fundamentals
5989-8069EN Creating a Small, Low-cost RF Switching System
5989-8070EN Small Engine Dynamometer Testing
5989-8072EN A Bead Probe CAD Strategy for In-Circuit Test
5989-8081EN Testing Electromagnetic Compatibility of Remote Keyless Entry Modules in Automotive Applications
5989-8094EN Flexible Signal Conditioning with the Help of the Agilent 81134A Pulse Pattern Generator
5989-8139EN 3GPP Long Term Evolution: System Overview, Product Development, and Test Challenges
5989-8230EN De-mystifying Single Carrier – FDMA The New LTE Uplink
5989-8309EN Mobile WiMAX™ PHY Layer (RF) Operation and Measurement
5989-8348EN Mobile WiMAX Manufacturing Test with the N8300A
5989-8362EN Precision Waveform Analysis for High-Speed Digital Communications Using the 86100C and 86108A
5989-8373EN Fast, Easy, and Accurate Microwave Phase Noise Measurements using the Agilent E5052B SSA with the E5053A
5989-8393EN Calibrating optical stress signals for characterizing 10 Gb/s optical transceivers
5989-8431EN 10 Hints for Getting the Most from Your Frequency Counter
5989-8446EN BER and Subjective Evaluation for DVB-T/H Receiver Test
5989-8470EN Characterizing phase-locked-loop signal transition behaviors of Microphonic & Phase-hits
5989-8475EN High Node Count Fixturing Solutions for Agilent Short-Wire Test Fixtures
5989-8572EN Typical GPS Receiver Verification Tests Using a GPS Signal Simulator
5989-8658EN LXI Class-B E5818A Trigger Box Understanding Its Capability and Use Cases (White Paper)
5989-8673EN New Test Methodologies Improve EMI Testing Efficiency
5989-8689EN Simple Scalar Network Analysis of Frequency Converter Devices using the U2000 USB Power Sensor Series with the ENA Network Analyzer
5989-8712EN Agilent N5970A Interactive Functional Test Software: Installation and Getting Started
5989-8743EN Compatibility of the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors with Agilent Instruments
5989-8744EN Using Linux® To Control the U2000 Series USB Power Sensors
5989-8794EN What is the difference between an equivalent time sampling oscilloscope and a real-time oscilloscope?
5989-8818EN Scanning Microwave Microscope Mode
5989-8863EN Data Mining 12-Port S-Parameters
5989-8864EN A Design of Experiments for Gigabit Serial Backplane Channels
5989-8870EN Optimizing Power Savings on WiMAX and Other Cellular WWAN Interface Devices
5989-8881EN Introduction to Scanning Microwave Microscopy Mode
5989-8909EN Design and Measurement of a 400 MHz Frequency Synthesizer – Accuracy Proof
5989-8973EN MIMO Channel Modeling and Emulation Test Challenges
5989-8978EN Mixer Simulation with HP Advanced Design System
5989-9136EN On-Wafer Testing of Opto-Electronic Components Using the Lightwave Component Analyzers
5989-9141EN Functional A-GPS Receiver Test using 8960 Wireless Communications Test Set and E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator
5989-9147EN Method of Implementation (MOI) for DisplayPort Sink Compliance Test
5989-9153EN Interactive Functional Test Software – Battery Current Drain Solution for Cellular Devices
5989-9156EN N5970A UMTS Interactive Functional Test (IFT) and N5971A CDMA IFT Software
5989-9171 Understanding the Agilent 34405A DMM Operation
5989-9178EN Procedure to Backup Agilent’s Medalist Intelligent Test Framework (ITF) 3.1.1 Database and DataStore and Restore Them in a New ITF Server with SQL2000
5989-9180EN CAMCAD “Cheat Sheet” for Agilent’s AXI Products
5989-9200ENA Considerations for Instrument Grounding
5989-9342EN Agilent N8480 Series Power Sensors Migration Guide
5989-9360EN Television Power Consumption Testing
5989-9375EN TestJet/VTEP Hardware Description and Verification
5989-9377EN Using MATLAB® to Create Agilent Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Applications
5989-9395EN Overvoltage Protection in Power Supplies
5989-9417EN Displaying Menus in Two Languages on Agilent Medalist i3070 Graphical User Interface
5989-9495EN Phase Locked Loops (PLL) using a Charge Pump, PLL's with High Divide-by-N Factors, and Decimation Before Plotting
5989-9501EN The RC Charge Pump - A Versatile RF Library circuit for Phase Locked Loops (PLL) and Beyond
5989-9539EN Tolerance In Surface Mount Varactor Diodes
5989-9629EN Signal Reception and A/V Functionalities Test in TV Manufacturing
5989-9649EN Slashing Debugging Time with the Agilent Medalist i3070 In-Circuit Test AutoDebug Tool
5989-9743EN First Pass Yield (FPY) and Alarm Triggers on the Agilent Medalist i3070 In-Circuit Test System
5989-9761EN N2X Core Routing - BGP-4 MPLS VPN scenario with integrated traffic
5989-9786EN Metal Scrap Sorting Machine Installation Made Easy with U1600A Series
5989-9799EN Measuring Frequency Response with the LF Network Analyzer
5989-9805EN UWB Antenna Measurements with the 20 GHz E5071C ENA Network Analyzer
5989-9848EN Agilent E5052B Signal Source Analyzer - Boosting PLL Design Efficiency
5989-9849EN Accelerate Design Verification by Characterizing Clock Jitter Using Phase Noise Measurements (White Paper)
5989-9880EN Improved Methods for Measuring Distortion in Broadband Devices
5989-9885EN Testing RF ICs with DigRF Interconnects
5989-9887EN Impedance Measurements – Evaluating EMC Components with DC Bias Superimposed
5989-9918EN Comparing Contact Performance on PCBA using Conventional Testpads and Bead Probes (White Paper)
5989-9958EN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Manufacturing Test with the Agilent N8300A Part 1 - Introduction to a WLAN manufacturing test plan and theory of implementation
5989-9959EN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Manufacturing Test with the Agilent N8300A Part 2 - Implementation of a WLAN test plan using SCPI programming
5989-9960EN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Manufacturing Test with the Agilent N8300A Part 3 - Techniques for optimizing WLAN device testing
5989-9961EN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n Manufacturing Test with the Agilent N8300A Part 4 - How to migrate from the N4010A to N8300A for WLAN testing
5990-3186EN Assessing the use of IVI drivers in your test system: Determining when IVI is the right choice
5990-3203EN Agilent Medalist i3070 Test Throughput Optimization
5990-3232EN IEEE 1149.6 Standard Boundary Scan Testing on Agilent Medalist i3070 In Circuit Systems
5990-3233EN PCI Express® Revision 2.0 Receiver Testing With J-BERT N4903A and 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Generator
5990-3262EN Solar Cell and Module Testing
5990-3314EN Agilent U2351A DAQ DC-to-DC Regulator Auto Evaluation Test
5990-3356EN Practical RF Amplifier Design Using the Available Gain Procedure and the … (White Paper)
5990-3442EN Using a Network and Impedance Analyzer to Evaluate 13.56 MHz RFID Tags and Readers/Writers
5990-3443EN Non-Contact Measurement Method for 13.56 MHz RFID Tags Using the ENA/ENA-L Network Analyzer
5990-3546EN MIMO Measurement Tips with Agilent P-Series Power Meters and U2000 Series USB Power Sensors
5990-3575EN Forward Clocking - Receiver (RX) Jitter Tolerance Test with J-BERT N4903B
5990-3585EN Using Equalization Techniques on Your Infi niium 90000A Series Oscilloscope
5990-3600EN Capturing the Fifth Harmonic: Tradeoffs Between Sampling and Real-Time Oscilloscopes
5990-3656EN How to build a fixture for use with the Agilent Cover-Extend Technology
5990-3661EN Using .NET Methods to Add Functionality to IVI-COM Drivers
5990-3710EN Transient Optical Power Measurements with the N7744A and N7745A
5990-3729EN Enhanced Log Records for the Agilent Medalist In-Circuit Test System
5990-3731EN Tips on using Agilent GPIB Solutions in National Instrument’s LabVIEW Environment
5990-3759EN Best Practices using the Agilent Medalist i3070 In-Circuit Test Software Release 7.20p
5990-3861EN Techniques and Trends in Signal Monitoring, Frequency Management and Geolocation of Wireless Emitters
5990-3897EN Characterizing and Designing Linear & Nonlinear Active Devices
5990-3932EN Process Control Calibration Made Easy with Agilent U1401A
5990-3949EN Solutions for Solar Cell and Module Testing
5990-3975EN Installation and Maintenance of Microwave Links
5990-3982EN Practical Analysis of Backplane Vias (White Paper)
5990-4003EN Getting Test Programs Up and Running Quickly with Driver Tracing and I/O Monitoring
5990-4043EN Properly Powering On and Off Multiple Power Inputs in Embedded Designs
5990-4045EN MIMO Receiver Test – Accurately Testing MIMO Receivers Under Real-World Conditions
5990-4122EN Bench-Top Test and Debug of Power Transient Issues for Automotive and Aerospace/Defense Applications
5990-4128EN Ensuring Quick and Accurate ACPR Measurements of LTE Power Amplifiers
5990-4132EN Testing Terrestrial Solar-Powered Inverters Using Solar Array Simulation Techniques
5990-4133EN Scanning Microwave Microscopy for Semiconductor Failure Analysis
5990-4135EN Migrating Code from the 8903B to the U8903A
5990-4223EN Using COTS Technology and an Integrated Design-to-Test Flow to Quickly Develop Optimal SDRs
5990-4367EN Database Connectivity Guide for TestExec SL
5990-4371EN Power Sources for Energy-Effi cient High Input Voltage Telecommunications Equipment Development
5990-4447EN Agilent U2000 Series USB Power Sensors GSM Timeslot Burst Power Measurement
5990-4490EN Configuring Signal and Load Switching Using Agilent TestExec SL
5990-4578EN Think SAFETY When Selecting a Handheld Multimeter
5990-4642EN W-CDMA Bit Error Ratio (BER) Test on picoChip Femtocell Reference Design Using the Agilent N5182A MXG Vector Signal Generator
5990-4653EN Creating Hardware Handler in C/C++ for Agilent TestExec SL
5990-4725 Serial ATA Design and Test – A Better Way
5990-4759EN MIMO Performance and Condition Number in LTE Test
5990-4783EN Using ADS for Signal Integrity Optimization (White Paper)
5990-4810EN Testing WiMAX™ receiver performance in a faded environment using Agilent’s E6651A with an Azimuth ACE MX radio channel emulator
5990-4854EN I-V Curve Characterization in High-Power Solar Cells and Modules
5990-4875EN Testing WiMAX™ receiver performance in a multipath propagation environment using Agilent’s E6651A with an EB Propsim C8 radio channel emulator
5990-4943EN GPS Receiver Testing
5990-4947EN Vectorless Test Solutions An analysis of performance differences between VTEP, FrameScan FX and TestJet Enhanced (White Paper)
5990-4978EN Agilent CMMB Conformance Testing Using the PXB with N7623B Signal Studio for Digital Video
5990-5036EN Seven Practices to Prevent Damaging Power Meters and Power Sensors
5990-5049EN Solutions for Modernizing Demanding Aerospace and Defense Applications
5990-5071EN Improving Test Throughput with ASRU Speedup feature on the Agilent Medalist i3070 Series 5
5990-5089EN Measuring ACLR Performance in LTE Transmitters
5990-5149EN Stimulus-Response Testing for LTE Components
5990-5151EN Securing Successful First-Pass Component Design
5990-5154EN Monitoring and Controlling Particle Beams in Real Time
5990-5192EN Troubleshooting Three-Phase AC Motors with U1210 Series Handheld Clamp Meters
5990-5197EN How to Select a Handheld DMM That is RIGHT for You
5990-5266EN Understanding the Kramers-Kronig Relation Using A Pictorial Proof (White Paper)
5990-5340EN Using Noise Floor Extension in the PXA Signal Analyzer
5990-5392EN Simulation and Verification of Pulse Doppler Radar Systems
5990-5393EN Radar System Design and Interference Analysis Using Agilent SystemVue
5990-5431EN Characterizing High-Power Devices - Using X-Parameters to Make Nonlinear Measurements of High-Power Amplifiers
5990-5442EN Signal Source Solutions for Coherent and Phase Stable Multi-Channel Systems
5990-5443EN Protecting the Integrated Circuit from Over Powering
5990-5457EN Converting Tescon Point 70 Fixtures and Programs for use on the Medalist i1000D In-Circuit Test System
5990-5487 HDMI and DisplayPort Design and Test Solutions
5990-5578EN Measuring Frequency Response with the Agilent E5061B LF-RF Network Analyzer
5990-5700EN Indentation Rules of Thumb — Applications and Limits
5990-5722EN Conduct DVB-T/H Conformance Tests with Agilent’s Real-Time DVB-T/H Digital Video Solution
5990-5799EN Memory Effects in Microwave Components
5990-5800EN High-Accuracy Noise Figure Measurements Using the PNA-X Series Network Analyzer
5990-5858EN Theory, Techniques and Validation of Over-the-Air Test Methods for Evaluating the Performance of MIMO User Equipment
5990-5878EN Two-Way Radio Testing with Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer
5990-5902EN Evaluating DC-DC Converters and PDN with the E5061B LF-RF Network Analyzer
5990-5915EN Solving the Challenges of Solar Array Simulation
5990-6030EN Understanding the SystemVue To ADS Simulation Bridge
5990-6041EN Streamlining Field Test with Task Planner For use with Agilent N9344C/43C/42C handheld spectrum analyzers (HSAs)
5990-6080EN Ensuring Quick and Accurate Four-Channel, Phase-Coherent MIMO Measurements
5990-6130EN Making Accurate Measurements on GDDR5 Memory Systems
5990-6152EN Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements
5990-6169EN Agilent Switching Solutions for R&D, design validation, manufacturing
5990-6202EN Using SystemVue to Integrate a Flexible R&D Testbed for LTE
5990-6270EN RF and Microwave Power Meters and Sensors for Radar Testing
5990-6279EN GPS Receiver Verification
5990-6353EN Wideband Radar and Satcom Measurements
5990-6454EN Programming Micron P8P Parallel PCM Flash using Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) on Agilent Medalist i3070 In-Circuit Tester (White Paper)
5990-6514EN Make the Move From MTS 160 To Medalist i1000D In-Circuit Test
5990-6515EN Techniques to Achieve Oscilloscope Bandwidths of Greater Than 16 GHz
5990-6517EN Stray Voltage Testing Made Easy With U1272A
5990-6534EN Digital Pre-distortion and Hardware Verification using SystemVue
5990-6535EN Accounting for Antenna and MIMO Channel Effects Using Agilent SystemVue
5990-6549EN Power Supply Connections for Your CET Signal Conditioner Card
5990-6591EN Solutions for Complex Digital Design
5990-6592EN Reducing Cost of Testing Prototypes with the Agilent Medalist i1000D In-Circuit Test System
5990-6599EN Accurate Calibration of Receiver Stress Test Signals for PCI Express® rev. 3.0 Assuring Interoperability at Data Rates of 8 GT/s
5990-6611EN Revealing Waveform Characteristics up to a Digitizer’s Full Bandwidth
5990-6706EN Introducing LTE-Advanced
5990-6745E Understanding DC-coupled and DC-blocked Power Sensors and How Your Choice of Sensor Would Impact Measurement Accuracy
5990-6787EN Accurately and Cost-Effectively Testing Cellular Receivers Under Real-World Conditions Requiring Real-Time Fading
5990-6820EN InfiniiVision Series Oscilloscopes with 89600 VSA Software
5990-6824EN Making Custom OFDM Measurements Using the Agilent 89600 VSA Software with Option BHF
5990-6919EN Using SystemVue’s Radar Library to Generate Signals for Radar Design and Verification
5990-6937EN Combining Simulation and Test to Accelerate SDR Development
5990-6997EN Successful Modulation Analysis in 3 Steps 89600B Vector Signal Analysis Software
5990-6998EN Custom OFDM Signal Generation Using SystemVue
5990-6999EN Genesys S/Filter Software Directly Synthesizes Filters with Arbitrary Transmission Zero Placement
5990-7035EN Reducing Measurement Times and Improving Economic Competitiveness in Antenna and RCS Applications
5990-7036EN Radar & EW & ELINT Testing - Identifying Common Test Challenges (2017)
5990-7146EN LTE-Advanced Signal Generation and Measurement Using SystemVue
5990-7209EN Solutions for Manufacturing Next-Generation Wireless Devices
5990-7323EN Ground Resistance Measurement with Smart Ohm
5990-7379EN Agilent PXT Wireless Communications Test Set (E6621A) Guide to Data Throughput Measurements
5990-7420EN Making EMI Compliance Measurements (2018)
5990-7451EN Agilent Vector Signal Analysis Basics
5990-7498EN E6607A EXT Wireless Communications Test Set Non-signaling Test Overview
5990-7533EN Using Agilent SystemVue to Create Realistic Scenarios for Radar and EW Applications
5990-7694EN The Advantages Of Remote Labs In Engineering Education
5990-7695EN A Flexible Virtual Instrument for Hall Effect Measurements
5990-7725EN Creating a Complete and Flexible Solution for WiGig Testing
5990-7734EN Capturing Events of Long Duration or High Data Volume
5990-7757EN Using SystemVue for Integrating Wireless PHY Design, Validation, and Test
5990-7781EN PNA-X Series Microwave Network Analyzers - Active-Device Characterization in Pulsed Operation
5990-7818EN Solutions for Emerging 4G Communications Systems
5990-7853EN Using N5747A High-Power Power Supply with the Medalist i3070 Series 5
5990-7901EN Addressing the Challenges of High-Speed Digital I/O for Aerospace Defense Applications
5990-8005EN High-Power Measurements Using the E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer
5990-8047EN SINAD Measurements Using the Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer
5990-8093EN Understanding the Right Metrics to use when Evaluating Oscilloscope Quality
5990-8256EN Understanding The Oscilloscope Jitter Specifi cation
5990-8348EN Agilent Medalist i1000D Boundary Scan Debug (White Paper)
5990-8362EN Testing Handovers Between LTE and 3G cdma2000/1xEV-DO Cellular Networks
5990-8365EN Testing Transmitters and Receivers with Pulsed Ultra-Wideband Signals
5990-8366EN Component Testing Using an Oscilloscope with Integrated Waveform Generator
5990-8576EN Choosing the Best Passive and Active Oscilloscope Probes for Your Tasks
5990-8818EN Low-Cost Test Solution for ASK/FSK Wireless Devices
5990-8822EN Agilent 81150A and 81160A Arbitrary Bit-Shape Pattern Generator
5990-8872EN Agilent Modular Products M9392A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer System with Streaming Capability
5990-8883EN Wideband Digital Pre-Distortion with Agilent SystemVue and PXI Modular Instruments
5990-8892EN Microwave and Millimeter Signal Measurements: Tools and Best Practices
5990-8911EN Find the Right Switching Solutions for Your Test and Measurement Needs
5990-9074EN Interference Testing with Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
5990-9075EN Interference Classifications and Measurement Using N934xC/B Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
5990-9090EN Evaluating Fluorescent Lighting Interference on Passive UHF RFID Systems Using N934xC/B Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
5990-9091EN Procedures to Verify and Locate Interference Using N934xC/B Handheld Spectrum Analyzers
5990-9111EN Simulating High-Speed Serial Channels with IBIS-AMI Models
5990-9168EN Agilent Medalist i1000D with Board Handler
5990-9182EN Troubleshooting VFDs with Low Pass Filter
5990-9208EN How to Pass Receiver Test According to PCI Express® 3.0 CEM Specification with Add-In Cards and Motherboards
5990-9256EN EXT Wireless Communications Test Set Non-signaling Test Overview
5990-9346EN Stressing 1 GbE Receivers on the Physical Layer
5990-9359EN Design Tutorial: E5061B ENA Custom Multiport Switch Solution using L4491A
5990-9374EN GS-8800 Conformance System Measurement Uncertainty
5990-9437EN Agilent VEE Extensible VEE Object (EVO) Developer’s Guideline
5990-9465EN Using Agilent’s PrecisionProbe Software on the Infiniium 9000 Series Oscilloscopes to Characterize and Correct for Probe Loss
5990-9483EN Connecting and Configuring JMR RAID to Work with the Agilent M9392A Vector Signal Analyzer System
5990-9599EN Techniques to Reduce Manufacturing Cost-of-Test of Optical Transmitters, Classic DCA
5990-9609EN Techniques to Reduce Manufacturing Cost-of-Test of Optical Transmitters, Flex DCA Interface
5990-9639EN Using Agilent Command Expert with Microsoft® Excel
5990-9655EN 6 Hints for Better SATA and SAS Measurements
5990-9676EN Effective Hot TDR Measurements of Active Devices Using ENA Option TDR
5990-9697EN Wireless LAN at 60 GHz - IEEE 802.11ad Explained
5990-9733EN EMI Pre-Compliance Testing
5990-9777EN Floating Measurement with Isolated Channel Handheld Scope
5990-9784EN Tips and Techniques for Accurate Characterization of 28 Gb/s Designs
5990-9793EN How to Select the Correct Temperature Sensor
5990-9794EN Optimizing Thermocouple Measurements in a Noisy Environment
5990-9872EN Accelerate Development of Next Generation 802.11ac Wireless LAN TransmittersOverview
5990-9923EN Minimum Required Sample Rate for a 1-GHz Bandwidth Oscilloscope
5990-9941EN Troubleshooting Load Cell Applications with the Agilent Wireless Remote Connectivity Solution
5990-9967EN Agilent Modular Products M9392A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer Multichannel Streaming Solution
5990-9972EN Testing Next-Generation Optical Systems with Simulated OFDM Signals
5990-9974 Basics of RF Amplifier Measurements with the E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer
5990-9974EN Basics of RF Amplifi er Measurements with the E5072A ENA Series Network Analyzer
5991-0000EN Identifying an Electrical Circuit Using the Agilent Wireless Remote Connectivity Solution
5991-0027EN When is it Time to Transition to a Higher Bandwidth Oscilloscope?
5991-0097EN USB 3.0 Protocol Testing with Active Error Insertion
5991-0141EN Testing Multi-Standard Radio Base Stations
5991-0144EN EMI Troubleshooting: The Need for Close Field Probes
5991-0160EN 10 Tips to Optimize a Mobile Device’s Battery Life
5991-0168EN Crossing the Digital-Analog Divide (White Paper)
5991-0169EN Simulating FPGA Power Integrity Using S-Parameter Models
5991-0221EN M9392A PXI Vector Signal Analyzer Multichannel Wideband Streaming (White Paper)
5991-0258EN Accelerate Program Development using Agilent Command Expert with Microsoft® Visual Studio®
5991-0280EN Transition from 2G/3G to 3.9G/4G Base Station Receiver Conformance Test
5991-0332EN Innovative Passive Intermodulation (PIM) and S-parameter Measurement Solution with the ENA
5991-0384EN PXI Interoperability - How to Achieve Multi-Vendor Interoperability in PXI Systems
5991-0418EN Techniques for Precise Interference Measurements in the Field Using FieldFox handheld analyzers
5991-0419EN Techniques for Precise Cable and Antenna Measurements in the Field Using FieldFox handheld analyzers
5991-0464EN 802.11ac Power Measurement and Timing Analysis Using the 8990B Peak Power Analyzer
5991-0484EN CAN Eye-diagram Mask Testing
5991-0512EN Oscilloscope Measurement Tools to Help Debug Automotive Serial Buses Faster
5991-0603EN IVI-COM driver and VISA-COM I/O programming examples in Microsoft Visual C#
5991-0655EN Simulating Power Supply Transients and Noise in the Development and Validation of Satellite and Defense Systems
5991-0797EN Solutions and Measurement Tools for Use in Average Power and Envelope Tracking Design
5991-1024EN Oscilloscope Memory Architectures – Why All Acquisition Memory is Not Created Equal
5991-1050EN Increase Power Amplifier Test Throughput with the Agilent M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator
5991-1100EN Complex Modulation Generation with Low-Cost Arbitrary Waveform Generators (White Paper)
5991-1107EN Triggering on Infrequent Anomalies and Complex Signals using InfiniiScan Zone Trigger
5991-1113EN FPGA Prototyping Using Agilent SystemVue
5991-1117EN Switch Mode Power Supply Measurements
5991-1200EN Monitoring and Controlling Particle Collisions at Nanometer Scale and with Picosecond Duration
5991-1220EN Setting and Adjusting Instrument Calibration Intervals
5991-1226EN Calibration of Precision Step Attenuators (White Paper)
5991-1227EN Connector Pin Recession and its Effect on Network Analyzer Accuracy (White Paper)
5991-1254EN Virtual Flight Testing of Radar System Performance Using SystemVue and STK
5991-1264EN Using a Manufacturer’s Specification as a Type B Error Contribution (White Paper)
5991-1265EN Understanding Measurement Risk (White Paper)
5991-1266EN Evaluation of the Performance of a State of the Art Digital Multimeter (White Paper)
5991-1267EN A Guard-Band Strategy for Managing False-Accept Risk (White Paper)
5991-1270EN Fully-Automatic DMM Calibration System (White Paper)
5991-1271EN Qualitative Assessment on the Effects of Damaged Connectors and Optical Interfaces in Fiber Optic Measurements (White Paper)
5991-1272EN Sensitivity Analysis of One-port Characterized Devices in Vector Network Analyzer Calibrations: Theory and Computational Analysis (White Paper)
5991-1311EN Too Much Calibration? (White Paper)
5991-1314EN Instrument Design Validation and Recommended Calibration Policy (White Paper)
5991-1320EN The Metrological & Financial Implications of a Clogged Fan Filter (White Paper)
5991-1330EN Testing Circuit Board Power Distribution Using Real World Distortions
5991-1334EN Selecting a Calibration Vendor (White Paper)
5991-1350EN Designing, Verifying and Testing Stepped Frequency Radar Systems for Commercial and A/D Applications
5991-1391EN The Six Axes Of Calibration (White Paper)
5991-1463EN Simulating Envelope Tracking with Application Note Agilent Advanced Design System
5991-1466EN U8903A-109 BNC Accessory Kit
5991-1518EN Tips and Tricks for Using the 34450A 5½ Digit Bench Top Digital Multimeter
5991-1537EN Variable Frequency Drive Troubleshooting with U1610A/U1620A
5991-1617EN Evaluating High-Resolution Oscilloscopes - Getting More than 8-bits of Resolution From Your 8-bit Oscilloscope
5991-1619EN Quality Measures for Complex Modulated Signals Reaching for Standardization
5991-1620EN Exploring Signal Interactions with Multi-Measurements in the 89600 VSA Software
5991-1706EN Paperless Calibration (White Paper)
5991-1707EN Language of Specifications (White Paper)
5991-1732EN Specifications Guidelines (White Paper)
5991-1734EN Crystal Oscillator Testing (White Paper)
5991-1761EN DDR4 TdiVW/VdiVW Bit Error Rate Measurements or Understanding Bit Error Rate Measurements in DDR
5991-1869EN DVB-T and DVB-T2 Receiver Test Challenges
5991-1877EN Making Stimulus/Response Measurements Using the Agilent N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator
5991-1923EN DVB-T and DVB-T2 Transmitter Test Challenges
5991-1941EN Achieve High Speed, Multichannel Data Acquisition with the Agilent M9703A AXIe Digitizer
5991-1943EN Pulse Parameter Definitions
5991-2053EN Achieving High-Quality Microwave Measurements with the Right Test Accessories
5991-2061EN Low Frequency RFID Tag Characterization Using the Agilent N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA)
5991-2082EN Making Reflection Measurements Using the N9322C Basic Spectrum Analyzer (BSA)
5991-2119EN Measuring Agile Signals and Dynamic Signal Environments
5991-2264EN Flexible Digital Modulation Solution Using the Agilent 33522B dual channel waveform generator and N9310A RF signal generator
5991-2293EN How to Read Your DC Power Supply’s Data Sheet
5991-2302EN Cost Savings in Creating Multi-Emitter Signal Scenarios (2014)
5991-2367EN Compatibility and Differences: 34461A and 34401A Digital Multimeters
5991-2396EN Creating Custom Multitone with Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer
5991-2524EN Optimizing On-Wafer Noise Figure Measurements up to 67 GHz
5991-2848EN How to Test a MIPI M-PHY High-Speed Receiver
5991-2892EN Using a Model-Based Platform to Quickly and Effectively Test Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems (2014)
5991-2910EN Improving Throughput with your Power Supply – Hints 1 through 5
5991-3097EN An RF Power Measurement Solution for Multi-antenna MIMO Transmissions
5991-3201EN Enhancing Microwave Spectroscopy in Astrophysics Applications
5991-3203EN Easily Create Custom Waveform Plug-Ins With Waveform Creator Application Software
5991-3730EN Addressing Your Power Test Challenges with VersaPower Architecture
5991-3739EN Using Fast-Sweep Techniques to Accelerate Spur Searches
5991-4026EN Preventive Maintenance Test with Insulation Resistance Test
5991-4060EN Challenges in Simulating Phased-Array Radar Systems (2017)
5991-4233EN Layout of Calibration Certificates And Measurement Reports
5991-4317EN Understanding and Applying Probability of Intercept in Real-time Spectrum Analysis
5991-4353EN Testing Automotive Fuse Boxes with i1000D SFP In-Circuit Test System
5992-0436EN How to Perform QSCV (Quasi-Static Capacitance Voltage) Measurement Using Keysight B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
5992-1329EN Sheet Resistance/Resistivity Measurement Using a Source/Measurement Unit (SMU)
5992-1413EN Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency for Organic-Thin Film Transistor (Organic-TFT) Characterization (B1500A)
5992-6152EN Making Conducted and Radiated Emissions Measurements (2019)
E4440-90573 Agilent Technologies E444xA Option HS1
WP2007-05-14 Practical Intercept Measurements and Cascaded Intermod Equations (White Paper)
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